6 Ways to Create the Best Job Descriptions with Ongig

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There are many factors involved in attracting qualified candidates to your open roles. But, an experienced HR pro knows it all starts with well-written job descriptions. So, how can you create the best job descriptions? The way you write, structure, brand, and market your job description has a big impact on your recruitment strategy and helps… Read more »

10 Helpful Diversity Tips from HR Pros

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The importance of diversity in the workplace is widely reported: increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and positive employer branding, to name a few. So more organizations are considering building a diverse workforce. That’s why we’re looking at the top diversity tips from HR pros. But, many employers still struggle with building a diverse workplace. For instance,… Read more »

10 Recruitment Challenges for 2024 (+ Tips to Overcome Them)

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recruitment challenges

There will always be recruitment challenges — high competition for talent, lean budgets, candidates receiving many offers, and a lack of qualified applicants.  Even with these hiring problems, HR teams are still expected to achieve great results every year. So to succeed in the hiring world, you need to know common and new challenges. This… Read more »

9 Helpful Trends in Recruiting to Watch for in 2024

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Increased competition for talent, increasing demand for diverse workplaces, and growing employee expectations of better financial and mental well-being will continue to put organizations to the test in 2024. That’s why you must keep up with the latest trends in recruiting to continue attracting top talent. Keeping up with the latest recruitment trends is important for… Read more »

40+ Diversity and Inclusion Questions to Connect Better with Your Team

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When planning diversity and inclusion questions for a survey, choosing the right the questions is vital. Also, equally vital is how you ask them. So together, these are important to your success in building an inclusive workplace. Asking the right questions and designing a high-quality DEIB survey means you’ll get the right insights to measure… Read more »

30 Helpful Diversity Questions for Your Interviews

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diversity questions

The importance of building a diverse workforce is widely reported: enhanced creativity, innovation, positive employer branding, and increased productivity, to name a few. So, more and more employers are thinking about adding diversity questions to their interview processes. As colleagues, customers, and businesses recognize the benefits of fostering DEI, it’s important to hire employees who… Read more »

8 Important Recruiting Metrics to Track in 2023 (and Beyond)

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Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash Recruiting metrics are an important part of any organization’s hiring strategy. These metrics offer a data-driven strategy for you to check the health of your recruitment process.  But many companies find themselves confused about which recruiting metrics matter. And they struggle to choose what data they should focus on… Read more »

10 Recruitment Buzzwords and their Meanings

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The way companies hire is always changing. You might have heard of trends like quiet quitting, quiet hiring, boomerang employees, and shift shock. These trends show how people think about jobs. So, the job market is always evolving. And people’s ideas about work are shifting. In addition, you might have also heard some fancy recruitment… Read more »

8 Steps to Create a Powerful DEI Dashboard for Your Company

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dei dashboard

The importance of DEI is widely reported. But many organizations fail to implement good diversity and inclusion practices. Therefore, a DEI dashboard tool can help by allowing you to analyze and visualize your DEI data in a simple way — supporting data-driven decisions to improve inclusion and diversity. In this article, we’ll dive into 8… Read more »

20 Gender Identity Terms You Should Know

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gender identity terms

The conversation around gender identity is evolving in general and at work. It’s a complex and delicate subject with a lot of diverse terms. Because of this, mistakes happen. For example, if refer to a colleague with a pronoun they don’t use that could cause problems in the workplace. In this article, we’ll explain the… Read more »

8 Best Strategies for Sourcing Underrepresented Talent

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sourcing underrepresented talent

Diversity is a key tenet for companies in a world that demands it. There are many benefits of a diverse workforce, from improving team relationships to encouraging innovation and improving decision-making. But despite the benefits of a diverse workforce, companies still struggle to source and retain diverse talent. For example, in the U.S. tech industry,… Read more »

7 Tips to Create Diverse Interview Panels

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Diverse Interview Panels

The first step to building an efficient diversity recruiting process is to have diverse interview panels. 68% of candidates believe a diverse interview panel is essential to better hiring experiences and outcomes. Diverse interview panels should include interviewers with diverse characteristics: age race gender identity sexual orientation skills experience When your interview panels are diverse,… Read more »

9 Ways to Reduce Interviewer Bias in Recruitment

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One of the most important stages of the recruiting process is the interview. Unfortunately, a high-stakes conversation like a job interview can trigger interviewer bias affecting even the most experienced hiring managers. Failure to learn how to reduce interviewer bias may lead to your organization losing out on top talent. A  2018 Linkedin study on… Read more »