10 Examples of a Business Code of Ethics

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How can you show people who your company is (beyond a traditional mission/diversity statement)? A business “code of ethics” statement is a great start. Many job candidates look for your code of ethics to see where you stand on diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.   What is a Business Code of Ethics Statement? A business code… Read more »

The 1 Word that Most Often Gets Recruiters in Trouble [2022 Update]

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The word “lead” seems harmless enough, right? I use it all the time. But, lead is a “masculine-themed” word, according to a study of job ads by the University of Waterloo and Duke University (Danielle Gaucher, Justin Friesen, Aaron C. Kay). What do they mean by a “masculine” word? The study opens with this key finding: “When job advertisements… Read more »

100+ Famous Blind People [A List of Actors, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Musicians, & More!]

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This list of famous blind people is the newest addition to Ongig’s series of famous people with disabilities. These 100+ folks include successful blind entrepreneurs, leaders, actors, musicians & more. Note: This is a dynamic list and I will keep adding to it! If I missed any famous blind people, email heather@ongig.com to get them… Read more »

3 Examples of Great Diversity Employee Referral Programs

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Diversity employee referral programs are on the rise — and for good reason! Studies show that new hires who are referred are: a better fit more engaged at work less likely to quit more productive We all know employee referrals work. It turns out they work for diversity too (Pinterest women up 24%!). But you might need… Read more »

5 Examples of Racial Equity Tools

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Businesses can no longer take a neutral stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion — and neither can your recruiting technology — that’s where racial equity tools come in. More and more companies are using racial equity tools to widen and clarify their racial equity lens. For example, you can program artificial intelligence (AI) software to… Read more »

20+ Examples of VP of Talent Acquisition Titles [with DEI in them] [2023 Update]

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Vice President of Talent Acquisition titles with “DEI” in them are trending up. Here are 20+ examples I found on LinkedIn: Bank of America Merrill Lynch Pam Preston Vice President – Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity Strategy Citi Desmond Whitney VP – Sr Global Manager, Talent Acquisition Diversity Effectiveness Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Karil… Read more »

7 Examples of Elitist Language that Might Hurt your Job Ads

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Elitist language often finds its way into your job ads. And, elitism at work causes hostile working relationships. Searching Indeed, I found 100’s of examples of elitist language in job postings. I put together this list of the 7 most used, plus: Tips on how to replace them with more inclusive language 20+ variations of… Read more »

4 Helpful Tips to Avoid Disability Bias in Hiring [& Beyond]

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Disability bias creeps into your company without you even knowing. Here are 4 tips on how to avoid disability bias in hiring (and beyond). 1. Remove disability bias in job descriptions Do a quick search on Indeed or LinkedIn, and you’ll find disability bias examples in 80% of job postings. The good news is there’s… Read more »

3 Examples of Women “Hiring” a Fake Male Employee [to Avoid Bias]

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It’s a sad world when women have to “hire” a fake male employee to do their job. I found these 3 examples of women doing just that to avoid bias and improve their biz. Female Podcaster’s “fake male employee” TikTok goes viral Jandra Sutton, host of The Wildest Podcast, “hired” a fake male employee, and… Read more »

20 Examples of Gender-Coded Words in Job Ads

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I analyze 1000’s of job postings (for bias and readability) and find loads of gender coded words. They affect how candidates view your brand and decision to apply…or not. Here’s a list of 20 gender coded words I find the most. A list of gender coded words Masculine coded words in your job postings might… Read more »

7 Things I Learned from the 2021 Disability Equality Index Report

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On July 13, 2021, brands like Airbnb, AT&T, HPE, Walmart & Walgreens announced they made the 2021 Best Place to Work for disability inclusion list. This made me think… What is this list? How do you get on it? Is there a fee? How many companies made it? Can I learn something to help companies… Read more »

The 12 [Least-Offensive] Diversity Memes I found on Google

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I reviewed 100+ diversity memes and found these 12. And, if you’re looking for distasteful D&I memes, sorry, you won’t find them here (they’re not cool!) The Office diversity day memes Do you remember season 1, episode 2 of The Office? Here are a few diversity memes from that (controversial) episode: Note: If you like… Read more »

Employee Resource Groups: 5 Best Practices for You

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What Are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)? Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are internal communities where employees with common interests or backgrounds unite within organizations. They foster inclusion, offering safe spaces for connection and support, enhancing employee engagement and retention. In addition, ERGs provide professional development opportunities, including mentorship and leadership training, aiding career advancement. They also… Read more »

4 Highlights from Amazon Studios’ Inclusion Playbook (for hiring)

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On June 16, 2021, Amazon Studios released its first-ever “Inclusion Playbook” to support its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This got me thinking…will more companies create an inclusion playbook to support diversity in hiring? Time will tell! In the meantime, here are 4 highlights from the Amazon Studios inclusion playbook I found useful, plus… Read more »

25+ Impactful Juneteenth Quotes [old and new!]

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On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden signed a bill making Juneteenth a recognized federal holiday (Juneteenth National Independence Day Act). I put together this list of impactful Juneteenth quotes to honor the day and the people whose struggles paved the way to freedom for future generations. Juneteenth quotes from political leaders & activists Here are… Read more »