A diversity report is like a snapshot of a companies workforce diversity efforts.We found 10 examples of awesome diversity reports from top companies. They are awesome because they have stand-out features like video, colorful visuals, meaningful hashtags, case studies, and more.

eBay Diversity Report

Release: May 2020Headline: Our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion ReportSub-Headline: We weave D&I into the fabric of eBayStand-out feature: eBay’s diversity & inclusion report highlights a virtual reality pilot in partnership with Praxis Labs to “cultivate empathy and drive inclusion”.eBay diversity report virtual reality

Facebook Diversity Report

Release: July 2020Headline: Facebook DiversitySub-Headline: Advancing Opportunity for AllStand-out feature: Facebook’s workforce diversity report leads with a video introduction from Global Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams.facebook diversity report video

Google Diversity Report

Release: May 2020Headline: Google Diversity Annual Report 2020Sub-Headline: We’re advancing a diverse, accessible, and inclusive Google where everyone feels like they belong. Check out our progress.Stand-out feature: Google’s diversity annual report shows 2020 percentages of employees who self-identified as having a disability, being non-binary, LGBQ+, Trans+, and/ or having a military background.google diversity report self identify employees

Hollywood Diversity Report

Release: February 2020Headline: Hollywood DiversitySub-Headline: A Tale of 2 HollywoodsStand-out feature: The USC Hollywood diversity report includes a chart showing an upward trend for People of Color in lead roles since 2011. hollywood people of color lead roles

McKinsey & Company Diversity Report

Release: May 2020Headline: Diversity Wins: How Inclusion MattersSub-Headline: The business case for inclusion and diversity (I&D) is stronger than ever. Taking a closer look at diversity winners reveals what can drive real progress.Stand-out feature: McKinsey & Company’s diversity and inclusion report features a graphic showing the connection between a systemic approach to I&D  and steps to also strengthen inclusion and belonging.mckinsey & company diversity report

Microsoft Diversity Report

Release: 2019Headline: Microsoft Diversity and Inclusion Report 2019Sub-Headline: The Microsoft Diversity and Inclusion Report reveals momentum and learnings for the future.Stand-out feature: Microsoft’s diversity report put a spotlight on autism hiring programs. The feature also includes unemployment and underemployment data for people on the autism spectrum.microsoft diversity report

Netflix Inclusion Report

Release: January 2021Headline: Inclusion Takes Root at Netflix: Our First ReportSub-Headline: Sowing the SeedsStand-out feature: Netflix’s inclusion report opens up with a unique diversity and inclusion video hosted by Vernā Myers, VP of Inclusion Strategy.netflix_inclusion_report

PwC Diversity Report

Release: August 2020Headline: Building on a culture of belongingSub-Headline: 2020 PwC Diversity & Inclusion Transparency ReportStand-out feature: PwC’s diversity report highlights the company’s diversity journey from 1993 to 2020 with a colorful timeline of milestones.pwc diversity report timeline

Snap Inc. Annual Diversity Report 2020

Release: July 2020Headline: Snap’s StrategySub-Headline: We have developed a DEI strategy that sets out to redesign our systems, inspire empathy, and use positive accountability to drive meaningful change.Stand-out feature: Snap Inc.’s diversity report not only focuses on the D&I in their organization but on their product too (Snapchat). The report features product images with a message about racism and hate speech.
Snap Inc. also has a DEI leader that means business. Oona King, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, was recently quoted in Adweek about being useful in the fight against racial injustice. King said:
“Have the confidence to move out of your comfort zone in pursuit of greatness. Get your shit done.”

SurveyMonkey Social Impact & Diversity Report

Release: December 2020Headline: Stand for equalitySub-Headline: We champion diversity and welcome individuality. Together, we create an equitable workplace where each person can truly belong and do their best work.Stand-out feature: SurveyMonkey’s social impact & diversity report highlights diversity goals and steps already taken to foster equity & inclusion in the workforce. Here are some highlights:
  • Partnering with The Justice Collective to “analyze diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) practices, provided antiracist training to all employees, and continued to build a strategic approach to DE&I.”
  • Setting diverse hiring goals like investing in a new screening tool to analyze job postings for bias, creating a dedicated sourcing team that specializes in hiring for diversity, expanding employee referral bonus programs to help achieve better diversity, launching a pilot hiring program that would require at least 1 female and 1 candidate from an underrepresented racial group to be interviewed for every open role.
  • Launching a vendor diversity program
  • Partnering with LeanIn.Org “to highlight barriers for women’s achievement in the workplace and beyond.”
(Note: SurveryMonkey’s 2024 diversity goals are in our blog, 25+ Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals.)SurveyMonkey_diversity_report

Target Diversity Report

Release: September 2020Headline: Target 2019 Workforce DiversitySub-Headline: Composition of Governance Bodies and Employees as of Fiscal Year End 2019Stand-out feature: Target’s diversity report features People of Color (POC) comparison charts showing Target’s numbers (in red) vs the NAICS retail trade sector (in grey).Target diversity report POC

Tesla Diversity Report 

Release: December 4, 2020Headline: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact Report 2020 (U.S.)Sub-Headline: We focus relentlessly on innovation and rely on teamwork and collaboration to help achieve this goal. Along the way, we are continuing to build a culture that is safe, respectful, fair and inclusive for all of our employees.Stand-out feature: Tesla diversity ERGs that support a community of belonging and diverse leadership.The Tesla diversity report highlights various employee resource groups for underrepresented communities. These ERGs promote Tesla employee diversity, Tesla gender diversity, Tesla ethnic diversity, Tesla veterans, and more.tesla diversity report ergs

Twitter Diversity Report

Release: May 2020Headline: Twitter’s culture and valuesSub-Headline: We’re on a journey to be the world’s most diverse and inclusive company – it’s key to serving the public conversation.Stand-out feature: Twitter’s inclusion & diversity report has an introduction with a very fitting hashtag. #UntilWeAllBelongtwitter #untilweallbelong

Uber Diversity Report

Release: July 2019Headline: 2019 D&I ReportSub-Headline: At Uber, our mission is to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motionStand-out feature: Uber’s diversity report compares tech vs non-tech employee diversity using charts focused on gender and People of Color (POC).uber diversity report tech datauber diversity report non tech data


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