What is Social Desirability Bias?

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social desirability bias

Social desirability bias is the need for acceptance. Look at social media if you want to see this need in action. Humans are social creatures. Belonging in a society or a group often means following (written and non-written) social norms in the way you dress, speak, and how you respond to questions. You’ve probably encountered this… Read more »

70+ Famous Adopted People [+ Celebrities with Adopted Kids]

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jamie foxx adopted

To support Ongig’s mission of celebrating everyone, I started this list of famous adopted people. They’re successful celebrities, athletes, writers, singers, former presidents & more…plus I list celebrities with adopted children. Actresses and Actors who were Adopted [+ TV Personalities and Comedians] Dean Cain. This TV personality  best known for playing the role of Clark… Read more »

7 Top Tools for DEI Analytics

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DEI analytics

How do you measure DEI analytics? Numbers don’t lie…and 67% of HR leaders agree that diversity is essential. We’ve created a list of tools that can help you improve (and track) diversity analytics in your biz. These 7 tools help you: create content to increase the % of diverse candidates you hire understand the DEI… Read more »

10 Awesome Diversity Tools For Hiring

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diversity tool for hiring

Humans sometimes carry unconscious bias that leads to non-intended prejudice, especially when hiring people. Good news: Many diversity tools can help remove this bias (unconscious or not). Studies show diverse companies: “diverse companies enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee…inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent in high-diversity environments…companies with diverse management teams had… Read more »

10 Tools For Hiring Women and Moms

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gender writing analysis tools

Why aren’t people hiring women? A report from LinkedIn says that 13% of hiring managers are more likely to click on a male candidate than a female one, even though they might have the same experience and skill set.  This inequality also affected those who choose to become mothers. Mothers who have college degrees or… Read more »

The Top 20+ Recruitment Advertising Agencies [2022 Update]

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Recruitment advertising agencies are a core part of talent acquisition. They help employers with media buying, recruitment marketing, employer branding strategy, and more. Below is a list of 20+ U.S. agencies. It includes the largest agencies we know along with smaller ones that might focus on just a region or vertical. After all, some employers… Read more »