Are you struggling with the task of writing, updating, and managing job descriptions? Enter the solution: an automated job description builder.

Companies of all sizes have to write, update, and manage job descriptions. For small organizations, this may be a simpler task, with a limited number of positions they hire for each year.

But as your company grows, managing job descriptions becomes more of a challenge. And we can’t overstate how important your job ads are to the hiring process.

From creating a diverse hiring pipeline to reducing churn during the hiring process, effective job descriptions are critical to any hiring strategy. Read on for a deep dive into Ongig’s ultimate automated job description builder solution. It can help you create, manage, and update job descriptions at scale.

Automated Job Description Builder

The Challenge of Writing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions need to be detailed, accurate, consistent, and objective. Good JDs are also gender-neutral, free from boring industry jargon and offensive language. They should describe each job, the company, and applicant qualifications. You want to show potential candidates what you offer and how they might add to your company’s culture.

In smaller companies, writing job descriptions is a challenge because HR managers and recruiters tend to write them less often, so it’s more difficult to write an objective, accurate, and professional job description. In larger organizations, it can be difficult to ensure that job descriptions written by different people from various teams stick to company standards for content, format, and language.

In either case, this is where an external perspective (or tool) is helpful to standardize language, formatting, and tone.

How Ongig’s Automated Job Description Builder Heps You Recruit Smarter


Creating new job descriptions from scratch with an automated job description builder

Need new job descriptions and not sure where to start? Ongig’s automated job description builder (Text Analyzer) can guide you through the whole process.

You can now create job postings from scratch by just typing a job title into the tool. Here’s how it works.

In Text Analyzer, open a new job, click the “Write Sample” button, and type in a title, “Web Developer” for example:

automated job description builder write sample

Select the sections you want to include (based on your custom templates or a template Ongig recommends based on research) and click the “Generate Now” button: 

automated job description builder generate now

Then, Text Analyzer uses AI to create a Web Developer JD you can use. If anything you want to include is missing, you and your team can edit the draft to fit the position:

automated job description builder view draft job ad

Then, to reduce masculine bias and shorten long sentences in the draft job posting, you’ll click “Optimize Content” and the “Rewrite Now” button: 

automated job description builder rewrite now

After the tool uses AI to improve your draft, you’ll notice a score increase. The total score for this job increased from 79.5% to 83.3%. 

To further optimize the draft, you can click to replace any feminine words to be more gender-neutral and improve the score even more. You can also click to remove any “exclusionary words” (this job has none).

You can also click “View Changes” to see a comparison of versions:

automated job description builder compare versions

Once you’ve made your edits, you can easily export a copy of the job posting to Word, PDF, or HTML. There’s also an option to push directly to your ATS through API integration for our premium and professional plans. 

Updating existing job descriptions with an automated job description builder

If you have an existing library of job descriptions, you may think you have no need for a job description builder. But existing job descriptions can quickly become outdated, and larger companies often struggle to keep job descriptions consistent and compliant with internal or external regulations.

That’s where our automated job description builder comes in! Text Analyzer reviews your existing job descriptions for quality, consistency, and language. Some of our customers use it to remove biased language and reduce jargon, and in doing so, they create better conversion rates from prospective employees.

automated_job_description_builder_Ongig edits

Because the Text Analyzer is automated, you can cut costly human labor from the process of reviewing and updating your existing job postings.

Does your team prefer to update existing job descriptions manually? The Text Analyzer tool works for that use case too. It can score job descriptions based on several factors including readability and inclusivity, offering suggestions for how to improve text and allowing your team to perform a comparative analysis of different job descriptions.

If you find biased words, you can easily click to replace them with more inclusive suggestions. If you find complex language that sounds too “legal,” you just click to replace it with more plain language. All of this helps improve your job postings and increases your chances of attracting top talent.

Large-scale reformatting of job descriptions with an automated job description builder

Reformatting and updating a large volume of job descriptions? Ongig Text Analyzer‘s automation capabilities make the process simple. The tool compares existing job descriptions to your preferred templates, making edits to improve readability, clarity, and consistency.

It can also automatically fill in missing sections according to company-wide standards, like providing details about salary, benefits, and the hiring process.

If your organization has struggled in the past with maintaining consistency in job postings, these templates for reformatting are a huge help in updating job description content without requiring so many people hours.

Templates in Text Analyzer are customized to fit your company’s needs and preferences and then locked to prevent unauthorized edits and maintain compliance.


Why job description templates could be the answer to your recruiting woes

Having a job description template that is designed thoughtfully and with a focus on consistency and inclusivity can solve many common recruiting troubles. A standardized template can help recruiters in your organization create job descriptions that are more accurate and have better conversion rates. An inclusive, unbiased job description can improve your talent search by removing barriers for underrepresented candidates. 

At Ongig, our automated job description builder works with your job description templates or gives you a recommended one to use for your JDs.

You can customize our templates to match your preferred tone and recruiting priorities, then lock in standard features to keep job descriptions consistent across your organization.

Text Analyzer is built to work alongside applicant tracking systems and other HRIS software. Or you can set up an ATS integration through API to create a full-circle job creation workflow.


We also offer a flexible, tiered system that adapts to your organization’s needs as you grow. Only pay for the tools you need, whether it is basic job description analysis or large-scale job description library management.

Ongig Automated Job Description Builder Success Stories

Here’s a glimpse into the impact of Ongig’s automated job description builder! These stories are not just about client success with Text Analyzer, but about making a real difference in the recruitment world.

A Leap in Application Rates

Imagine increasing your applicant pool significantly, especially from diverse groups. That’s exactly what happened with a global employment website. When testing Text Analyzer for their 60,000 job postings, they saw a 133% jump in total application starts and a 21% rise in applications from women. This highlights the power of thoughtful language in attracting a diverse range of candidates.

Healthcare Sector Achievements

In the healthcare sector, where job descriptions are crucial, Ongig assisted a client in revamping over 5,000 job postings. The goal was not just standardization but infusing inclusivity across the board. Another healthcare client, dealing with over 100,000 job postings monthly, achieved complete automation, streamlining their process remarkably.

Entertainment Industry Transformation

For an enterprise in the entertainment sector, the focus was on revamping job descriptions for inclusivity and consistency. The outcome was impressive – a 100% increase in candidate quality, demonstrating how effective job descriptions can attract top-tier talent.

Aerospace and Insurance Sectors’ Strides

An aerospace technology agency took on gender imbalance in traditionally male-dominated roles like engineering and finance. With Text Analyzer, they saw a 22% increase in female applicants. And, a large insurance organization used our tool to target underrepresented groups, resulting in a 4X increase in applications from these groups.

These stories are featured in Ongig’s YouTube video. Each example reflects Ongig’s commitment to enhancing the hiring process and underscores how nuanced changes can make a huge difference.

Why I wrote this:

Writing and updating job descriptions can be a real challenge. Why not use an ultimate automated job description builder like Text Analyzer to save your team time and create quality job ads in the process. We’ve designed features to scale with your business’s changing priorities as it grows. To learn more, schedule a demo today.

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