5 Top Job Description Generators [2022 Update]

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job description generator

Writing JDs takes time, especially if you’re writing 500+ a month. The good news -– there are job description generator tools that automate the process. Now you can spend your time on what matters most –– finding the best talent. What is a job description generator? The simple answer –– it’s software that creates JDs… Read more »

What is “Diverse Slate” Hiring?

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diverse slate hiring

If you want to boost diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, a “diverse slate” hiring strategy is a great way to achieve this goal. Here’s a quick “diverse slate” definition: Diverse slate hiring is a talent acquisition strategy where you start with a diverse pool of qualified candidates. And, you’ll intentionally search for (and interview)… Read more »

Job Description vs Job Posting: 3 Key Differences

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Job description vs job posting — what’s the difference? Many people use these terms interchangeably. They’re similar, but not the same. Here’s why. The Definition of a Job Description A job description is a framework for a job post. It represents all of the responsibilities for a role. When HR has an employee sign a “job description”,… Read more »

4 Free Job Description Templates for Word

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job description template word

Job description templates are a huge time saver. That’s why we built the Template Builder feature of Ongig — large employers came to us asking for software to quickly create 100’s or 1,000’s of well-written job postings per month! Without templates, they’d be slow to get the job ads out the door and many would… Read more »

7 Tools to Attract Black Tech Talent

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Black Tech Talent

93% of industry leaders agree diversity is a top priority. But, the percentage of Black tech talent is lagging. In the U.S., only 7% of the total “techies” are Black — a small number compared to Black people living in America. Currently, there are about 700,000 unfilled tech jobs in the U.S. So, if you’re… Read more »

3 Free Job Description Templates for Google Docs

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job description template google docs

Using cloud-based job description software is becoming the norm. Google Docs is one of them. I found 3 free job description templates (Google Docs-friendly) you might find helpful. But before we dive into the JD templates, let’s discuss why it’s so popular. And why other cloud-based tools might be better for your JD writing needs…. Read more »

5 Top Job Description Builder Tools [2022 Update]

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Job description Builder Tools

Do you want to create job descriptions online…that are consistent and bias-free? Here are 5 job description builder tools to help you: write more effective and inclusive JDs speed up your JD writing process create re-usable templates So you can attract top talent. Let’s dive in. 1. Ongig Text Analyzer Job Description Builder Text Analyzer… Read more »

What is Social Desirability Bias?

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social desirability bias

Social desirability bias is the need for acceptance. Look at social media if you want to see this need in action. Humans are social creatures. Belonging in a society or a group often means following (written and non-written) social norms in the way you dress, speak, and how you respond to questions. You’ve probably encountered this… Read more »

70+ Famous Adopted People [+ Celebrities with Adopted Kids]

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jamie foxx adopted

To support Ongig’s mission of celebrating everyone, I started this list of famous adopted people. They’re successful celebrities, athletes, writers, singers, former presidents & more…plus I list celebrities with adopted children. Actresses and Actors who were Adopted [+ TV Personalities and Comedians] Dean Cain. This TV personality  best known for playing the role of Clark… Read more »

7 Top Tools for DEI Analytics

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DEI analytics

How do you measure DEI analytics? Numbers don’t lie…and 67% of HR leaders agree that diversity is essential. We’ve created a list of tools that can help you improve (and track) diversity analytics in your biz. These 7 tools help you: create content to increase the % of diverse candidates you hire understand the DEI… Read more »