6 Ways to Debias Your Language

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If you are crafting new job postings, you might want to make your language more inclusive. I found 6 debiasing techniques that can help. Before we jump into debiasing strategies, let’s define “biased language” and “debiasing.” What is Biased Language? “Biased language includes expressions that demean or exclude people because of age, sex, race, ethnicity,… Read more »

What is a Job Function?

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What is a job function? Sounds obvious…or is it? How is job function different than job family, job title, or job role. Let’s dig in. Job function meaning What is job function? The purpose of a job function in a job posting is to give a complete description of the primary responsibilities the employee will… Read more »

70+ Famous Adopted People [+ Celebrities with Adopted Kids]

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To support Ongig’s mission of celebrating everyone, I started this list of famous adopted people. They’re successful celebrities, athletes, writers, singers, former presidents & more…plus I list celebrities with adopted children. Actresses and Actors who were Adopted [+ TV Personalities and Comedians] Dean Cain. This TV personality  best known for playing the role of Clark… Read more »

The Top 75 Questions People Have on Being Non-Binary [with Answers]

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Did you know that 220,000+ people per month search Google with a question about being non-binary? This tells me loads of people are asking Google for answers about: what non binary terms mean OR being non binary themselves OR what to call someone who identifies as non-binary Many of the non binary questions are similar…asking… Read more »

7 Top Tools for DEI Analytics

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How do you measure DEI analytics? Numbers don’t lie…and 67% of HR leaders agree that diversity is essential. We’ve created a list of tools that can help you improve (and track) diversity analytics in your biz. These 7 tools help you: create content to increase the % of diverse candidates you hire understand the DEI… Read more »

10 of the Best Career Pages in 2021 (and Why!)

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Every couple of months I search the web to find awesome, new career pages and to understand the types of content company’s use to attract candidates. Specifically, I look for things like career page design, types of images and videos used, D&I content, employer and employee branding, and more. Looking for more ideas to your… Read more »

80+ Famous Non-Binary Celebrities [Models, TikTok’ers, Actors, Athletes, Musicians & More!]

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Ongig’s mission is to celebrate all people. So, I started a list of famous non binary celebrities who’ve found success. Not only have the 80+ folx on this list achieved greatness, but many have done it in a world where some people (wrongly) judge them by their gender identity. 80+ Non Binary Celebrities Now, onto… Read more »

7+ Examples of a Bias-Free Language Guide

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A bias free language guide is an essential HR tool, especially if your goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. According to McKinsey & Co., more diverse companies are likely to outperform their less inclusive counterparts financially.  When searching for a bias-free language guide, comprehensiveness is key. A broader database, or a mix… Read more »

5 Easy-to-Use Tools for Gender Writing Analysis

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If you write job descriptions, send emails, or create social media posts to reach potential applicants…you might need a tool for gender writing analysis. These types of tools can ensure your content is inclusive and unbiased. An Appcast study of 473,742 jobs found: “Job ads with gender-neutral language result in 67.75% more applications at a… Read more »

10 Awesome Diversity Tools For Hiring

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Humans sometimes carry unconscious bias that leads to non-intended prejudice, especially when hiring people. Good news: Many diversity tools can help remove this bias (unconscious or not). Studies show diverse companies: “diverse companies enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee…inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent in high-diversity environments…companies with diverse management teams had… Read more »

40+ Famous People with Tourette Syndrome

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I found 40+ famous people with Tourette Syndrome as part of our research for Ongig’s series on neurodiversity. And, I felt inspired to list them all in one place! Disclaimer: This list includes famous celebrities with Tourette Syndrome who have been diagnosed and those who have been reported to be affected. I do my best to… Read more »

5 Examples of a Social Media Influencer Job Description [+ Popular Job Titles]

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If you’re searching for an influencer marketing job description or (top influencer titles), I can help. In this post, you’ll find: 1 FREE social media influencer job description template (just copy & paste!) 4 examples of other influencer-related job descriptions (managers, VPs, & more) 30 of the most-searched influencer job titles (by candidates & employers)… Read more »

10 Examples of Hate Speech and Human Rights Policies

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With the rapid rise of social media, people have new platforms for expression, prompting many companies to create either a human rights policy or hate speech policy (some have both — e.g., Facebook). If your company is writing or upgrading its human rights (or hate speech policy), you might be stuck on what to include…. Read more »

7+ Examples of Allyship in the Workplace

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How can you build allyship in the workplace? I found 7 examples of companies doing just that. Before we dive in, here’s what it means to be an ally at work.   What is allyship in the workplace? Being a good ally means you accept the privilege majority groups have in a professional setting and… Read more »

10 Tools For Hiring Women and Moms

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Why aren’t people hiring women? A report from LinkedIn says that 13% of hiring managers are more likely to click on a male candidate than a female one, even though they might have the same experience and skill set.  This inequality also affected those who choose to become mothers. Mothers who have college degrees or… Read more »