When do you Capitalize Race? (the top 7 questions people ask)

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There are many questions about when to capitalize race. We looked up the top questions people ask via Google (thanks, ahrefs!). If you think the answer is easy (either yes or no to all), read on. There’s more nuance to this. Here are the top 7 questions people Googled about capitalizing race. When to Capitalize Race… Read more »

5 Tips to Reach Board of Directors Diversity Requirements

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Companies are more focused on board of directors diversity than ever. The Harvard Business Review says: “in 2019, a record 59 percent of the directors added to the boards of S&P 500 companies were women or were men belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group.” Here are 5 tips to reach diverse board of directors requirements:  … Read more »

How to Recruit More Women in Engineering [From Data Director Stephanie Sibert]

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We recently blogged about 5 Tips for Recruiting Diversity in Engineering. This topic also came up during a Text Analyzer demo with Ongig’s new client, Curology. Stephanie Sibert, the Director of Data at Curology is passionate about diversity and so is the rest of the Curology team. We asked Stephanie to share her experiences as a… Read more »

Amazon Hires 1,400 People a Day [8 Tips on How They Do It]

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The Amazon high volume hiring spree continues. The e-commerce giant now hires 1,400 people a day. “Amazon added 427,300 employees between January and October, pushing its work force to more than 1.2 million people globally, up more than 50 percent from a year ago.” — The New York Times Here are 8 tips on how Amazon… Read more »

10 Examples of the Best Company Career Pages (2020)

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Your company career page is a vital piece of your digital recruiting strategy. It’s where candidates go to find out about you and decide whether to look into your job openings (or move on to the next company). With that in mind, if you want the best company career page the key is to focus… Read more »

10 Examples of Verbiage to Add to your Job Postings [Re: COVID-19]

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The coronavirus has changed how businesses operate, including recruiting new employees. More companies are mentioning COVID-19 in job descriptions in different ways. Main Message Communicated Safety (social distancing in physical offices, equipment (masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc.) Flexibility (flex schedules, work from home/remote, training to work from home) Direction (a date through which COVID work rules… Read more »

5 Tips for Recruiting Diversity in Engineering

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There has been a lack of diversity in engineering for years, and many companies are focusing on how to tackle this issue. We found 5 tips to help guide your recruiting diversity in tech efforts. But first, here are some stats on the most affected underrepresented groups: POC in tech According to Wired, people of… Read more »

7 Examples of LGBTQ Exclusionary Language [in Job Descriptions]

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Did you know that 20% of LGBTQ Americans have experienced discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity when applying for jobs (Catalyst)? Job descriptions are filled with LGBTQ exclusionary language. We found 7 examples of sexual orientation bias that show up often. Before we look at the examples, here is some background on LGBTQ…. Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Recruiting Veterans

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Did you know veterans are 37% more likely to be underemployed than non-veterans according to the NY Times?  Here are 5 tips we found for recruiting veterans: 1. Set goals for recruiting veterans Setting a diversity goal is key if you want to get results for recruiting veterans. The great thing about setting goals for hiring… Read more »

Top 10 Terms with Bias Toward POC [in Job Descriptions]

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Job descriptions are full of bias toward POC (people of color). We found 10 terms that show up frequently despite being biased. Before we look at the list, here is a people of color definition from Ongig’s Diversity & Inclusion Glossary: “People of Color — People of Color, or Person of Color, is a phrase used… Read more »

5 Tips for Recruiting More Women in Leadership Roles

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Many companies are focused on recruiting women in leadership roles. Fortune magazine reported in May that the number of female CEOs “has hit a new high”, with 37 of the companies on 2020’s Fortune 500 list being led by female CEOs. But how can we keep this number on the rise? Here are 5 tips on how… Read more »

Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020

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Every year, my team and I here at Ongig aim to share the best data we’ve got on top applicant tracking systems (ATS’s). We take a very simple approach: we review the top employers we’re already talking to (Ongig provides job description software solutions to these same types of companies) and record which ATS they are using…. Read more »

3 Recruiting Budget Templates [with Real Samples]

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How much do companies spend on recruiting? I found very few examples of a detailed recruiting budget template on the webosphere. So, I pinged my smart recruiting friends to help guide me. Below is what I found. 3 Recruiting Budget Template Approaches Let’s start with a recruiting goal in mind. How about 500 hires a… Read more »

5 Ways to Hire for Diversity in Leadership

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Diversity and leadership in a changing world is top of mind, especially with the recent focus on Black Lives Matter. A 2019 diversity study by McKinsey & Company reaffirmed there is a: “strong business case for both gender diversity and ethnic and cultural diversity in corporate leadership—and shows that this business case continues to strengthen…. Read more »

6 Easy Tips for Recruiting People of Color [or BIPOC]

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A key focus for companies is on how to recruit people of color. We found 6 easy tips for recruiting people of color (POC) or Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). 1. Create diversity goals to recruit applicants of color Diversity and inclusion goals, especially for hiring people of color, can be documented and shared… Read more »