31 HR Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss in 2023

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Every year we put together a list of the top HR conferences to attend. So far we’re up to 31 HR conferences and counting. We also added an HR Conference table for quick reference. Below the table, we list out each HR conference/webinar and give you a detailed look including: date, location, key agenda items,… Read more »

HR Conferences in 2022

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HR conferences in 2022 seem to be moving back to normal (in-person), yet there are still a good amount of virtual events.   As always, we like to lead with a table listing all HR conferences giving you a easier, zoomed out look of the year. Then we dive into details of each HR conference below… Read more »

10 Examples of a Business Code of Ethics

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How can you show people who your company is (beyond a traditional mission/diversity statement)? A business “code of ethics” statement is a great start. Many job candidates look for your code of ethics to see where you stand on diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.   What is a Business Code of Ethics Statement? A business code… Read more »

5 Great HR Mission Statements

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Human Resource mission statements used to be little more than brochure-ware. Now, they address more critical issues. They are vulnerable. They are conversational. They mention specifics. Here are five organizations with well-written HR mission statements (along with Ongig’s take). 1. Adobe “At Adobe, we believe that when people feel respected and included they can be… Read more »

50 Funny HR Memes [Budget, Resumes, CEOs, Payroll+]

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Do you have a favorite HR meme? I perused the internet for the best HR memes and here’s my list of 50. These HR memes are in no particular order — we just think they are great. I divided them into categories for easier viewing. Enjoy! Best HR Memes About Employees Do you love your… Read more »

49 HR Conferences & Webinars in 2021

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In 2020, human resources conferences saw a big disruption as a result COVID-19. Most conferences were forced to move virtual/online which is where we’ll see most HR conferences in 2021. This year is projected to have fewer conferences so we decided to include some human resource webinars to our list. We also added an HR… Read more »

HR Tech Conference 2019 Top Tweets From Day 3

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Back at for Day 3 of the HR Tech Conference! Here were some top tweets and insights:   How has employer value prop changed? 1) We know now how employees feel about the company (social). – @TrishMcFarlane @Madtarquin #HRTechConf — Brian Halligan (@brianhalligan) October 6, 2016   Employer value prop used to be about benefits…. Read more »

HR Tech Conference Top Tweets From Day 2

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Here are some top tweets from Day 2 of the HR Tech Conference:   “#HR leaders must be business leaders” – @s_markberry on the money at #HRTechConf pic.twitter.com/oHhcl5CbBD — David Green (@david_green_uk) October 5, 2016   Top initiatives for small businesses: Social Enablement, Workforce Planning, HR App Integrations – @SierraCedar #HRTechConf — Robert J Johnson… Read more »

HR Tech Conference Top Tweets From Day 1

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The HR Technology Conference kicked off yesterday, covering all of the latest trends – SaaS, The Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, and Big Data in the Human Resources industry. Here are some of the top tweets from Day 1:   The new world of People Analytics #HRTechConf #HRTech @Josh_Bersin pic.twitter.com/v0hVDDYsD3 — Vishal Saha (@vishalsaha)… Read more »

5 Ways HR Executives Can Boost Employee Retention

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The economy revved up in 2014, and that’s good for business. Unemployment is at it’s lowest point since 2009 at 5.6%, and that’s great for employees. Except for one major caveat. Employee wages have remained stagnant over the last five years, and even took a dip in December 2014. The combination of available job opportunities and… Read more »