I’ve been writing a lot about job titles lately (see Ongig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide). As part of that journey, I’ve run across some funny job titles. There are numerous creative job titles for every department and position.

I thought I’d put these cool job titles here into one list.

Warning: there are some weird job titles, some cute titles, some badass titles, and some very impressive titles. Some might be fake (but still funny). I’ve done my best to list these witty job titles by department/position.


100+ Funny Job Titles

Creative Marketing Job Titles

  1. Ambassador of Buzz (Corporate Communications Associate)
  2. Aspiring Novelist (Copywriter/Copy Editor)
  3. Brand Warrior (Brand Manager)
  4. Colon Lover (Copywriter)
  5. Conversation Architect (Digital Marketing Manager)
  6. Conversion Optimization Wrangler (Marketing Analyst)
  7. Copy Cruncher (Copywriter)
  8. Digital Dynamo (Digital Marketing Executive)
  9. Direct Mail Demi-God (Direct Mail Account Manager)
  10. Direct Marketing Demi-God (Direct Marketing Account Manager)
  11. Director of Fun (Director of Marketing)
  12. Director of Storytelling (Copywriter/Marketing Director-type position)
  13. Editor Extraordinaire (Copywriter/Copy Editor)
  14. Grammar Fascist (Copywriter/Editor)
  15. Head of Growth (Head of Customer Acquisition)…Roman Liasota holds that job at MobiHunter
  16. Marketing Rockstar (General Marketing Position)
  17. Oxford Comma Destroyer (Copywriter/Copy Editor)
  18. Punctuation Prodigy (Copywriter/Copy Editor)
  19. Rockstar Copywriter (Copywriter/Social Media Manager)
  20. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments (Marketing Director)

For a list of the most popular, but less funny, Marketing titles, check out The 25 Best Marketing Job Titles.

Creative Job Titles for Business Development

  1. Appointment Getter (Business Development Manager/Representative)
  2. BD Ninja (Business Development Rep)
  3. BD to the Bone (Business Development Manager)…a play on the song “Bad to the Bone”
  4. Collector of Business Cards (Business Development Rep)
  5. Creator of Opportunities (Senior VP of Business Development)…Allen & Gerritsen
  6. Head of Schmoozing (VP of Business Development)
  7. Meeting Getter (Business Development Manager/Rep)

Creative Sales Titles

  1. Cast Member (Retail Sales Associate)…Sephora using “Cast Members” for their associate sales titles
  2. Educator (Retail Sales Associate)…Lulelemon
  3. Guide (Retail Sales Associate)…Origins, a cosmetics company, has Guides offering free facials and handling transactions.
  4. Head of “Show me the Money!” (Sales Rep)
  5. Lead Door Knocker (Outbound Sales Rep)
  6. Master Handshaker (Sales Rep)
  7. Muse (Retail Sales Associate)…Kate Spade using “Muse” for their sales associate titles
  8. Rainmaker (Sales)
  9. Retail Jedi ( Retail Sales Associate)
  10. Sales Rockstar (Sales Rep)
  11. VP of ABC (“Always Be Closing”) (VP of Sales Team)…Reference to Alex Baldwin monologue (“ABC” = Always Be Closing) from Glengarry Glen Ross movie

For a list of un-funny sales job titles that are most effective, check out The 16 Best Sales Job Titles.

Creative Job Titles for Operations

Here are some funny officer names.

  1. Chief Inspiration Officer (Head of Operations)
  2. Chief Rockstar (COO)…SCVNGR COO Michael Hagan,
  3. COO: “Chief of Other” Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of) (COO)
  4. COO: Chief Obedience Officer (COO)
  5. Culture Operations Manager (HR Officer)
  6. One of the Main Maniacs for Sure (COO)…This was on an unnamed COO’s business card
  7. Operations Ninja (Operations Generalist)
  8. People Operations Generalist (Operations Manager)…JUUL Labs used this

Creative Customer Service Job Titles

  1. Chief Chatter (Call Center Manager)
  2. Geek Squad Agent (Customer Service Agent)…Best Buy uses Geek Squad Agents to repair and upsell clients
  3. Genius (Customer Service Person)…Apple uses it at Apple Store
  4. Happiness Hero (Customer Service Representative)…Buffer
  5. Head of Customer Wow (Head of Customer Service)
  6. People Partner (Head of Customer Service)

Creative HR Job Titles

  1. Champion of Office Happiness (HR Director)
  2. Chief Happiness Officer (Head of HR)
  3. Chief Heart Officer (HR Manager)…Vayner Media
  4. Chief People Pleaser (Head of HR)…on a stack of business cards I found (with not company name)
  5. Culture & Geek Resource Manager (HR Manager)
  6. Director of Attracting Talent (Director of Talent Acquisition)
  7. Employee Experience Designer (Candidate Experience Manager (post-hire)
  8. People Champion (Head of HR)
  9. Rockstar Recruiter (Recruiter)
  10. Senior VP of People Operations (Head of HR)…Google (Laszlo Bock served this role)
  11. Vibe Manager & Head of all things Awesome (Head of HR)

Check out The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources for a list of popular/un-funny HR titles.

Funny IT Job Titles

  1. C3PO – Chief Power Plugs & Patches Officer (CTO)
  2. Chief Geek (CTO)
  3. Computational Wizard (General IT)
  4. Computer Whisperer ( Technical computer cleaning professional)
  5. Digital Prophet ( Technology Forecaster)
  6. Director of Spam Reception (Spam Data Engineer)
  7. Director, Ethical Hacking (White Hat Hacker)…Predictive Systems, Inc.
  8. Dr Fix (IT Helpdesk)
  9. Electromagnetic Wrangler Extraordinaire (General IT)…I saw this in a fish bowl of business cards at the COMDEX business conference but can’t recall which company it was.
  10. Emporer of Bit-Land (CTO)
  11. Head Unicorn Wrangler (CTO)
  12. Interwebs Mechanic (Webmaster)
  13. King of Signals (General IT)
  14. Logic Gate (Operator)
  15. Lord of All Things Technical (CTO)
  16. Mass Bit Manipulator (IT Manager)
  17. Mr Computer (Helpdesk)
  18. Professional Technology Manipulator (IT Manager)
  19. Paranoid-in-Chief (Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo)
  20. Security Princess (White Hat Hacker)…Google position held by Parisa Tabriz
  21. Señor System Administrator (System Administrator)
  22. Software Ninjaneer (Software Engineer)
  23. Tech Monkey (Tech Support Analyst)…Edwin Rivera, Gilt Groupe
  24. Techno-Bull (General IT)
  25. Wiz Kid (Webmaster)

Check out The Top 35 IT Job Titles [Ranked by Search Volume] for popular (but less witty) IT titles.

Special thanks to Beep Translator on Reddit and Blaine L. Pardoe for so many of the funny IT job titles above. 

Creative Job Titles for Software Developers

  1. Brogrammer (Masculine Developer)
  2. Codeling (Software Developer)
  3. Full Stack Magician (Full Stack Developer)…Influence Health
  4. Full Stack Pancake (Full Stack Developer)
  5. Guru (Developer)
  6. Hacker (General Developer)
  7. Kick Ass Developer (Developer)
  8. Lead Code Wizard (Lead Developer)
  9. Ninja (Developer)
  10. Random Engineer (Developer)…Albert Sheu, Quora Software Developer
  11. Rockstar (Developer)
  12. Ruby on Rails SCAP (Super Crazy Awesome Programmer) (Ruby on Rails Developer)
  13. Software Ninjaneer (Software Developer)

Check out The Top 50 Software Job Titles for some un-funny job titles for developers.

Creative Job Titles for Social Media/Digital

  1. Chief People-Herder ( Community Manager)
  2. Community Wizard (Community Manager)
  3. Community Data Guerilla ( Data Analyst)
  4. Conversation Manager (Social Media Specialist)
  5. Digital Overlord (Web Site Manager)
  6. Digital Prophet (Market Research)…AOL used this
  7. Digital Sorcery/Sorceress (Social Media Manager)
  8. Dynamic Social Integrator (Social Media Specialist)
  9. Online Community and Social Media Czar (Social Media Specialist)
  10. Social Activationist (Social Media Manager)
  11. Social Inventor (Social Media Manager)
  12. Social Mediaholic (Social Media Coordinator)
  13. Social Media Composer (Social Media Specialist)
  14. Social Media Engager (Community Manager)
  15. Social Media Evangelist ( Community Manager)
  16. Social Media Rockstar (Social Media Coordinator)
  17. Social Media Sith Lord (Social Media Manager)
  18. Social Sensei (Social Media Manager)
  19. Social Solutionist (Social Media Specialist)
  20. Social Media Tactician ( Social Media Manager)
  21. Social Visionary (Social Media Executive)
  22. Tweeter (Twitter Manager)
  23. Head of PR and Other Fun Stuff (PR Director)

These 5 funny Facebook job titles are a spin off from the list above:

  1. Facebook Wizard
  2. Facebook Engager
  3. Head of Facebook Engagement
  4. Facebook Friend Finder
  5. Facebook-aholic

Creative Job Titles for Administrative Assistant

  1. Captain of Multitasking (Assistant)
  2. Chief Image Officer (Assistant in charge of making their Exec’s image look great)
  3. Executive Sherpa (Assistant)
  4. Indentured Rockstar (Assistant)
  5. Lead Enabler (Assistant)
  6. Manager of Codependence (Assistant)
  7. Manager of Office Operations (Administrative Assistant)
  8. Scheduling Wizard (Administrative Assistant)
  9. Workflow Guru (Administrative Assistant)

Creative Job Titles for Business Owners

  1. Bootylicious Boss (CEO)
  2. Boss Lady (CEO)
  3. Chief Amazement Officer (Founder)…Shephard Presentations
  4. Head Cheese (CEO)
  5. Head Honcho (CEO)

Creative Office Manager Titles

Here’s a few funny titles for officer manager:

  1. Captain Under-Appreciated (Office Manager)…A maker of business cards told me about this (he kept the name of the person who held the position anonymous)
  2. Captain Underappreciated (Office Manager)
  3. Chief Coffee Orderer (Receptionist)…Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  4. Director of First Impressions (Office Manager)
  5. Herder of Helpless People (Office Manager)
  6. Toilet Paper Messiah (Office Manager)
  7. Vibe Manager (Administrative Assistant)

Creative Executive Titles (C-Level)

Here are some funny CEO names and other funny office names:

  1. Chief Cheerleader (CEO)…Mid America Motorworks
  2. Chief Digital Evangelist…Vala Afshar, Salesforce
  3. Chief Ego Operator (Any executive)
  4. Chief Excruciating Officer ( CEO)
  5. Chief Future Officer or Chief Futurist (An executive who guides the vision and future of a company)
  6. Chief Guru…Ed Popielarski, QTA Machine
  7. Chief Happiness Officer (Customer Experience)…Google had a “Chief Happiness Officer” position (also known as Jolly Good Fellow) filled by Chade-Meng Tan. 72 companies are listed on LinkedIn as having a Chief Happiness Officer).
  8. Chief Happiness Slayer (Any executive)
  9. Chief Heart Officer (HR Executive)…VaynerMedia
  10. Chief Listener (CEO)
  11. Chief Ninja (CEO)…Seth Priebsatch, – SCVNGR CEO
  12. Chief of Idea Stalling (Any executive)
  13. Chief Pillow Officer (CEO) …Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillows CEO uses this funny job title
  14. Chief PlayMonster (CEO)…Bob Wann, PlayMonster LLC
  15. Chief Play Officer (In charge of playing/testing toys)…ToysRus
  16. Chief Troublemaker (CEO)…Matrix Group
  17. Dr. No (CFO)
  18. Head of Out of Touch (Any executive)
  19. Master of Coin (CFO)…Tesla’s finance chief, Zack Kirkhorn recently took on this new title
  20. President and TeaEO (CEO)…Honest Tea
  21. Technoking of Tesla (CEO)…Tesla co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, recently took on this new title
  22. VP of Idea Stalling (CEO)

Check out The Top 20 C-Level Titles [with Descriptions] for less creative executive titles.

Creative Job Titles for Accounting and Finance

  1. Certified Party Antidote (CPA)
  2. Director of Beancounting (Accountant)
  3. Master of Coin (CFO) — Zack Kirkhorn holds this and the CFO title at Tesla
  4. Money Maestro (Accounting Manager)…Delivering Happiness uses this
  5. President of Revenue (CFO)…Adam Bain, Twitter CFO

Creative Job Titles for Designers

  1. Arts and Crafts Designer (Designer)…Method
  2. Clue Shredder (Lead Game Designer)… Kate Reynolds, SCVNGR Lead Game Designer
  3. Comic Sans Annihilator Graphic Designer
  4. Connoisseur of Pantone (Graphic Designer)
  5. Crayon Evangelist (Graphic Designer)…InteQ Corp.
  6. Director of Kerning (Graphic Designer)
  7. Dream Alchemist (Head of Creative)
  8. Head of Quietly Judging (Graphic Designer)
  9. King of Sneakers...Adrianna Gutierrez, Artist and Owner of King of Sneakers Footwear

Creative Facilities Job Titles

These are a few funny titles for facilities:

  1. Transparent Wall Technician (Window Cleaner)
  2. Chief Chair Tester (Ergonomics Specialist)
  3. Cube Guru (Space Planner)

Creative Job Titles for Jack of all Trades

These are funny job titles for someone who does everything:

  1. Generalist (Generalist)…Many startups
  2. Jack of All Trades (Generalist)
  3. Jack of All Trades/Master of None (Generalist)
  4. Polymath (Generalist)…Stewart Brand of Whole Earth Catalog has been called a “Polymath” (someone of widespread learning)
  5. Practioner (Generalist)
  6. Problem Solver (Generalist)
  7. Swiss Army Knife (Generalist)
  8. Tinkerer (Generalist)

Funny titles for Stay at Home Mom

Here are 10+ of the funniest job titles for a stay at home mom. They are some very cool titles, and oh so true!

  1. Baby Wrangler
  2. Child Development Associate
  3. Domestic Goddess
  4. Domestic Manager
  5. Dwelling Custodian
  6. Family CEO
  7. Head Honcho
  8. (family last name) Residence Chief Officer
  9. Home Executive
  10. Home and Financial Manager
  11. Mafia Boss
  12. Owner/Director of In-Home Daycare
  13. Play Date Planner
  14. Tiny Human Entertainer
  15. Tiny Human Snack Dispenser
  16. Tantrum Negotiator

Some other funny jobs Reddit has for stay at home mom titles are:

  • SAHM
  • Homemaker
  • Household Manager
  • Domestic Engineer
  • Master Fort Builder
  • Laundry Stain Removal Expert

Funny Occupations

Here are some funny occupations we found across the United States:

  1. Bingo Manager
  2. Cannabis Editor
  3. Chief Sniffer
  4. Chicken Catcher
  5. Dice Quality Inspector
  6. Dog Food Taster
  7. Dog Surfing Instructor
  8. Face Feeler
  9. Foliage Grader
  10. Fortune Cookie Writer
  11. Golf-ball Diver
  12. Hangover Cure Specialist
  13. Paranormal Tour Guide
  14. Professional Sleeper
  15. Rocket Recovery Technician
  16. Smell Specialist
  17. Worm Digger

Funny Titles for Manager

Here are 13 funniest job titles for a manager (aka job titles with the word manager in them).

  1. Associate to the Executive Manager of Marketeering and Conservation Efforts (Marketing Assistant)
  2. Captain Under-Appreciated (Office Manager)…A maker of business cards told me about this (he kept the name of the person who held the position anonymous)
  3. Chief Coffee Orderer (Receptionist)…Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  4. Director of First Impressions (Office Manager)
  5. Herder of Helpless People (Office Manager)
  6. Manager of Codependence (Assistant)
  7. Master of Disaster (Crisis Manager)
  8. Mass Bit Manipulator (IT Manager)
  9. Meeting Getter (Business Development Manager/Rep)
  10. Money Maestro (Accounting Manager)…Delivering Happiness uses this
  11. Professional Technology Manipulator (IT Manager)
  12. Toilet Paper Messiah (Office Manager)
  13. Vibe Manager (Administrative Assistant)

Bonus! Here are a few funny job titles for project managers:

  • Project Promoter
  • Head of Herding Deadlines
  • Task Ticker

Funny Job Titles Found on Reddit

Want to see some funny job titles visually? Check out these:

  1. Director of Awesome
  2. Science Viking
  3. Hairapist
  4. Bread Scientist
  5. Space Lawyer

…and more at jobtitleheros. There are pictures of each one of the job titles from commercials, interviews, etc.

Funny job titles Tinder users might have

These are funny job titles Tinder swipers might find during their search for love!

  1. Chief of Unicorn Division
  2. Fun Club President
  3. MILF Commander
  4. Parkour Specialist
  5. Porn Historian
  6. Professional Snuggler
  7. Ranch Dressing Expert

Funny Job Titles for Unemployed

  1. Queen (or King) of the Couch
  2. Head Couchsurfer
  3. Queen of In Between Jobs
  4. Stay at Home Superstar
  5. Out of Work Officer

Other Funny Jobs & Funny Job Titles

  1. Explorer in Chief (Experience Manager)…The Downtown Alliance in Manhattan (New York) used this title for hiring someone to document their experience discovering Lower Manhattan. The job includes a salary of $2,250 for every two weeks of work, with rent and some meals included.
  2. Legal Ninja (Attorney)…Palantir
  3. Master of Disaster (Crisis Manager)
  4. Meme Librarian (Content)…Tumblr
  5. Qualified Unskilled Personnel (Politician)
  6. Sous Chef (Product development technician)…Method
  7. Viceroy of Research (Excellence Researcher)…Microsoft
  8. Port and Shopping  Ambassador ( People who create shopping excitement on cruise ships)
  9. Oven Mechanic ( An OB-GYN)
  10. Galactic Travel Agent ( a funny title for a travel agent offered by Virgin Galactic)
  11. Event Technologist ( creative job title for event planner)
  12. Herder of Canines ( dog walker)

Funny Job Descriptions

Want more funny stuff? We found some funny job descriptions on Linkedin, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Craigslist that are sure to give you a giggle.

Thanks for the witty job titles, y’all!

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Why I wrote this?

Why am I spending time writing about funny job titles? My team and I here at Ongig are on a mission to transform job descriptions. A vital piece of that is job titles. So we spend a lot of time thinking about titles. I hope you found these silly, fun and just a little bit useful. If you’d like to see the most effective (but unfunny) job titles to use to attract talent, check out our free Ongig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide. And also know that all of our logic about job titles and beyond is built into Ongig’s job description software.

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