3 Easy Steps To Write A Purpose Statement For Your (Next) Job

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One of the “5 C’s” I mentioned in past posts here at Ongig (the video job description platform) is getting from Point A to Point B in your  Career development. To do so, you need to be purposeful about your job. Here’s an easy exercise for figuring out the purpose statement of your current or next job…. Read more »

Is The Résumé Dead?

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Throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st, job search pundits have eulogized the résumé as it gives way to technology and time. Through each era, age, fad and phase, the resilient document changes and continues to lead the way for job seekers. Like the Phoenix, the résumé is dynamic,  dying thousands of fiery deaths only to rise from… Read more »

Technology Companies Spend $4,339 To Recruit You & They Find You Here

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The kind folks at Bersin Associates in Oakland, CA gave us permission to share some awesome data from their $999 Talent Acquisition Factbook 2011 authored by Karen O’Leonard. A Recruiter Makes 21% Of Your First Year’s Salary (E.g. $21K Here In SF)

What Do Steve Martin, Facebook, Google & A Rock Have In Common?

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Here are some more creative business cards/calling cards we discovered after posting A Creative Business Card Showing Twitter, Web & Email All On One Line. Thanks to Neatorama for posting this calling card from comedian Steve Martin: Here’s a simple & cool business card from Ji Lee (formerly Creative Director at Google)

A Simple Way To Keep Your Email Inbox Clean?

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Keeping up to date with your email inbox can be one of the most challenging aspects in your work. Think of how much time you spend to keep your inbox clean, or the messages that get shuffled or missed. A clean inbox takes consistency, time, and effort. In late September, we noticed an email application… Read more »

My Annual Income Increased Every Time I Did One Of These 4 Things

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Compensation is one of the “5 C’s” key to your career — no surprise there, right? But it might surprise you to find out what increased my compensation. Towards that end, I plotted my compensation over my career to figure out what caused it to go up (and down). Above is my income data from 1989… Read more »

5 Tips On Whether To Work For A Startup

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Interested in working for a startup? There’s some good chatter over on Quora on a question called “How To Evaluate Whether To Work For A Startup?” My favorite 5 tips from Quora are: 1) Your manager is vital (source: Keith Rabois, COO of Square in San Francisco)

You Won’t Believe Who Called On Thanksgiving Day!

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We were running a little late serving our turkey in the Webster household this Thanksgiving Day. It was 5:03pm by the time the turkey was carved and headed for the table. Just as we were sitting down, the phone rang. It was from an “unknown” number. Since we have family members in other countries we… Read more »

I Keep A List Of “Must-Haves For My Next Job”

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I’ve been lucky to have some awesome jobs in my life, including CEO (4 times), VP of Sales, Director of Business Development, Senior Editor and Assistant (Gopher) a couple of times. At each business I’ve been at I’ve learned that I run into awesome qualities (ones I’d like to have at every job I ever… Read more »

Leave The Cheese At Home, But Don’t Forget To Smile!

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My wife watches a show called “The X-Factor” that some of you may have heard of. One of the remaining contestants is a young teen going by the name of Astro. Although he seemed to be a talented contestant, my wife was not sold on him “because of his attitude”. I asked my wife exactly… Read more »

Is IE Dead On Hacker News?…Android Beats It 5 To 1

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We were stunned when we looked at Ongig’s analytics over the weekend — 8,000+ people had visited from Hacker News and yet only 1.1% of them used Internet Explorer (IE) (see graph and chart below). IE usually loses out to Chrome on Ongig’s regular traffic (23.4% to 33.4%), but

Hacker News Community More Powerful Than Recruiters?

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Mervyn Fealy posted a blog article on Ongig yesterday about his hunt for a job in Silicon Valley, and got a response he did not anticipate. Ongig placed a link to his article on Hacker News, thinking his story might be of interest to others in the tech community. We also thought Mervyn could get some good… Read more »

An Irish Blog: Hunting For A Tech Job In Silicon Valley

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About me Before I tell you about my experience of job hunting in the IT Mecca that is California, I guess I should introduce myself. So here goes! My name is Mervyn. I am a 24 year old, Irish, Computer Science graduate from Dublin. I majored in computer applications at Dublin City University (DCU). I… Read more »

Recruiter Spam Incoming…Phone “Blowing Up! “

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I found it amusing when a senior .Net/C# developer colleague (let’s call him “Kumar”) in San Francisco showed me his cell phone the other day: Kumar named 19 of his contacts “Spam No. __” because

Top Reasons Passive Candidates Look At New Jobs During The Holidays

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I saw my first sign of the holidays while biking down Market Street in San Francisco on October 31st. City workers were putting up the lights and snow flakes on that will don the main drag for the holiday season. Only two days later, the very first holiday catalog arrived at our house.