Why should you use gender neutral adjectives?

Did you know they affect people’s behavior (e.g., in everyday language, interview questions, job ads, etc.)? Therefore, using them helps you avoid words that might be interpreted as biased, discriminating, or degrading. 

So, here’s a comprehensive list of gender neutral adjectives to help you create more balanced job ads (or any other type of content).

Gender neutral symbolism on piece of paper. (Gender Neutral Adjectives blog)

170 Examples of Gender Neutral Adjectives

  1. able
  2. accomplished
  3. accountable
  4. accurate
  5. ace
  6. adaptable
  7. adept
  8. advanced
  9. agile
  10. ambitious
  11. amiable
  12. amicable
  13. appreciative
  14. approachable
  15. articulate
  16. astute
  17. attentive
  18. authoritative
  19. broad-minded
  20. calculating
  21. capable
  22. clever
  23. cogent
  24. coherent
  25. cohesive
  26. commendable
  27. communicative
  28. comparative
  29. competent
  30. complex
  31. comprehensive
  32. confidential
  33. conscientious
  34. consistent
  35. cooperative
  36. cordial
  37. courteous
  38. credible
  39. creative
  40. cutting-edge
  41. curious
  42. dedicated
  43. dependable
  44. detail-oriented
  45. detailed
  46. devoted
  47. dexterous
  48. diligent
  49. diplomatic
  50. discerning
  51. disciplined
  52. diverse
  53. dynamic
  54. earnest
  55. easygoing
  56. educated
  57. elegant
  58. effective
  59. eloquent
  60. energetic
  61. empowered
  62. energized
  63. engaging
  64. enterprising
  65. ethical
  66. enthusiastic
  67. exact
  68. excellent
  69. exceptional
  70. exemplary
  71. experienced
  72. extensive
  73. fast-learner
  74. fast-learning
  75. first-class
  76. flexible
  77. fluent
  78. focused
  79. forward-thinking
  80. fueled
  81. genuine
  82. groundbreaking
  83. guided
  84. hardworking
  85. harmonious
  86. industrious
  87. independent
  88. ingenious
  89. innovative
  90. insightful
  91. inspired
  92. inspiring
  93. intelligent
  94. inventive
  95. investigative
  96. keen
  97. judicious
  98. knowledgeable
  99. legitimate
  100. lively
  101. methodical
  102. logical
  103. meticulous
  104. mindful
  105. motivated
  106. multi-faceted
  107. multi-tasker
  108. novel
  109. open-minded
  110. orderly
  111. organized
  112. oriented
  113. outgoing
  114. passionate
  115. patient
  116. perceptive
  117. persistent
  118. personable
  119. persuasive
  120. positive
  121. practical
  122. precise
  123. pragmatic
  124. pro
  125. proactive
  126. process-oriented
  127. productive
  128. professional
  129. proficient
  130. progressive
  131. prolific
  132. proven
  133. purposeful
  134. qualified
  135. quick-thinking
  136. receptive
  137. relentless
  138. reliable
  139. reputable
  140. resourceful
  141. respected
  142. respectful
  143. results-oriented
  144. revolutionary
  145. rigorous
  146. robust
  147. savvy
  148. seasoned
  149. self-starter
  150. self-motivated
  151. shrewd
  152. sincere
  153. skilled
  154. skillful
  155. sociable
  156. solid
  157. sophisticated
  158. sound
  159. specialist
  160. specialized
  161. spirited
  162. steadfast
  163. steady
  164. step by step
  165. strategic
  166. structured
  167. systematic
  168. supportive
  169. tactful
  170. talented
  171. team-minded
  172. technical
  173. team-oriented
  174. tenacious
  175. thorough
  176. tolerant
  177. trained
  178. true
  179. unique
  180. unprecedented
  181. veteran
  182. vigorous
  183. versatile
  184. well-grounded
  185. visionary
  186. well-versed
  187. well-rounded
  188. world-class
  189. zealous

5 Examples of Gender Neutral Adjectives

Writing 100% gender-neutral is still a new concept. So, that means creating job ads with ZERO male- or female-coded words.

I also found a few examples of brands doing this to give you inspiration. And I bolded the gender neutral adjectives, so they’re easy to find:

1. Job Ad Qualifications

Microsoft uses 4 gender neutral adjectives in the “Qualifications” section of their Technical Account Manager job ad. I bolded them for easier reading:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience preferred (Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Digital Marketing).  
  • Highly skilled in interacting with sales teams and technical stakeholders and translating complex requirements into appropriate solutions. 
  • Exemplary communicator with excellent written and oral business communication skills.  
Person writing resume and CV in home office with laptop.

2. A Mission Statement

Intuitive Surgical‘s mission statement uses the gender neutral adjective “intelligent” to describe their technology:

“We believe that minimally invasive care is life-enhancing care. By combining ingenuity and intelligent technology, we expand the potential of physicians to heal without constraints.”


3. “About Us” in Job Ads

SimpleHealth uses the gender neutral adjective “passionate” in the About Us section for their Growth Marketing Manager role:

“SimpleHealth is on a mission to reduce unnecessary doctor visits and save patients time and money. Come be part of a bright and passionate team that loves to solve hard problems and seeks to drive down spiraling healthcare costs. We have a diverse culture rooted in honesty and transparency, and we know that each voice matters.”


4. A Career Page Tagline

HPE‘s career site tagline “Make Your Mark” is supported by the gender neutral adjective “relentless” when they talk about their commitment (to their employees):

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise advances the way people live and work. What sets us apart? Our people. Our people’s relentless commitment to partner, innovate, and act.”


5. Company “Beliefs”

Snap uses the gender neutral adjective “consistent” in its diversity report, referring to removing hate speech from their product:

“We believe there is no place for racism and hate speech on our platform and the way we have designed our platform from the beginning is consistent with that belief.”


Gender Neutral Adjectives (for job ads)

Using gender neutral adjectives in job ads helps you reach a more broad and balanced set of applicants. Unfortunately, gender-coded words often find their way into job ads. 

For example, using too many male-coded words in your computer programmer job description may discourage equally talented women software engineers.

Also, if you use too many female-coded adjectives in your nurse job posting, you may turn away qualified male nurses.


Removing male- and female-coded words from job ads boosts your apply rate (by 29%) and decreases cost per application (by 41%).

(source: Appcast — The Impact of Gendered Wording on Candidate Attraction)

So, if your goal is to remove all gender-coded words, use this list of gender neutral adjectives to craft your job ads. I also put them into 10 categories (in alphabetical order) for easier reading:

Gender Neutral AdjectivesTopics/Categories
amiable, amicable, approachable, articulate, coherent, cohesive, conscientious, cordial, diplomatic, eloquent, fluent, mindful, personable, persuasive, positive, proactive, tactfulcommunication
accomplished, ace, adept, advanced, authoritative, competent, educated, experienced, fast-learner, fast-learning, knowledgeable, multi-tasker, pro, professional, proficient, qualified, savvy, seasoned, skilled, skillful, specialist, specialized, technical, trained, veteran, well-versedcompetence 
clever, cutting-edge, elegant, first-class, forward-thinking, groundbreaking, ingenious, innovative, inspired, inspiring, inventive, novel, progressive, resourceful, revolutionary, sophisticated, talented, unique, unprecedented, world-classcreativity/innovation
accountable, commendable, confidential, consistent, credible, dependable, ethical, exemplary, genuine, legitimate, reliable, reputable, respected, sincere, steadfast, true, well-groundedintegrity 
appreciative, approachable, easygoing, mindful, outgoing, patient, receptive, sociableinterpersonal
able, cogent, engaging, excellent, exceptional, proven, robust, solid, sound, steadyleadership
accurate, astute, calculating, complex, detail-oriented, detailed, discerning, exact, insightful, intelligent, investigative, methodical, meticulous, orderly, organized, perceptive, practical, precise, process-oriented, purposeful, rigorous, shrewd, step by step, strategic, structured, systematic, thoroughorganization/problem-solving 
conscientious, cooperative, courteous, harmonious, respectful, team-minded, tolerantteam player/teamwork
agile, broad-minded, capable, comprehensive, dexterous, diverse, extensive, flexible, multi-faceted, open-minded, quick-thinking, resourcefulversatility
comparative, dedicated, devoted, diligent, disciplined, dynamic, earnest, energetic, energized, enterprising, focused, fueled, guided, hardworking, industrious, inspired, keen, lively, motivated, oriented, passionate, persistent, productive, prolific, relentless, results-oriented, self-starter, spirited, tenacious, vigorous, zealouswork ethic
source: Ongig


Gender identity awareness has become more widespread in recent years. Thus, shaping social interactions, workplace norms, and jobseeker expectations as they prioritize more inclusive cultures.

In addition, academics, like the language experts from the Centre for Women’s, Gender, Identity, and Queer History, a department of the University of Oxford, continue to develop insights into the practice of gender-inclusive language.

So, the good news is that unlike other syntax structures (e.g., Romantic languages), English uses neutral word forms that streamline inclusive communication. In comparison, Spanish speakers, for example, must conform to fundamental gender agreement modifiers that complicate inclusive communication.

Increased language awareness can also progressively eliminate gender biases within AI systems. For example, scientists in research at the University of New York (NYU) identified masculine biases in 3 billion web pages.

Lead author April Bailey shared, “A.I. learns from us, and then we learn from it, And we’re kind of in this reciprocal loop.”

As such, normalizing gender-neutral adjectives in documents like JDs feeds AI training data with inclusive content to break the cycle.


Gender-neutral hiring language makes roles/positions more appealing to a diverse talent pool. Therefore, your hiring managers can better connect with qualified candidates regardless of gender identity.   

Using these adjectives alongside epicene nouns (e.g., job titles like “salesperson,” which avoids specific descriptions of male or female identities) can further engage different communities through the inclusivity of non-gendered language.   

Advancing DEIB Campaigns

Findings from the Pew Research Center involving 5902 US workers share that 56% of employees value the importance of DEIB at the workplace.

Gender-neutral adjectives can also help advance your company’s DEIB initiatives. In particular, these enable recruiters and employers to avoid exclusionary terms that could discriminate against a candidate’s or team member’s gender identity.


Ongig’s unique Text Analyzer software empowers HR professionals and recruiters to create gender-neutral JDs at scale. So, this AI-driven solution scans your JD content to reveal a gender bias score. Text Analyzer then determines the score by tracking instances of masculine and feminine words.

The software also suggests gender-neutral replacements and automatically rewrites JDs to boost talent acquisition. Your hiring and recruitment team could also leverage Text Analyzer’s gender bias detectors to target specific communities.

In addition, your team can use the Text Analyzer to include more female-coded words. Thus, increasing your CPA by 26%. The Text Analyzer also enhances JDs by accounting for key sections according to your recruitment campaigns. 

For instance, studies show that women are 6.8% more interested in the Salary/Compensation section than men. Thus, it could prove advantageous to include and optimize the specific section when hiring for positions aimed at women applicants.

So, leveraging Text Analyzer’s organized and transparent process enables your company to promote inclusive work cultures and attract more talent. It can also enhance candidate experiences.

Use 100% Gender Neutral Adjectives

If you want to automate gender neutral adjectives, Ongig’s software does that for job descriptions (and other HR content). So, please request a demo for a free gender-neutrality report on your JDs.

This is a guest post from Gem Siocon. Gem is a digital marketer and freelance content writer. She specializes in HR, marketing, and B2B.

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