Workplace Conflict: 3 Top HR Do’s and Don’ts

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Workplace conflict is an ever-present challenge when diverse teams collaborate. So, as a hiring manager or organizational leader, you will likely encounter clashes in personality and work styles. However, ignoring these conflicts can severely affect your company’s productivity and hiring efforts.   Industry reports from 2022 revealed that 73,485 workplace discrimination charges were filed in… Read more »

12 Types of “Diversity Language” in Job Descriptions (2024 Update)

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diversity language in job postings

Diversity language in job descriptions attracts talent from underrepresented groups. And encourages them to apply. So, how do you describe diversity in your job descriptions? Here are 12 examples of “diversity language” I find in JDs. Some are more obvious than others. 1. Diversity Statement A diversity statement in your JD shows a company’s commitment… Read more »

Bias Free Language Guides: 12 Examples for Your Business

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bias free language guide

A bias free language guide is an essential HR tool, especially if your goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. According to McKinsey & Co., more diverse companies are likely to outperform their less inclusive counterparts financially.  When searching for a bias-free language guide, comprehensiveness is key. A broader database, or a mix… Read more »

8 Helpful Free Job Description Sample Templates

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job description sample template

Job descriptions are like the welcome mats to your company. So, if you want to keep them consistent (and make candidates feel right at home before going through the front door) templates are a great tool. Here are 8 job description sample templates to help you get started: Job Description Sample Templates — Ongig (just… Read more »

15 Good Job Posting Examples (2017-2024)

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good job posting examples

Good job posting examples often feature two fundamental elements: inclusivity and creativity.  So, by focusing on these factors, hiring managers can create compelling postings that appeal to qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds.  Essentially, optimizing your postings involves responding to various job-seeker needs and making ads accessible and inclusive. It is also critical to recognize the… Read more »

Why Are Job Titles Important? 5 Reasons

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are job titles important

What’s in a name? Some people could say everything since it shapes first impressions. The same logic applies to job titles. A job title should snag candidates’ attention even before they move their attention to the rest of a job description (JD).  Research has shown that an optimized job title can drastically improve application rates… Read more »

Can You Trust AI in Recruitment?

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can you trust ai in recruitment

AI is everywhere these days due to its problem-solving capabilities at scale. The data-backed algorithms behind AI solutions also help reduce human error costs. We have seen AI in construction site safety assessments, chatbots, and accounting. But have you heard of AI in recruitment? These days, a growing number of companies have also turned to… Read more »

How to Set Successful DEIB Goals for Your Team: 8 Tips

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deib goals

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives have been on quite a rollercoaster ride in recent years. Organizations find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to DEIB goals. So, should they retain these initiatives as standalone directives? Or should they integrate them into the broader organizational narrative?  Groups have spoken out regarding the former,… Read more »

Are Performance Reviews Outdated? How to Boost Your Team

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are performance reviews necessary

The world of work is changing. Many organizations have turned to contract-based, contingent, and gig workers for multiple roles in their routine operations. Last year, the US saw nearly 64 million freelancers, which made up 38% of the workforce. These large-scale shifts in the workforce led to many newfound talent management considerations from an employer’s perspective…. Read more »

Hiring Gig Workers: 7 Useful Tips to Build Your Team

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The gig workforce continues to boom as organizations cope with the post-pandemic economy in recent years. There’s a skill and labor market shortage worldwide as some members of the workforce experience shifting career priorities. And that’s where it might be useful to start hiring gig workers. Many workers have embraced gig and contractual positions for greater… Read more »

A List of the Top 10 Textio Competitors to Know

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textio competitors

Writing job descriptions can be a real headache. It takes a lot of time, and sometimes without even realizing, our words can show unintentional biases. That’s why using a tool like Textio keeps your written content effective and unbiased. In effect, it is able to engage talent from all backgrounds. Augmented writing technology (& Textio… Read more »

Why You Need a Risk Management Policy for a Successful 2024

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Risk-management policy

Even though diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) and environmental social governance (ESG) policies are important, these policies still face challenges. Critics persist despite the proven benefits. So, to ensure success, it’s vital to have a strong risk management policy to handle potential issues and improve these initiatives.  For instance, anti-corporate activists have dismissed DEIB… Read more »

Multigenerational Workforce: 8 Helpful Benefits to Know

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Leading a multigenerational workforce is highly advantageous for meeting modern DEIB standards. That’s because it sets the foundation for inclusivity by working around a common factor in almost every social situation – age.  Every generation has a different approach to interpreting issues and problem-solving. A company with a multigenerational workforce understands this concept and provides… Read more »

How to Overcome Stereotypes at Work: 7 Tips

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Stereotypes in the workplace are often inevitable when people from diverse backgrounds and mindsets come together to meet organizational goals. As a result, you might find employees working in silos or restricting themselves to cliques of like-minded team members. That’s why it’s necessary to understand how to overcome stereotypes at work. You could trace the… Read more »

How to Embrace Neurodiversity at Work: HR Guide

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Neurodiversity at Work

There have been many social shifts in the modern-day workforce as we change how we view our team members. People managers, recruiters, and organizational decision-makers have increased focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Yet, one aspect of DEIB remains overlooked despite its importance – neurodiversity at work.   Simply put, neurodiversity means… Read more »