How to Build a Disability-Inclusive Workplace

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Disability-Inclusive Workplace

Having a disability-inclusive workplace means hiring people with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. It gives people with disabilities a chance to work, get paid fairly, and also grow in their careers, just like everyone else. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 1.3 billion people worldwide have a major disability.   But,… Read more »

7 Tips to Create a LGBTQ Friendly Workplace

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LGBTQ friendly workplace

LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace is the biased treatment LGBTQ+ employees experience due to their gender identity or orientation. It may have been developed due to deeply ingrained social and cultural norms that historically favored heterosexuals. Those who don’t conform to these gender stereotypes are vilified.  LGBTQ+ employees mistreated in the workplace may have their… Read more »

7+ Must-Read DEI Books for HR Pros 

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dei books

If you read blogs about diversity, you can get fast tips for including everyone at work. But if you want to really understand diversity, equity, and inclusion, reading DEI books is better. They can give managers and HR leaders like you a complete understanding of DEI and how to use it in workplaces. For managers… Read more »

What is intersectionality in the workplace?

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intersectionality in the workplace

What is intersectionality in the workplace? “Intersectionality” was coined by civil rights activist and professor Kimberle Crenshaw as:  The interconnected nature of social categorizations, such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, is regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. In other words, it’s… Read more »

The Ultimate List of 60+ Job Description Benefits

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job description benefits

Employee benefits are a crucial part of a job description and can significantly influence a candidate’s decision to apply.  A Glassdoor study pointed out that 63% of job seekers and employees pay attention to employee benefits in job ads. Aflac also revealed that 83% of companies believe their benefits package positively impacts productivity. In comparison,… Read more »

10 Biased Interview Questions & What to Ask Instead

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biased interview questions

Job interviews are really nerve-wracking for job seekers. They’re super important because they greatly affect who gets hired. Biased interview questions can also make this even more stressful. And they present the greatest risk for biases in the hiring process. Research shows that 59.9 % of hiring decisions are made within the first 15 minutes… Read more »

 How to deal with ageism in the workplace

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ageism in the workplace

Ageism means treating someone unfairly because of their age, especially if they’re 45 or older. People might think older workers are slow or not good with technology, but that’s not true. And ageism in the workplace usually happens during hiring, promotion, and during social events like:  Ageism in the workplace can manifest in various subtle… Read more »

Key Stats for Gender Diversity Recruiting in the Workplace

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gender diversity recruiting

Many companies want to attract and keep employees from all genders, realizing the benefits of having a diverse staff. This is where gender diversity recruiting comes into play. What is Gender Diversity Recruiting? Gender diversity recruiting is when you actively try to hire people from various gender backgrounds. It’s about making sure that everyone, regardless of… Read more »

5 Top Racial Diversity Stats + Expert Tips for Job Descriptions

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racial diversity recruiting stats

As the modern workplace emphasizes racial diversity, hiring people from different racial backgrounds is more important than ever. Having different races in our workplace is good. It means we get lots of different ideas and experiences. So, this helps us solve problems better, come up with new ideas, and also makes our employees happier. Awareness… Read more »

10 ChatGPT Tools for Writing Job Descriptions

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chatgpt tools

By now, everyone has heard about ChatGPT, Open AI’s popular chatbot. It currently boasts 100 million users.  And why not? It’s a free artificial intelligence tool that’s available to everyone. It gives its users the capability to ask anything, anytime. Most companies use AI across various business operations, including recruitment.  And when it comes to… Read more »

7 Boilerplate Language Examples for Job Descriptions

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boilerplate language examples

Boilerplate language helps you create job descriptions that are not only effective, but also consistent and legally compliant.  This article will discuss the different boilerplate language examples commonly used in job descriptions.  What is boilerplate language?  Boilerplate language is a uniform message that is usually part of standard documents like contracts.  You can also find… Read more »

12 of the Best Leadership Podcasts to Listen to Now

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best podcasts about leadership

If you’re a busy professional interested in becoming a manager someday, listening to the best leadership podcasts is a great idea.  Listening to podcasts while driving or doing other tasks around the house is a good way to learn more about the latest trends in leadership and managing people.  Here’s a list of 12 of… Read more »

7 Job Description Writing Software Tools

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Job Description Writing Software

What is job description writing software? Job description writing software helps you write job descriptions easier (and faster) by: optimizing keywords removing outdated words and phrases ensuring that your JD complies with diversity requirements  To save you research time, we’ve listed 7 of the best job description writing software to streamline your recruiting efforts: 1…. Read more »