Building an inclusive workforce isn’t easy. Therefore, you have to develop a DEI strategy to ensure you’re hiring inclusively and convince your leaders of the importance of DEIB. You must also be able to track your diversity goals to know your progress. So this is where diversity and inclusion software comes in.

Diversity and inclusion management tools can support your diversity work in several ways such as helping write inclusive job descriptions, sourcing and hiring diverse candidates, and more.

But the diversity and inclusion market has many tools. Because of this, you can get overwhelmed. So in this article, we’ll discuss 16 diversity and inclusion tools to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Diversity and Inclusion Software?

DEI software helps organizations build equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. Therefore, with diversity and inclusion management software, organizations can literally see if their diversity efforts are bearing any fruits. 

With the tools, you can achieve different diversity goals such as the provision of DEI training to your employees and hiring employees from underrepresented backgrounds. They can also help you with identifying how to improve employee engagement for your diverse employees.

DEI software also comes in different categories. For instance, there are diversity tools focused on writing inclusive job descriptions. Others focused on diversity recruiting and maintaining employee resource groups.

Typically, diversity and inclusion management software have these capabilities:

  • Writing inclusive job descriptions
  • Carrying out anonymous skill testing
  • Anonymizing candidates’ details to reduce bias
  • Helping recruit candidates of different backgrounds
  • Designing and planning a DEIB strategy
  • Creation of DEI surveys
  • Assessment of current diversity status

And the provision of real-time DEI Dashboard and reports.

16 Examples of Diversity and Inclusion Software

Here are 16 examples of diversity and inclusion tools to help you in your inclusion journey:


Ongig’s mission is to eliminate biased job descriptions. 

Ongig’s Text Analyzer software flags all types of biases such as age, race, gender, disability, mental health, etc. that you might find in your JDs. So, this is done using its built-in “Exclusionary Words” list (with over 10,000 phrases). 

Then the software offers inclusive synonyms. So, you can use them to replace any biased words. For instance, here’s an example of age bias flagged by our Text Analyzer software:

Ongig's Diversity and Inclusion Software features


  • AI writing for building inclusive job postings fast
  • Analyzes job descriptions in real-time
  • Flagging different types of bias eg race, gender, disability, LGBTQ, and more
  • Flags sections that might get you on the wrong side of employment laws
  • Remove exclusionary words with more inclusive language for different groups of employees

Lastly, check out these recruitment success stories powered by Ongig.


Ongig’s Text Analyzer’s pricing starts at $17,900 per year and is based on feature and job volume needs.

2. Applied

Applied is a behavioral-backed hiring platform that reduces bias and increases diversity in your organization. So, this tool claims to be built on 50+ years of behavioral science and research.

The software claims to help organizations source a diverse and bigger candidate pool than other major applicant tracking systems. The platform does this by helping you write inclusive job ads and tracking which job boards bring you qualified and diverse candidates.


Applied's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Remove unconscious bias in your job descriptions by removing personal candidate details such as name, education, and gender when reviewing applications.
  • Review responses from all candidates at one go instead of an individual application at a time to limit bias from creeping in.
  • Write inclusive job descriptions to attract and hire candidates of different race and gender.
  • Review live data analytics to identify where your recruitment process needs improvement.


To get accurate pricing, contact the Applied team. From their website, they have to know the volume of your hiring plans so they can create a custom quote.

3. Pinpoint

Pinpoint software helps hiring teams manage racial bias by removing details of candidates such as education history, name, location, and ethnicity during the initial screening stage.

The pinpoint software reads applicant data and then presents a redacted resume to the recruiting manager using anonymous information. So with this tool, you can easily attract and hire diverse candidates from different backgrounds.


Pinpoint's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Improve your entire recruitment process with the diversity and analytics reporting it provides.
  • Easily collaborate and communicate with your hiring team to identify areas where bias might have crept in.
  • Integration with your applicant tracking systems for an efficient diverse hiring process.
  • Anonymous application and resume review


They haven’t provided their exact pricing. So schedule a call with them to get accurate pricing.

4. Seekout

The tool helps you find and hire underrepresented talent with the software’s diversity filters. Its diversity filters feature also assesses diversity and representation within any talent pool, location, and company. 

So this helps you attract diverse talent you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.


  • Track representation across different talent pools. The tool doesn’t only help you focus on a few data points such as gender, location, and race. So, you can track representation across a wider market with more data around skills, education, job titles, and employment history.
  • The tool’s diversity filters remove the manual process of finding diverse candidates. Filter your applicants’ searches using diversity criteria such as disability status, veteran status, gender, etc.
  • Skills-based sourcing feature to help you focus on the qualifications of the candidates and not just their background and education.
  • The platform also distributes your job ads to different diverse job boards


Seekout offers three pricing plans. So, there is a Basic plan starting at $499 per month. There’s also a Pro plan starts at $999 per month. And then an Enterprise plan at $1999 per month. 

Plus to get a custom quote, book a call with them.

5. Entelo

This diversity and inclusion software helps you track down underrepresented talent in minutes. With the software’s diversity filters, search for your talent based on gender, ethnicity, race, and also veteran status. So this helps you identify qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.


entelo's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Eliminate unconscious bias in your screening stage by anonymizing personal candidates’ information that lets unconscious bias creep in.
  • You’ll get inclusive language suggestions and alerts in your recruitment emails.
  • Identify candidate diversity highlights. So, this will help you identify candidates who have championed diversity in their work. The candidates are also highlighted with a badge on the Entelo website.
  • Get diverse pipeline reporting analytics to help you identify areas you have to improve in your recruitment process


They have a free trial. So, to get the exact pricing, contact their sales team.

6. FairHire

The organization uses blind hiring to increase diversity in the hiring process. Plus it uses smart analytics supported by behavioral science to help you know where you need to improve in your diverse recruitment.


  • Remove unconscious bias in your pre-screening stage by anonymizing the CVs of your potential candidates.
  • Focus on the skills and qualifications of your candidates without focusing on their physical features and years of experience.
  • The tool provides AI analytics to help you identify bias in the interview process


The annual subscription for Fairhire starts at £60,000. And to get a custom quote, schedule a demo with them.

7. Qooper

Qooper is an employee resource group (ERG) software for helping organizations create and manage different ERG groups in their organizations. 

The tool helps you promote diversity and inclusion in your organization. It does this by connecting ERG members to build peer support and mentoring relationships through ERG Resources, Discussions, Guidance, and also ERG Meets and Greet events.


Qooper's diversity and inclusion software features

Track ERG member participation and progress to help you identify employees who are growing due to the help of the discussions. And then identify those who need support. So, the software provides you with progress reports on:

  • Career and mentorship growth outcomes
  • Employee performance and retention improvement
  • Overall growth and learning areas
  • Growth in belonging


Qooper doesn’t offer a free trial. And to get a quote, contact their sales team if you’ve seen their product can help you.

8. MeVitae

MeVitae diversity and inclusion software helps you review your diversity hiring from the attraction stage, and screening of candidates. Plus with the software you can figure out the engagement levels of your candidates. 

They also provide you with diversity reports so you can know how inclusion is helping your organization to grow. 


MeVitae's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Redaction of candidates’ personal information such as gender, race, name, location, ethnicity, etc. So, this way, you only focus on the qualifications of the candidates and not their background.
  • The tool encourages you to evaluate candidates based on the skills and experience in the job description.
  • The software is flexible with the information you want to anonymize. Therefore, this means you can decide to anonymize personal details you feel will introduce bias. Also, you get to leave out the details you know won’t introduce any bias.
  • They also offer diversity and training programs for hiring managers


MeVitae hasn’t provided any pricing on their website. So, if it’s the product for you, we suggest you schedule a demo with them.

9. Included

Included claims to be the first people analytics tool created with DEI data science, to help improve equity gap analysis and diversity recruiting.


Included's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Included helps you identify any bias in your workforce. So, this way, you identify areas where diversity might need more effort.
  • Check performance, engagement, retention, and recruitment metrics in your workforce. This helps you identify areas where you’re failing.
  • Get breakthrough visibility inside your hiring funnel. By using this feature, you’ll identify which group is falling off at either the screening, application, or interview stage. 
  • Get an automated boolean search on Linkedin for any demographic you want


Contact Included to get the current pricing.

10. Textio

Textio is a diversity and inclusion platform that focuses on helping organizations write inclusive job descriptions. 

Their job description tool, Textio Loop, checks any gendered or problematic language in job descriptions. Then it provides a score and recommendations so you can evaluate the level of inclusiveness from your job descriptions.


Tectio's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Write inclusive job descriptions that can help you recruit candidates from different backgrounds.
  • See exactly how your job descriptions appeal to different groups such as people living with disability, Asian, Black, and LGBTQ individuals.
  • Provision of DEI data to measure your inclusiveness as an organization.
  • Get a library of optimized templates and job posts so you don’t start writing everything from scratch


Textio has an annual subscription starting at $15K if you have between 1-199 employees. And if you have 10,000+ employees, the annual price starts at $62K.

11. Diversio

Diversio makes it easy for organizations to build diverse workplaces through the range of products they provide. For instance, they have a revolutionary tool called the Bias Corrector. So, it’s like a personal guide for your organization’s communication platforms like Slack.

The tool also flags any unconscious bias or cultural insensitivity in your company’s communications.


Diversio's diversity and inclusion software features
  • The tool has integrated benchmarking capabilities that empower DEI and HR teams to compare their progress against industry standards. Thus, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Diversio offers blind resume screening to evaluate candidates based on their experiences and backgrounds.
  • With their Social Barometer tool, any talks on social media about DEI practices concerning your organization are quickly brought to your attention.


Diversio doesn’t offer a free trial. So, to get a custom quote, contact their sales team.

12. Datapeople 

Datapeople diversity and inclusion software helps hiring teams write clear and inclusive job descriptions proven to attract qualified candidates and fill open roles faster. 

Plus, the tool provides you with real-time suggestions to identify the types of biases in your job descriptions. The software also provides data analytics to help you evaluate the inclusivity of your job descriptions.


datapeople's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Analyzes job descriptions for inclusivity.
  • Helps write inclusive job descriptions.
  • Provides a job score to help you know the level of inclusivity of your job post.
  • Provides recruiting insights to help you hire better.


Datapeople offers a free 3-day trial, with custom pricing based on a quotation model.

13. Clovers

Clovers is a recruitment intelligence platform designed to reduce bias in the hiring process. So, their tool finds offensive and gender-coded language in the texts of your job descriptions. 

Then they offer inclusive and neutral replacements for problematic phrases and words so that your job description can appeal to candidates of all backgrounds.

After that, you get a score to know the level of inclusivity of your job description.


  • Employ blind resume screening for all your candidates’ CVs.
  • Use unconscious bias filters to block out your candidates’ details that might make you biased.
  • They provide structured interviews that reduce the level of bias when interviewing a candidate


Clovers has pricing plans starting at $5K per year. And for enterprise plans, contact them to custom make a plan for you.

14. iCIMS

Icims is a recruitment platform dedicated to making the hiring process easy from the initial screening stage to hiring your candidates. With the platform, you can employ blind hiring to reduce unconscious bias while reviewing your candidates’ resumes.


  • Measure the impact of your DEI hiring efforts. So, with this tool, you can easily identify the stages where you’re failing. For instance, you may find that your female candidates are dropping off because of many assessments.
  • Mitigate unconscious bias by focusing on the candidates’ skills and experience and not their details.


Icims doesn’t offer a free trial. However, their pricing plan starts at $1700 per month.

15. CultureMonkey

CultureMonkey offers different tools to help you measure, analyze, and improve your DEI efforts. 

For instance, CultureMonkey’s engagement feature helps organizations send customizable DEI surveys to get honest feedback from their diverse workforce. So, this way, the organizations can evaluate and know where to improve their DEI efforts.


culturemonkey's diversity and inclusion software features
  • Get AI-based people analytics to understand the areas that need more diversity efforts. For instance, the platform easily identifies which ethnic group is more engaged in their work. And they help you understand which groups aren’t engaged and the reasons for that are provided.
  • An anonymous feedback tool to listen to what your diverse employees need.
  • Empower your managers with the tool so they can listen to their employees’ views on the level of inclusion in the company


They provide a quotation-based model. So, schedule a demo with their sales team.

16. Untapped

While Untapped platform isn’t a completely DEI solution software, it also offers features that can help you discover and hire candidates from different backgrounds. 

From their platform, you’ll manage to filter your talent pool based on demographic data, skills, work experience, and more. So, this filtering helps you know where your underrepresented candidates are falling off.


  • Provision of DEI analytics report to evaluate your hiring process
  • Benchmark your analytics reporting against other organizations similar to your size and industry. With this, easily evaluate where they are winning and what you can do.
  • Source diverse candidates from a pool of 35million plus searchable profiles


They provide a free trial. Then, you can also schedule a call to get custom packaging if you’ve seen the product can help you achieve your goals.


The importance of DEI has been rising year in and year out. And candidates say they aren’t going to work for an organization that isn’t inclusive. Therefore, tools like the ones we’ve listed above help you increase inclusivity in your company. So, we hope you find the list helpful.

Our diversity software is the best to help you write inclusive job descriptions. Book a demo today to learn how to create the best job descriptions with our Text Analyzer software. And increase the level of inclusivity in your workplace.

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