Internal vs External Recruitment: What’s the Ideal Hiring Strategy?

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The race for top talent is on. So what’s the best hiring strategy for your business?  Of the many things a business needs for success, recruitment is number one. There are pros and cons of internal vs external hiring. And, most successful companies use a combination of both. Internal vs External Recruitment: Which Should You Choose?… Read more »

What is DEIB? [+ 5 Tips for DEIB Initiatives]

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What is DEIB? Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are hot topics in many organizations. But, they can take some effort to understand. We’re here to demystify these and give you a few tips for launching DEIB initiatives in your workplace.  You might hear many acronyms—EDI, DEI, JEDI, DEIB —and we’ll share what each of… Read more »

5 Examples of Affinity Bias [in Job Descriptions]

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When hiring managers meet a candidate they like and know they’ll get along with, it’s often because they share similar backgrounds or interests.  This is called affinity bias, which can be detrimental to your diversity hiring efforts.  What is affinity bias in the workplace? Affinity bias means giving favor to candidates with a similar background… Read more »

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment: What’s the Difference?

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Talent acquisition vs recruitment — what’s the difference? They are similar, but not the same. Before we get into the differences, let’s take a quick look at their definitions. What is talent acquisition? Talent acquisition (like recruitment), is about finding the best people for your company, but it focuses more on your long game. It’s… Read more »

5 Best Practices for Hiring

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Hiring is hard. First, you’ve got to find the right person and then convince them to make a big commitment to your business—without guaranteeing that it’ll work out. Add a highly competitive market (since everyone seems to be hiring right now), and you suddenly feel more sympathy for HR managers.  But a lot has changed… Read more »

3 Examples of a CNA Job Description [+ a free copy/paste template]

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A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a common entry-level role in healthcare. So it’s not surprising that 200+ people search for a “CNA job description template” every month. If you need help writing one of your own, in this blog you will find: A definition of CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) A free JD template for… Read more »

5 Examples of EEO Taglines for Job Postings

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EEO taglines for job postings are required for all U.S. federal contractors. Many public companies use them to show they take diversity seriously. An EEO tagline is a company commitment showing you won’t accept (or reject) a candidate based on their background (including race, religion, age, physical/mental ability, gender, etc.). They include the words: “(Company… Read more »

7 Steps for Creating a Job Description Workflow

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Do you have a solid job description workflow? Here are 7 steps to help you create consistent, bias-free JDs (at scale). The screenshots from the steps below are from the job description software Ongig. 1. Start a central repository The first step in creating a job description workflow is having a central place to store… Read more »

Gender Neutral Adjectives [a list of 170]

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Why should you use gender neutral adjectives? Did you know they affect people’s behavior (e.g., in everyday language, interview questions, job ads, etc.)? Using them helps you avoid words that might be interpreted as biased, discriminating, or degrading.  Here’s a big list of gender neutral adjectives to help you create more balanced job ads (or… Read more »

5 Examples of a Diversity Committee [including the NFL]

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The NFL is in the news this week after announcing their first-ever diversity committee, following a lawsuit by former Miami Dolphin Head Coach Brian Flores. Flores is suing the NFL, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and New York Giants for “alleged discrimination and racism in hiring practices.” This is the NFL’s first diversity committee. But, I… Read more »

5 Examples of a CEO Diversity Pledge

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A CEO diversity pledge brings execs together to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. CEOs from various industries sign diversity pledges to create a foundation for their inclusion initiatives. Here are 5 examples: 1. CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge In 2016, US Chairman and senior partner Tim Ryan started the push for a diversity… Read more »

Job Description vs Job Posting: 3 Key Differences

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Job description vs job posting — what’s the difference? Many people use these terms interchangeably. They’re similar, but not the same. Here’s why. The Definition of a Job Description A job description is a framework for a job post. It represents all of the responsibilities for a role. When HR has an employee sign a “job description”,… Read more »

Who Should Write Job Descriptions? [5 examples]

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Who should write job descriptions in your biz? Some enterprise co.s have 17,000+ people writing JDs. Others have only a few who crank out 1,000s per week. There are also what I call editors and approvers. These people on your team might not write full JDs, but they are part of the process — or… Read more »

What Post-Pandemic “Inclusive Working” means for Employers & Employees

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The pandemic introduced us to several work policies: remote work, hybrid work, and work from anywhere. As many countries lift health restrictions, they’re encouraging workers to return to the office (to avoid management complexity and lift business performance from hybrid work). Will hybrid or remote work come to an end? Will a new work culture… Read more »

4 Free Job Description Templates for Word

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Job description templates are a huge time saver. That’s why we built the Template Builder feature of Ongig — large employers came to us asking for software to quickly create 100’s or 1,000’s of well-written job postings per month! Without templates, they’d be slow to get the job ads out the door and many would… Read more »