Quiet Quitting vs Loud Quitting

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quiet quitting vs loud quitting

Everyone loves a buzz phrase until you’re an HR pro facing 2 phrases about employee dissatisfaction. The term Quiet Quitting went viral on the social media platform TikTok, last year (2022), coined by influencer Brian Creely. A year later, Loud Quitting became the newest talked-about workplace trend. On the surface, the terms seem to describe… Read more »

5 ChatGPT Job Description Templates

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chatgpt job description templates

If you haven’t heard, ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an AI-powered language model, capable of generating human-like text based on context and past conversations. ChatGPT is much more than a simple AI chatbot with applications like essay, code, caption writing, and telling stories or naming your new pet. Unsurprisingly, HR professionals use artificial intelligence… Read more »

9 Top Remote Work Programs Abroad

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Remote Work Programs Abroad

Welcome to an exciting journey where work meets adventure! Ever dreamed of exploring different countries while continuing your job? In this blog, we’re delving into the world of digital nomads and highlighting 9 incredible remote work programs abroad. These programs open the door to a life where your office can be a beach in Bali… Read more »

6 Reasons to Offer Paid Family Leave

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paid family leave

In the United States, 84.3% of women have given birth by the age of 44 years, and women make up 46.6% of the labor force. With these statistics in mind, the importance of parental leave is paramount. So why are so many new parents in the United States feeling unsupported by parental leave policies? Only… Read more »

Lazy Girl Jobs [AKA Work-Life Balance]

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lazy girl jobs

With over 17 million views, the #lazygirlsjob trend is big news on TikTok, but what is a Lazy Girl Job? Term coiner Gabrielle Judge the ‘Antiwork Girlboss’ explains that the term is not a dig at women or their work ethic (or lack of it), but an ironic term to challenge the go-hard-or-go-home toxic culture… Read more »

Why Boundaries at Work are Important [and How to Set Them]

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boundaries at work

Setting boundaries at work could be just as important as having healthy relationship boundaries at home. They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. For everyone else, it’s estimated that you’ll work 90,000 hours throughout your lifetime. That works out to spending about one-third of your life… Read more »

10+ Top Employer Branding Podcasts

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diversity and inclusion podcasts

If you want to brush up on all things “EB,” here are 10+ employer branding podcasts from HR pros. These podcasts will give you an edge in using employer branding to attract top talent. The Employer Branding Podcast Join Jorgen Sundberg for this employer branding podcast filled with practical tips for talent attraction and branding… Read more »

13 Top Recruitment Marketing Podcasts

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recruitment marketing podcast

Add these top 13 recruitment marketing podcasts to your schedule, or listen while completing another task (my favorite time for podcasts is when I cook). Podcasts are easy to squeeze in (and mostly free), making them a great way to stay up to date on the latest. Here are 13 must-listens for recruitment marketing: The… Read more »

What is Misgendering? [+ 10 examples]

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what is misgendering

Malicious misgendering has been making headlines for years. But what is it? And how can we stop it? This blog digs into: what misgendering is [hostile, malicious, and unintentonal] who’s weighing in on misgendering as a topic why misgendering in the workplace should be addressed 10 examples of misgendering in the news What is “hostile… Read more »

53.8% of Companies Write Job Ads that Hint at Lying

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Candidates are more likely to respond to your job ads if they feel you’re being honest, upfront, and show you value your employees. So, how are over 50% of companies doing the opposite? And how can you make sure this headline isn’t about you? Let’s find out… 3 Tips to Boost Your “Honesty Rating” It’s… Read more »

How to Boost Your Team with Second Chance Hiring: 3 Key Benefits for Your Business

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Benefits of Second Chance Hiring

Nearly 1/3 of Americans have a previous arrest or conviction record. The need for these 70 million people to gain employment is essential on an individual and also on an economic level. So, that’s where second chance hiring plays an important role. “Second chance hiring encourages businesses to consider candidates with criminal backgrounds and make… Read more »

15 Top Diversity Podcasts in 2022

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diversity and inclusion podcasts

DEI might feel like a moving target, and to an extent, it is. A great way to stay up-to-date is by listening to diversity podcasts. Podcasts are a somewhat new (and evolving) part of life. They’ve only been around since 2004. But, diversity and inclusion podcasts are an easy (and mostly free) way to learn… Read more »

Why Employee Benefits are Important for Employer Branding

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why employee benefits are important

This article digs into why employee benefits are important for attracting and retaining talent — more specifically related to employer branding. But first, here’s a quick definition of employer branding. What is employer branding? Employer branding (EB) is your reputation with your current employees (and the general public), especially job seekers. Your employer branding affects… Read more »