7 Best Job Description Builder Tools in 2024

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Job description Builder Tools

Do you want to create job descriptions online…that are consistent and bias-free? Here are 5 job description builder tools to help you: write more effective and inclusive JDs speed up your JD writing process create re-usable templates So you can attract top talent. Let’s dive in. 1. Ongig Text Analyzer Job Description Builder Text Analyzer… Read more »

HR Compliance: 4 Helpful Tools for You to Try

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hr compliance

Rules are important whether you’re baking a cake or hiring people. That’s where HR compliance comes into play. What is HR compliance? HR Compliance means your company follows the rules and regulations in your country, state, and municipality. So, it encompasses everything from creating JDs ( job descriptions) to company policies. It also extends to enforcing… Read more »

What is the Meaning of a Role Description?

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If your company is looking for exceptional and diverse candidates to fill a role, you first need to make a job description. Creating a well-rounded job description with a well-written (and inclusive) role description would be best to catch job applicants. But what is a role description? A role description is a dynamic document that… Read more »

The Ultimate List of Job Description Tips

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job description tips

How do you find the perfect candidates for a role? The first step to finding great candidates is to have excellent job descriptions to attract and encourage top candidates to apply. We’re here to help with this list of job description tips for crafting the best JDs. Let’s dive in! Start with your JDs Getting… Read more »

The 7-Step Process for Writing Job Descriptions

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Process for Writing Job Descriptions

What is your process for writing job descriptions? Creating well-written and inclusive JDs helps you stand out from the thousands of companies hiring and get more applicants. Here are 7 tips to add to your process for success. 1. Use concise job titles Job titles are one of the most effective ways for candidates to find… Read more »

30+ Examples of an Exclusionary Synonym

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Exclusionary Synonym

What does exclusionary mean? The term is defined in different ways. Let’s define it and look at some examples of an exclusionary synonym. What does exclusionary mean? The Cambridge Dictionary defines exclusionary as: “causing someone or something not to be allowed to take part in an activity or to enter a place.” But this still needs… Read more »

9 Top Diversity Recruiting Platforms

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diversity recruiting platforms

3 out of 4 (about 76%) of candidates say company diversity is essential when looking for jobs. But it’s not just job seekers looking at a company’s culture. A survey by Leger Marketing Inc. (on behalf of ESG Global Advisors and ACI Argyle Communications Inc.) found 68% of North American Companies have formal DEI strategies… Read more »

5 Tips for Editing Job Descriptions

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Editing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions (JDs) are often the first interaction with your company. And because first impressions last, it’s crucial to use your best content when editing job descriptions. Here 5 tips to try when you (or your team) creates JDs: 1. Use inclusive words  The Linguistic Society of America says inclusive language is: “language that acknowledges… Read more »

The Ultimate List of 40 Job Description Tools

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Job Description Tools

Inclusive, well-written job ads are your first step to attracting top candidates. But writing them is challenging, especially if you write them at scale. I’ve compiled a list of the best job description tools to help you stay on track. I organized the list into 2 tables (in alphabetical order) for easier reading. Job Description… Read more »

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment: What is the Difference? (2023)

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talent acquisition vs recruitment

Talent acquisition vs recruitment — what’s the difference? They are similar, but not the same. So, before we get into the differences, let’s take a quick look at their definitions. What is talent acquisition? Talent acquisition (like recruitment), is about finding the best people for your company, but it focuses more on your long game…. Read more »

5 Examples of Inclusive Recruiting Practices

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inclusive recruiting

Having a diverse team is good for your bottom line. Companies with a more diverse workforce experience 36% more returns than non-diverse ones. Plus, 76% of candidates and employees from different backgrounds prefer to work for co.s focused on inclusive culture.  If you want to build your DEI hiring strategy, here are 5 examples of… Read more »

100 Top DEIB and HR Influencers

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deib and hr influencers

To stay on top of the latest in HR trends, you need to follow (and get updates from) top HR influencers.  This list of 100 Top HR Influencers comes from blogs and articles featuring HR influencers who live and breathe all things HR and DEI. They are top consultants, practitioners, and authorities in their fields… Read more »