To write great job ads, you can use a job description tool or hire a copywriter. Here are 6 copywriters who are top of their game at writing job descriptions:

Katrina Kibben

katrina-kibben-job description writers

Katrina Kibben, CEO of Three Ears Media, is one of the industry’s pro job description writers. She and her team writes thousands of inclusive job postings for Fortune 100 companies and Mom & Pop shops. She’s also recognized by SHRM, LinkedIn, and HRCI.

Note: The next 5 job description writers are the highest-rated I found on Upwork (the most extensive freelancer hiring resource online)…AND they have a dedicated “job description writers” category. You can create an account to get access to people who rewrite job descriptions for a living.


Tina S.

job description writers | Tina S

Tina helps her clients with rewriting job descriptions and job postings. She also has experience creating or updating employee handbooks, building HR infrastructures, and improving HR processes.

Tina’s Upwork rating is 5 out of 5.


Phil O.

job description writers | Phill O

Phil specializes in recruiting for startups and can help with rewriting job descriptions. From Phil’s profile, it looks like he also does candidate screening, recruiting, employer branding, and onboarding too!

Phil’s Upwork rating is 5 out of 5.


Preston S.

job description writers | Preston S

Preston is an HRBP who loves all things HR (and making the 35% of our lives we spend working…awesome). Preston has experience in rewriting job descriptions, plus:

“Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Team Building, Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Manager/Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Relationship Building, Data Analysis, Recognition Programs, Project Management, Consulting, Process Improvement, Job Design, Employer Branding, Succession Planning, Investigations, Talent Management”

Preston’s Upwork rating is 5 out of 5.


Aimee L.

job description writers | Aimee L

Aimee offers recruitment services, including job description rewriting. Her profile says she’s worked with Google, Johnson & Johnson, Takeda, and Amazon.

Aimee’s Upwork rating is 4.7 out of 5.


Elise T.

job description writers | Elise T

Elise is a freelance HR Manager and job description writer. She’s also available for talent, employee support, or HR strategy projects.

Elise’s Upwork rating is 4.6 out of 5.

3 Agencies with Job Description Writers

Along with the freelancers above, here are 3 agencies that offer job description rewriting services (or software).

Brilliant Ink

Brilliant Ink can help make your “uninspired job ads “sing.” Brilliant Ink has job description writers that organize, streamline, and tweak your JDs, so they catch the attention of top talent.



Bayard job descriptions writers can help you tweak your job postings to reflect your company’s goals and voice. Bayard has done JD overhauls for companies like Draft Kings, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and E&J Gallo Winery.


Stories Incorporated

Stories Incorporated‘s job description writers have a unique way of creating video JDs. They craft video stories from people who work for you, highlighting company culture and what it’s like to work with your team.

Why I Wrote This?

If you want to write job descriptions yourselves you can use a job description tool like Ongig’s Text Analyzer. It flags bias, complex words, extra-long sentences plus offers replacement words and tips to improve JD language.

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