AI job description tools have the potential to automate menial tasks and remove subconscious bias from your job descriptions. But not all artificial intelligence tools are created equal. If you’re accustomed to writing job descriptions for your business, you’re probably reluctant to pass this task over to a job description generator.

These 5 tools allow you to create better job descriptions that take advantage of machine learning tools and your personal expertise in human resources.

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AI Job Description Tool #1: Ongig’s Text Analyzer

Ongig’s Text Analyzer is a powerful tool for reducing bias in job description language. It works by reviewing the language of your job descriptions and identifying gendered language. So, you can make your job descriptions as gender-neutral as possible.

Using words that are specific to one gender can discourage applicants of any gender. So, just by removing these gender-specific words, you can increase applications by 29%!

Also, certain phrases used in businesses might unknowingly discourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. Ongig’s Text Analyzer helps identify these biased words and phrases, allowing you to attract a more diverse group of applicants and also avoid racial bias in hiring (and 12+ other types of bias).

The Text Analyzer tool goes beyond identifying racially sensitive language and gendered words in job descriptions. It also looks for ‘boring’ language and industry buzzwords that may turn off your ideal candidates. Its job description AI pulls out these words and phrases for your review, so you can make sure your language choices match your hiring goals. It also includes an SEO evaluation process for job titles.

AI Job Description Tool #2: Grammarly

You might know Grammarly for their grammar check web extension. But did you know they also offer free generative AI tools that can help you compose grammatical, natural-sounding job descriptions? Like Grammarly’s web extension, a basic version is available for free, so you can use it at length before committing to the paid version. You can use their AI writing tool to draft your job description, or you can let it edit, clarify, or rewrite content you’ve already written.

If you pay for access to their business version, their AI tool will evaluate and compose content based on your brand’s tone and style guidelines. We love Grammarly for its flexibility, customizability, and affordability.

AI Job Description Tool #3: Jobsoid

Jobsoid is a multi-use HR tool that helps you manage applicants, automate tasks, and post jobs on a variety of job boards. They offer free job description templates that you can customize to fit your position using one of the other tools on our list. But we like Jobsoid as a job description tool because it has many other features that make hiring simple.

Once you adjust your job description to fit your company’s branding, you can create a personalized careers site to attract candidates. Their system lets you post your job on many websites at once, and it helps you keep track of applicants. So, it makes finding the right candidate easier. When you want to talk to applicants, they provide email templates and scheduling tools to help make it simpler.

Put simply, Jobsoid can automate many of the most tedious aspects of hiring. And this frees up time for your team to focus their energy on the hiring tasks that require a personal touch.

AI Job Description Tool #4: Datapeople

AI tools for job descriptions are very helpful and can automate a lot of the hiring process. However, it’s crucial to check the final results. Some AI programs may have biases or gaps in them that come from the people who created them without realizing it.

Datapeople is an AI job description review system created to check over job descriptions, especially those created from templates or other AI systems, before they’re posted. Datapeople’s AI tool finds biased language and checks if job descriptions follow the rules. It also makes sure the job descriptions have the same style, which Ongig’s Text Analyzer tool also does. Datapeople’s AI tool also helps pick the best candidates for you to consider. It’s a useful system that can benefit any HR team, big or small.

AI Job Description Tool #5: GoHire

GoHire is an HR software that helps you make the most of AI to simplify your search for the ideal candidate. Hiring becomes simple with their many job description templates, job website connections, and user-friendly branding tools. They provide tools for managing applicants. And this includes a built-in system, smart search features, and forms for job offers.

This HR system has all you need for reaching out to candidates, keeping track of them, and hiring. Easy screening tools help your team focus on candidates with the skills you want. GoHire is in the UK and their system follows GDPR rules.

There are many AI job description tools out there, with different price points and features to fit your business needs. It can be challenging to sort out which tools have the most to offer and which are best passed over. We hope this list of five of the best AI job description tools will help you find a good place to start incorporating AI into your hiring process.

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Ongig’s Text Analyzer is the flexible, customizable tool your business needs to reduce hiring bias and streamline candidate management. To learn more about how Ongig can help your business, try a free demo today.

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