Decoding The Mystery of Passive Candidates

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passive candidates

Your company probably vets through the most eligible job seekers when filling a workplace vacancy. You might post a JD that targets fresh graduates, gig workers, or the recently laid-off seeking to begin a new chapter in their careers. But the common theme is that you’re looking for people who are actively in search of… Read more »

Why Your Company Should Care About The UN SDG

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We see diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in almost every modern workplace setting. DEI creates a good environment where teammates from diverse backgrounds work together well. Thus, the organization gains from having diverse perspectives. The results speak for themselves. Gartner projected that 75% of companies with diverse and inclusive decision-makers exceeded their financial targets. Much… Read more »

Are You Guilty of These 7 Common Hiring Mistakes?

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common hiring mistakes

Hiring and recruitment are necessary for keeping a company going. It’s inevitable to introduce new faces to your organization down the road as teams mature and pass on the baton. But here’s the rub – modern companies face high turnover rates and poor employee retention. People leave their companies at a staggering rate before the… Read more »

Overcoming Unconscious Bias with Collaborative Intelligence

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collaborative intelligence

Unconscious bias is a tale as old as human civilization itself, yet, it still rears its head in the 21st-century workplace. Unchecked unconscious bias in an organization can limit your company’s growth and development…and detract from a positive work culture.  The good news is that you can overcome unconscious bias through a combination of natural… Read more »

AI and DEI – An Evolving Relationship

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ai and dei

Artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are pillars of the modern workplace. It’s hard to ignore their collective impact on organizational goals and culture. AI unlocks new levels of productivity, while DEI boosts team performance by keeping employees satisfied. Naturally, combining AI and DEI practices can lead to significant benefits for your… Read more »

The Importance of Job Descriptions for Employers

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Importance of Job Descriptions

The importance of job descriptions for employers is vital to the hiring process. JDs show your unique culture and set employee expectations. To create quality JDs, you’ll need to do more than list the basic tasks, requirements, and skills for a position.  For instance, your JDs should include your company’s core values and social responsibilities…. Read more »

What is Conscious Inclusion?

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conscious inclusion

Inclusion-based workplaces have advantages. Including improved employee emotional well-being and retention. So, how can you practice “conscious inclusion” at work?   One way is conscious inclusion training to help prevent bias and conflicts that arise when you least expect them.  What is Conscious Inclusion? Before we dive into inclusion training and examples, let’s define “conscious… Read more »

8 Examples of a Content Bias Scanner

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Content Bias Scanner

How do you ensure the content you create doesn’t deter or offend anyone who reads it? A content bias scanner can help you write…bias-free. Content bias scanners are great for any modern-day organization, but there’s no standard solution. So we’ve created a list of 8 top content bias scanners to help you find the best… Read more »

5 Examples of a SHRM Job Description Template

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job description template shrm

Inclusive and concise JDs attract the best talent. And the pros at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) support efficient hiring practices, including writing great job descriptions (JDs). Here are 5 examples of a SHRM job description template to help streamline your search for top performers. I’ve added tips to each for optimal results. Let’s… Read more »

7 Top DEI Roles and Responsibilities

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DEI roles

You’ll spot the acronym DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) almost everywhere — from LinkedIn listings to JDs, and the trending social posts of thought leaders. It’s a sign that more employers are putting in the time and effort to attract and retain a diverse workforce.  And it’s with good reason since studies show 76% of… Read more »

A List of the Top 7 Textio Competitors to Know

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textio competitors

Writing job descriptions can be a real headache. It takes a lot of time, and sometimes without even realizing, our words can show unintentional biases. That’s why using a tool like Textio keeps your written content effective and unbiased. In effect, it is able to engage talent from all backgrounds. Augmented writing technology saves your… Read more »

What Does “Inclusive Culture” Mean?

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inclusive culture meaning

The term “inclusive culture” has become a buzzword in recent years. We see it on LinkedIn discussions, organizational policies, and job descriptions. But, it’s far more than a fancy fad among progressive employers.  So, what does an inclusive culture mean? “Inclusive culture” describes a positive environment that promotes harmony and collaboration among co-workers of all… Read more »

6 Ways to Foster Belonging in the Workplace

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6 ways to foster belonging in the workplace

Safety and the sense of belonging rank high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And for many people belonging means creating a sense of social connection with others at work. Studies show that an average person spends 1/3 of their lifetime (around 90,000 hours) at work. So to help your keep employees (and attract new ones),… Read more »