The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary [a List of 200+ Terms]

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Diversity terms are all over the place. Do you know the meaning of BIPOC, Folx or Culture Add? I didn’t…until I looked it up! I started keeping a list of these D&I (“Diversity & Inclusion”) terms for Ongig’s clients and decided to put them all in one place in this glossary below. I’m up to… Read more »

Top 10 Diversity Videos

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A solid stance on Diversity & Inclusion is the foundation of many successful companies. Sharing those messages through video is becoming a popular trend. Our CEO, Rob Kelly wrote about 5 of the Best Diversity And Inclusion Videos in 2019, but with diversity taking center stage due to the recent Black Lives Matter movement, we wanted to find… Read more »

The “Brown Paper Bag Test” [Racial Bias]

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In the last 30 days, companies like Amazon, Twitter, and Apple started to ban the use of the phrase “brown bag” because some find it racist. The companies are banning “brown bag” even if it’s describing a “brown bag session”, a phrase often used to describe a “lunch and learn” session. Amazon also added “brown… Read more »

5 Impressive Diversity Pages (and Why!)

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Looking to revamp your diversity recruiting strategy? A great place to start is with your diversity page. After combing through 200+ diversity pages I found 5 that caught my attention and stood out the most. But first let’s define a diversity page. What is a diversity page? A diversity page is a page on your… Read more »

25+ Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals

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We found 25+ examples of diversity goals from top companies aiming to boost diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. To make the list, the diversity goals had to be written on their web site or spoken goal by their leadership (e.g. CEO or Head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)) in a public forum (e.g…. Read more »

5 Examples of Racial Bias in Hiring

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We found 5 examples of racial bias in hiring. They include racial bias in job descriptions, candidate screening, interviewing, job offers, and background checks.  Let’s have a look! 1. Racial Bias in Job Descriptions Racial bias in hiring starts with the job description. Even if it is unconscious, many companies have job descriptions with racial… Read more »

5 of the Best Diversity And Inclusion Videos

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I’ve been on the lookout for the best diversity and inclusion videos. Here’s what I found: The best diversity videos have at least 2 of these 3 qualities: Strong Opener  — 3 Tips:  Stick from Persuasion Expert Conor Neil: 1) Tell a story; 2) Stun them with a fact or 3) Ask a question. Solid… Read more »

A Secret & Easy Way to Recruit Veterans from Your Career Site

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Want to recruit veterans or enlisted members of the military? I’m guessing yes. There are 1 million+ people in the U.S. Armed Forces and 250,000 per year transition out of the U.S. military. If you want to recruit veterans better, first you have to speak their language…their job lingo in particular. Veterans and enlisted members… Read more »

5 Examples of Affirmative Action Plan Statements

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Some of you need to have affirmative action plans, according to the Executive Order 11246 Title 41 Affirmative Action Requirements. As part of this, you publish what’s called an affirmative action statement  (or “affirmative action policy statement”) Below are 5 samples of affirmative action statements. You might also check out SHRM’s “Affirmative Action: Statement of Affirmative… Read more »