How to Write LinkedIn Job Descriptions

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How you write your LinkedIn job descriptions is different from writing JDs elsewhere. Here are a few tips aimed to maximize your apply rate from the best candidates. Which Job Description Sections NOT to Write (LinkedIn already has them) The first thing to know about how to write LinkedIn job descriptions is what NOT to… Read more »

Oscar Mayer’s Evergreen Job Description

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Hiring multiple candidates for the same position in different locations? Why not use an evergreen job description like Oscar Mayer. They create a complete experience for candidates to be a “Spokesperson – Hotdogger” (riding around in their famous Wienermobile). They created a Weinermobile microsite. This microsite focuses solely on their Wienermobile, including: “Looking for the Wienermobile”… Read more »

The Top 35 IT Job Titles [Ranked by Search Volume]

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What names should you use for your IT job titles? It starts with using the same language as candidates. Below is a list of IT job titles ranked by the number of times people (most likely candidates!) Google-searched the title name and the word “jobs”. Our source is the excellent SEO resource ahrefs. Note: This… Read more »

The Ultimate List of HR Conferences in 2020

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HR conferences are a great place to learn about the latest tools and listen to industry experts. This year is projected for even more HR conferences than in 2019. So we put together the ultimate list of human resource conferences to attend in 2020. Table of Contents: (Note: Click on a link to scroll to a… Read more »

The Top 50 Software Job Titles [Ranked by What Candidates Search For]

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The software job titles you use in recruiting makes a huge difference. Did you know that candidates search for “Android Developer” 120 times as often as “Android Engineer”? A new developer is 55 times more likely to search for “Entry Level Software Developer” than “Software Developer Intern”. I compiled a list (below) of the top… Read more »

Elitism in Hiring: Who Needs Harvard?

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Is elitism hurting your hiring? If you’re focused on hiring candidates from top schools or programs, it just may. What is Elitism? It’s the belief that people with high education, high intellect, wealth, etc. are more likely to be successful than others without such qualities. However, there’s evidence that elite schools do NOT produce the… Read more »

5 of the Best Diversity And Inclusion Videos

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I’ve been on the lookout for the best diversity and inclusion videos. Here’s what I found: The best diversity videos have at least 2 of these 3 qualities: Strong Opener  — 3 Tips:  Stick from Persuasion Expert Conor Neil: 1) Tell a story; 2) Stun them with a fact or 3) Ask a question. Solid… Read more »

5 of the Best Company Career Site Job Searches

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Career site job search is vital. Did you know that some candidates leave your company career site if there is no job search at all? And if you have a career site job search already, it better be good. Tech-savvy candidates want the job search experience to be as quick and relevant as the searches… Read more »

The Top 100 Employer Brands Searched for By Candidates [2019]

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Who are the top employer brands? There’s plenty of great employer brand research out there (see Comparably, Glassdoor, Universum and WilsonHCG). One other measurement is how often candidates search for your company. We took data from our favorite SEO Tool ahrefs to find out which companies candidates search for the most. Methodology & Disclaimers: Our methodology is simple though… Read more »

The 16 Best Sales Job Titles [Ranked by Search Volume]

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What are the best job titles for sales and business development? If you want more traffic to your job postings, one way to answer that is to look at which sales job titles candidates search for. The differences can be dramatic. For example, the title “Sales Representative” gets 4X the search traffic of “Sales Rep”…. Read more »

7 Awesome Company Career Pages

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Your company career page says a lot about you. First impressions count. It might be the candidates’ first time seeing such recruiting vitals as your Employer Brand Team Benefits Values Here are 7 awesome company career pages that caught our attention (and a few bullets on why!): Panasonic Avionics Career Page Great Headline — “There’s… Read more »

7 of the Best Job Ad Examples

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The best job ads get you (the employer) 3 things: Attention — they stop the candidate in their tracks. Engagement — they keep the candidate on the page, usually through thoughtful content. Call-to-Action — they get the candidate to click “apply” or take a secondary action like to join a talent community or explore the… Read more »

11 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools

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Video job descriptions grab the attention of busy candidates. They also boost candidate time-on-page (engagement!). Here’s a list of tools to consider: 11 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools VideoMyJob A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house. They allow employers to streamline video production. They segment the production process into… Read more »

4 Examples of Pay Transparency Law’s Impact on Job Postings

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Pay Transparency is hotter than ever.  And equal pay laws are changing fast. 17 states now ban salary history to go along with 19 more local (cities, counties, etc.) bans, according to the great resource HR Dive (see Salary history bans). Some of the new state laws have an impact on your job descriptions/job postings. Not… Read more »

41% of the Fortune 500 Are Using Recruitment Marketing Platforms

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Recruitment marketing platforms are attracting and engaging talent more than ever. We recently published The Top Applicant Tracking Systems used by Fortune 500 Companies. As we collected ATS data we also checked to see if companies were using a recruitment marketing platform to enhance their career site. It turns out: “41% of Fortune 500 companies use… Read more »