With a more diverse talent pipeline, our clients can make better, more effective hiring decisions. These recruitment success stories share how 6 companies improved their workflows using Ongig’s Text Analyzer tool.

Recruiting is a challenging process, even with the best resources and staff for support. But it can also be an opportunity to connect with people, learn new things, and acquire new professional skills. And the right technology, like Ongig’s Text Analyzer tool, can save you valuable time and make the recruiting process more seamless and effective.

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How Ongig’s Text Analyzer Tool Works

Too often, we find companies using job descriptions that are formulaic, outdated, inconsistent, non-compliant, or full of industry jargon.

Sometimes there are offensive phrases, gendered language, or other subtle cues that turn away the very qualified candidates that your team works so hard to attract. We know what you’re thinking — that your job descriptions definitely don’t contain any offensive phrases or language. But good intentions only go so far when it comes to mitigating the effects of unconscious bias.

The unfortunate truth is that many common, seemingly innocuous phrases have racist origins. This language may slip by, unnoticed by members of your team, but chances are high that it will be noticed by some potential candidates for your job posting. The same phenomenon occurs with gendered language or industry jargon, which is often invisible to team members and highly visible to top candidates.

Your recruiting team can’t afford to unknowingly drive away qualified candidates because of an imperfect hiring process. Job descriptions need to be reviewed carefully for biased or gendered language and overuse of jargon.

Ongig’s Text Analyzer is the solution! It scans job descriptions for language that needs to be removed or edited. We created it to find gendered and offensive language, jargon, and stylistic inconsistencies. It also helps improve readability and create consistent compliant templates for your job ads.

Our clients have used our tools to diversify their talent pipeline, reduce gender bias in hiring, and increase apply rates. Here are 6 recruiting success stories about clients who used Ongig’s tools to refine their hiring process.

Recruitment Success Story #1 – A Global Employment Website

We recently collaborated with a global employment website to evaluate job descriptions for inclusivity. The September 2022 study on 60,000 jobs revealed Ongig’s Total and Inclusive Scoring are predictive of higher application rates in different industries. This proved Text Analyzer accurately pinpoints problem areas that, when addressed, can improve response rates. Total applications increased by 13%. Applications from female candidates increased by 21%.

Recruitment Success Story #2 – A Healthcare Staffing Firm

Recruiting is a labor-intensive process, especially when managing the creation and posting of hundreds or thousands of jobs at a time. These recruiters face a monumental task in streamlining and automating their process while also keeping their job descriptions interesting, effective, compliant, and consistent. 

We helped a healthcare staffing firm address the task of managing large volumes of job descriptions. Text Analyzer now automates 100% of this client’s job posting process. The job descriptions no longer require the oversight of a recruiter, even when they post over 100,000 jobs per month.

Recruitment Success Story #3 – An American Healthcare System

Old job descriptions grow stale quickly, so if you’re using templates to repeatedly recruit candidates for similar positions, you have to work hard to stay up to date. Text Analyzer takes the work out of maintaining and improving your job description catalog. We successfully worked with a U.S. healthcare system to update their entire job description catalog. Text Analyzer automatically scanned over 5,000 job descriptions for consistency, compliance, and inclusivity. If you’re looking to review job descriptions in bulk without compromising on quality, our AI-powered tool is the way to go.

Recruitment Success Story #4 – An Enterprise Entertainment Company

A hiring solution is only as good as the results it produces. When we worked with an enterprise entertainment company, their top concern was candidate quality. How could updating their job descriptions affect the quality of candidates coming into their talent pipeline and hiring process? Could job descriptions with inclusive and gender-neutral language attract a better class of new hires?

Yes. After working with Ongig to improve job descriptions with more accurate and inclusive language, hiring managers reported a 100% increase in candidate quality. Inclusive job descriptions are effective in recruiting top talent, and updating them doesn’t have to be a laborious process. Text Analyzer is automated and powered by AI, so you can focus your energy where it does the most good.

Recruitment Success Story #5 – An Aerospace Technology Agency

In part because STEM fields were among the last to accept gender equality in the workplace, employers in fields like math and engineering struggle to recruit women. And as a consequence of the disproportionate number of men in these fields, job descriptions for STEM roles often contain masculine and gendered language that may discourage female applicants.

We took on these problems when we worked with an aerospace technology agency to refresh their job descriptions. The company saw a 22% increase in female applicants for jobs in male-dominated fields like engineering and finance.

Recruitment Success Story #6 – A National Insurance Organization

Struggling to diversify your talent pipeline? Companies are rightly investing their dollars in DE&I efforts, but they often overlook job descriptions as a barrier for candidates of color, women, employees with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. Job descriptions that include outdated or offensive language can ruin your attempts to cultivate diversity in your talent pipeline.

This was our focus when we collaborated with a national insurance organization to revamp their recruitment. Our efforts paid off! They saw a 4X increase in applications from diverse applicants and huge progress towards their goals for diversifying recruitment. And, the increase in applications from underrepresented groups was seen across the company’s departments. Ongig’s Text Analyzer provides them with a foundation for more effective, more diverse recruitment moving forward.

Why I Wrote This:

Because the recruiting process is so labor-intensive for human resources staff, job descriptions are often an afterthought. But they shouldn’t be! Job descriptions are often the first candidate-facing messaging that applicants see when they are exploring jobs with your organization. They have the power to make or break your reputation among potential candidates, so they should be taken seriously. Take the next step towards effective job descriptions with Ongig. Schedule a demo to see how we can help you.

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