7 Free Fixes to Remove Gender Bias from your Job Postings

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If you want to attract more female candidates, a good place to start is to eliminate your job description bias. Job description gender bias is the easiest lever for you to pull to hire more women. The 80/20 Rule is in effect here. Well, almost. You can remove about 70% of job description gender bias… Read more »

Top 10 Feminine-Biased Words Used in Job Descriptions

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Masculine vs. feminine job descriptions remains a hot topic these days. Last week I shared The Top 10 Masculine Biased Words Used in Job Descriptions. If you’re trying to gender-neutralize your job ads, eliminating those top 10 masculine-biased words is a good start. Some of you then asked: “What about feminine words — which words in job… Read more »

5 Things to Look for in a Gender Neutral Writing Tool

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Gender bias is a hot topic! There is an absolute movement right now to attract more women in the workplace. Check out these 3 recent news stories: California became the first state to require that public companies have at least 1 woman on their board of directors Catalyst (the non-profit) launched #BiasCorrect as a gender… Read more »

8 Key Steps of a Job Description Text Analyzer

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Are you shopping for job description text analysis software? Some recruiting leaders want this augmented writing tool because of the ROI they enable on hiring quality/diverse applicants (e.g. one client boosted their applicant to phone screen conversion from 5% to 17%; another saw a 4X increase in diversity and inclusion hiring). If you are looking,… Read more »

New Study Shows Gender Bias Against Women for “Brainy” Jobs

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Women are less likely seen as good candidates if the job mentions a high degree of intellectual ability, according to a new study. In 3 tests, published in the journal American Psychologist, more than 1,150 participants were asked to refer individuals for a job. Half of the participants were told that the job description required… Read more »

5 Reasons to Use a Text Analyzer for All Your Job Descriptions

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If you are hiring more than 50 people per year, you can benefit in a big way from using text analysis software for your job descriptions. Let me give you 5 examples: 1) To See How Your Job Descriptions Compare to Peers A good text analyzer compares your job descriptions to the industry on things… Read more »

8 Examples of Unconscious Bias in Job Descriptions (2020 Update)

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The examples of unconscious bias in job descriptions are rampant. I’ve included 8 of them below. The bad news: your job postings likely have some bias. The good news: it’s easy to fix. You can eliminate unconscious bias in job descriptions manually (see tips below) or through a solution like Ongig’s Text Analyzer software. What is… Read more »

A List of Offensive (Exclusionary) Words Used in Job Descriptions [2020 Update]

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There are quite a few words and phrases that can crush your job descriptions. Use just one of these phrases and you could lose 50%+ of your candidates. These words are considered “exclusionary” by some and just plain offensive words by others. Exclusionary words in job descriptions are so rampant, that Ongig’s Text Analyzer now flags… Read more »

Gender-Neutral Suggestions for the Top 25 Job Titles That Still Use the Word “Man”

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Many of us are talking about gender-neutral job descriptions these days. But how about gender-neutral job TITLES? Gender-biased job titles are so prevalent that Ongig now offers a  job title bias checker in our Text Analyzer software. After all, if you show gender bias in the job title, a candidate might not even read the rest of… Read more »