7 Examples of Inclusive Job Descriptions

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Having an inclusive company starts with having inclusive job descriptions. Ready to get started? Check out these 7 inclusive job description examples for inspiration (and tips). 1. Explore an alternative to “years of experience” Listing a requirement for years of experience might intimidate some applicants. Years of experience doesn’t always mean a candidate is a… Read more »

5 Examples of an “Executive” Job Description [+1 free template]

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Executives are the face of your company. An executive job description template summarizes the scope of work, expectations, and benefits change-makers in your company can expect when filling a role. An accurate and inclusive job description helps you attract the best execs capable of driving your organizational goals. Here are 5 examples of an executive JD… Read more »

3 Tips for Creating an Inclusive Recruitment Campaign

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If you want to build a magnetic employer brand and access a large talented pool of candidates, you’ll need to focus on diversity and inclusivity. When you’re creating a new inclusive recruitment campaign, there are key pieces that improve your chances of attracting top talent. Here are 3 tips I find most useful (to help you… Read more »

25 of the Most-Used Exclusionary Words [in Job Ads]

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Exclusionary words (aka biased language) creep their way into job descriptions more than you think. To find the most used, I reviewed 10,000 real JDs analyzed by Ongig from February 19, 2021, to February 19, 2022. The most-used exclusionary words fall into these bias categories: race age elitism sexual orientation (LGBTQ+) disability former felons mental… Read more »

7 Examples of a Manager Job Description Template [+ 1 free to copy/paste]

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700+ people search for some variation of “manager job description template” on Google every month. In this blog, you’ll find: the definition of “manager” 7 examples of manager job descriptions a free copy/paste template to help you write your own manager JD Note: I ran the job postings through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software to ensure… Read more »

How Does Data Driven Recruitment Help Attract Top Talent?

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Using data driven recruitment makes you 2X as likely to improve recruiting. And 3X more likely to lower cost (and gain efficiency). Data driven recruiting tools allow you to rely on concrete numbers to shape your hiring decisions. How does data driven recruitment work? In recruiting, “data driven recruitment” means gathering and measuring prospect data… Read more »

2 Examples of an Excel Job Description Template [+ free downloads]

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There are hundreds of online JD templates in different formats. If you’re still for using an Excel job description template, I found 2 useful (and downloadable) examples. Before we dive in, let’s touch on why Excel remains a mainstay in some companies. Why create a job description template in Excel? (or not) While leading enterprises… Read more »

3 Examples of Subtle Bias [in Job Descriptions]

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Subtle bias in job descriptions is more common than you think. And it deters diverse candidates from applying for your jobs. So what is it? Subtle bias is hidden. It’s a: “discrete prejudice or preference toward a certain group, person, or thing that can drive one’s decisions and actions.”  (source: AnnualsReviews.org) It’s also another word… Read more »

3 Tools for Eliminating Sexist Language in Job Ads

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Using sexist language in your job ads might keep women or people from the LGBTQ+ community from applying. These 3 tools highlight sexist language in your job ads…and give options for replacements, so you can be more inclusive. The best part, while they find sexist language (or other biased words), they also help you craft… Read more »

6 Intern Job Description Samples [+ a free template]

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I saw that 150 peopled Googled “intern job description sample” last month. This tells me you might need help writing an intern JD of your own. In this post, you’ll find: 6 intern job description samples a FREE intern job description template to copy/paste Note: I ran all 6 examples through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software… Read more »

Top 15 Talent Acquisition Newsletters on LinkedIn

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Have you seen the new newsletters circulating on LinkedIn? Since there isn’t a search function on Linkedin for these newsletters yet, I did some research and put together a list of the biggest LinkedIn newsletters that focus on Talent Acquisition topics.  Note: Listed sorted by subscriber count (high to low). Subscriber counts and # of… Read more »

7 Tips to Remove Implicit Bias in Interviews

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White men make up around 85% of U.S. board members and execs. Despite the rise in diversity and inclusion efforts, bias still creeps into the hiring process. If you need to know how to remove implicit bias from your interviews, I found 7 ways. First, let’s define implicit bias (with some texture and examples).  What… Read more »

Diversity vs Merit — which is more important?

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Diversity vs merit…which is more important? This is a question on just about every CEO’s mind. And, some are speaking up on which they think carries more weight. In this article, we take a look at opinions from several execs and give you some texture around merit vs diversity (from their C-level perspective). Diversity vs… Read more »

6 Ways Big Brands Use “Diversity” in a Sentence

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When it comes to big brands using the word “diversity” in a sentence, it can often feel tokenized or misused.  For years, underrepresented groups have endured exclusionary treatment. But times are changing, and businesses are too. One way co.s show support for candidates (and employees) from diverse backgrounds is through their marketing language.  Here are… Read more »

7 Tips on How to Hire a Software Developer

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Do you need new ideas for how to hire a software developer? If you manage a tech recruitment team here are 7 tips to help you hire developers.  7 tips for Hiring Software Developers If your focus is hiring a software developer with good credentials, experience, and proven ability, we recommend following the tips below…. Read more »