The Ultimate Inclusive Language List for Job Ads

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Your job ad is the first point of contact between your organization and potential candidates. Therefore, using inclusive language is vital. And first impressions do count. So it’s at this stage where you can showcase your employer brand. And set your company apart from others to attract and hire diverse and qualified candidates. But exclusionary… Read more »

Is ChatGPT for Job Descriptions the Right Choice? (2024 Update)

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It seems ChatGPT for job descriptions is the “next big thing.” But is ai-written text great for writing the best JDs? You can use it, but I recommend using it with other tools for optimizing job postings. I did a test to show you why. My first step was prompting OpenAI ChatGPT to “Write me… Read more »

5 Things to Look for in a Gender Neutral Writing Tool (2024 Update)

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Despite the hard work of activists and women in every industry, gender bias remains in the hiring process. Many hiring professionals are aware of more common forms of gender bias, like pregnancy-related discrimination. Less well-known is biased language in job descriptions. But biased language in job descriptions, like job descriptions that favor masculine-coded words and… Read more »

5 Best Custom GPTs for Job Descriptions

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The emergence of Open AI’s ChatGPT has made the jobs of many professionals, including recruiters and HR personnel, easier. surveyed 1,000 U.S. business leaders, and most revealed they use ChatGPT for hiring: 77% said it helps them write job descriptions 66% draft interview requisitions 65% respond to applicants 55% say the quality of work… Read more »

Using Multiple ATS’s Doesn’t Have to Hurt Your Candidate Experience

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If you’re using multiple applicant tracking systems, it likely hurts your pre-apply candidate experience for your company career site. It might force candidates down a path before they even know which path is right for them. For example, I know one major financial company who has 12 applicant tracking systems across 12 countries. I know… Read more »

6 Steps to Build the Best Recruitment Tech Stack

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Thanks to recruitment software, the process of hiring staff can now be more efficient. Your recruitment team no longer has to trawl through job applications and recruitment for hours on end. Specialized software streamlines the process, automating tasks and tracking the entire hiring process. In fact, 76% of companies say recruiting automation allows recruiters to… Read more »

5 Examples of a 4-Day Work Week Policy Template

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Considering offering three-day weekends and flexible schedule arrangements to your employees?  You’ve come to the right spot. In this short guide, we’re overviewing what four-day work weeks are and the benefits of implementing them. We’re also going over what to include in your four-day work week policy and some template examples to inspire you.  Ready… Read more »

15 Examples of an Awesome “About Us” Statement

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An About Us statement is a critical piece in a job posting or website. Like any content on your job pages, it’s an opportunity to sell and attract the candidate! After reviewing thousands of About Us statements through our Text Analyzer job description software, I want to share a few things in this article: What… Read more »

7 Examples of an Internal Job Posting Template [2024 Update]

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Companies want internal candidates more than ever right now. If you are drafting your own internal job posting template, these 5 examples might help (you can copy and paste for free!). Before we dive in, let’s define what “internal job posting” means. What is an internal job posting? When you recruit from your current employee… Read more »

5 Top Tools for AI Job Descriptions 

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Writing clear and engaging job descriptions is a constant struggle for recruiters and hiring managers.  And, who has the time to write them from scratch? That’s where the power of AI comes in. This post explores 5 tools for AI job descriptions that help you write JDs faster (and easier).  1. Ongig AI Job Descriptions… Read more »

5 Examples of an Excel Job Description Template [+ free downloads]

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There are hundreds of online JD templates in different formats. If you’re still for using an Excel job description template, I found 5 useful (and downloadable) examples. Before we dive in, let’s touch on why Excel remains a mainstay in some companies. Why create a job description template in Excel? (or not) Ongig recently worked… Read more »

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Job Description Management Software

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How you write, structure, brand, and market your job descriptions helps you attract the right candidates. This is where choosing the best job description software comes in. These tools make writing, editing, organizing, and approving job descriptions easier. This article will guide you in choosing the best job description management software solution for your organization…. Read more »

6 Best Ways to Use ChatGPT for Job Postings

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I’m sure you’ve thought of ways to use ChatGPT for job postings. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to optimize your job postings can help streamline and improve your hiring process. This blog highlights the 6 best ways to use ChatGPT for job postings. ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) powered by generative pre-trained transformers. Suppose you give… Read more »

10 Examples of the Best Inclusive Job Descriptions

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Having an inclusive company starts with having inclusive job descriptions. Research shows that words and phrases in your job description discourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. Some words are subtly coded as masculine like ambitious, driven, and competitive, and subtly coded as feminine like warm, supportive, and compassionate. Removing them can increase your number of applications… Read more »

9 Benefits of Job Description Repository Software

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Are you struggling to keep track of all your job descriptions? Do you spend too much time searching for the perfect template? You can resolve these challenges with job description repository software. A job description repository is more than just digital storage – it’s a powerful tool that can immensely help you improve your hiring… Read more »