5 Best Custom GPTs for Job Descriptions

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best custom gpts

The emergence of Open AI’s ChatGPT has made the jobs of many professionals, including recruiters and HR personnel, easier.  ResumeBuilder.com surveyed 1,000 U.S. business leaders, and most revealed they use ChatGPT for hiring: 77% said it helps them write job descriptions 66% draft interview requisitions 65% respond to applicants 55% say the quality of work… Read more »

5 Top Tools for AI Job Descriptions 

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ai job descriptions

Writing clear and engaging job descriptions is a constant struggle for recruiters and hiring managers.  And, who has the time to write them from scratch? That’s where the power of AI comes in. This post explores 5 tools for AI job descriptions that help you write JDs faster (and easier).  1. Ongig AI Job Descriptions… Read more »

6 Best Ways to Use ChatGPT for Job Postings

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best ways to use chat gpt

I’m sure you’ve thought of ways to use ChatGPT for job postings. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to optimize your job postings can help streamline and improve your hiring process. This blog highlights the 6 best ways to use ChatGPT for job postings. ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) powered by generative pre-trained transformers. Suppose you give… Read more »

10 Examples of the Best Inclusive Job Descriptions

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Inclusive job descriptions

Having an inclusive company starts with having inclusive job descriptions. Research shows that words and phrases in your job description discourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. Some words are subtly coded as masculine like ambitious, driven, and competitive, and subtly coded as feminine like warm, supportive, and compassionate. Removing them can increase your number of applications… Read more »

9 Benefits of Job Description Repository Software

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Are you struggling to keep track of all your job descriptions? Do you spend too much time searching for the perfect template? You can resolve these challenges with job description repository software. A job description repository is more than just digital storage – it’s a powerful tool that can immensely help you improve your hiring… Read more »

5 Examples of ChatGPT Bias HR Pros Should Know

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OpenAI on cellphone (ChatGPT bias)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is everywhere nowadays and offers benefits like faster resume screening or interview question generation. But, for its speed and convenience,  HR professionals should know that ChatGPT’s outputs are riddled with hidden biases. While ChatGPT bias is not a popular talking point, it does exist. Bloomberg’s team of researchers experimented with using fictitious names and… Read more »

6 Top DEI Challenges and How to Solve Them

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DEI challenges in the workplace

While there are many DEI challenges, research shows the benefits of an inclusive workplace. These include increased creativity, profit growth, and more engaged employees.   But, enforcing successful DEI efforts is easier said than done. Many companies have tried to execute their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with the best intentions, but their efforts don’t always… Read more »

Are DEI Initiatives Effective? 9 Helpful Signs of Rebounding in 2024

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Are DEI Initiatives Effective?

In the ever-changing DEI landscape, many organizations face obstacles in fostering an inclusive environment. Yet, as we venture into 2024, there are encouraging signs indicating a resurgence in DEI initiatives and commitment despite previous setbacks.  Are DEI Initiatives Effective? 9 compelling indicators:  1. Senior Leadership Support for DEI Initiatives Capterra’s overall survey revealed that 58%… Read more »

7 Top DEI Tools to Create an Inclusive Team

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dei tools blog

DEI tools help evaluate and improve your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion.  They use technology to collect and analyze data (or automate) DEI efforts. Here’s how DEI tools can help you create an inclusive team:  They detect and address hiring biases through crafting job descriptions,  anonymizing resumes, anonymous interviews, and skills-based assessments. Also, many of… Read more »

The Ultimate List of 20 Hiring Best Practices

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hiring best practices blog

Hiring best practices refer to established and tested methods for attracting, selecting, and onboarding the best candidates for an organization’s job openings. Following these practices, HR can reduce their cost and time of hire, increase hiring quality, and enhance the overall recruitment process.  According to LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Report, 87% of recruiting professionals say… Read more »

3 Helpful Examples of Plain Language in Job Ads

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examples of plain language in job ads

Plain language is about clear communication in writing or speaking that is easy for the intended audience to understand the first time around. So, using various examples of plain language in job ads can be beneficial. Recruiters who use it attract the most diverse talent and ensure legal compliance, especially if their business or company is… Read more »

How to be a Better Ally (10 Tips)

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how to be a better ally

Do you know how to be a better ally at work? Workplace allies are employees using their privilege to support their coworkers who belong to underrepresented groups. So, their privilege comes from their gender (male), race/color (white), or rank in the office (senior level or management).  Allies support their LGBT colleagues, women of color, or… Read more »

How to Address Microaggression in the Workplace

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microaggression in the workplace

Microaggression in the workplace is discriminatory words and behaviors that target people based on their identity. While they may seem unintentional and harmless, they’re actually offensive.  Understanding Microaggression in the Workplace and Its Impacts  There are 3 types of microaggressions:  Microassaults are when someone directly and purposefully attacks another person based on who they are…. Read more »

5 Useful Best Practices for Rewriting Job Descriptions

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If you’ve experienced a delay in filling out your open roles, high turnover rates, or constant but unnecessary hiring, it might be time to start rewriting job descriptions. An Indeed survey revealed that 52% of job seekers say job description quality is very or extremely influential on their decision to apply.  72% of job seekers… Read more »

How to Create an Anti Discrimination Policy in the Workplace

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Anti Discrimination Policy in the Workplace

An anti discrimination policy in the workplace prevents discrimination and harassment of employees based on protected characteristics. The goal is to create a fair and inclusive work environment where every employee feels safe so they can give their best at their jobs. The policy details what counts as discrimination and bias. It also outlines the… Read more »