Is IE Dead On Hacker News?…Android Beats It 5 To 1

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We were stunned when we looked at Ongig’s analytics over the weekend — 8,000+ people had visited from Hacker News and yet only 1.1% of them used Internet Explorer (IE) (see graph and chart below). IE usually loses out to Chrome on Ongig’s regular traffic (23.4% to 33.4%), but

Hacker News Community More Powerful Than Recruiters?

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Mervyn Fealy posted a blog article on Ongig yesterday about his hunt for a job in Silicon Valley, and got a response he did not anticipate. Ongig placed a link to his article on Hacker News, thinking his story might be of interest to others in the tech community. We also thought Mervyn could get some good… Read more »

An Irish Blog: Hunting For A Tech Job In Silicon Valley

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About me Before I tell you about my experience of job hunting in the IT Mecca that is California, I guess I should introduce myself. So here goes! My name is Mervyn. I am a 24 year old, Irish, Computer Science graduate from Dublin. I majored in computer applications at Dublin City University (DCU). I… Read more »

Recruiter Spam Incoming…Phone “Blowing Up! “

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I found it amusing when a senior .Net/C# developer colleague (let’s call him “Kumar”) in San Francisco showed me his cell phone the other day: Kumar named 19 of his contacts “Spam No. __” because

Top Reasons Passive Candidates Look At New Jobs During The Holidays

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I saw my first sign of the holidays while biking down Market Street in San Francisco on October 31st. City workers were putting up the lights and snow flakes on that will don the main drag for the holiday season. Only two days later, the very first holiday catalog arrived at our house.

Jack Dorsey’s Weekly Schedule As CEO Of Both Twitter AND Square

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Fascinating CNN report on Jack Dorsey’s weekly schedule as CEO of both Twitter and Square. He told CNN he works 8 hours per weekday at Twitter and then walks 2 blocks to Square where he works another 8 hours…and each day has its own theme:

Andreessen Versus Buffett On How To Make A Good Hire

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Ongig stumbled across an archived Marc Andreessen blog posting on hiring and it reminded me of Warren Buffett’s criteria for making a good hire (which I apply to all people I do business with). I though I’d contrast their two styles here: Andreessen’s Top 3 Criteria For A Good Hire Are: 1) Drive 2) Curiosity… Read more »

eBay, Facebook, Linkedin, Spotify, And Yelp! Join Forces To Bridge The Opportunity Divide

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As unemployment levels across the United States remain high, the focus of many is on a “quick fix” to create jobs. Government officials grapple with interest rates, tax hikes, and trade tariffs to create an environment for job growth. What you don’t hear enough about is addressing the jobs that are going unfilled. In San… Read more »

A Creative Business Card Showing Twitter, Web & Email All On One Line

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I’ve been workong on Onigig (cloud software to create the best job descriptions in the world) but I also get to see cool business cards too — this is one of the most creative business cards I’ve seen in awhile —  it shows a Twitter, Web and email address all wrapped in one. It belongs to designer… Read more »

13 Questions To Ask Your Next Boss To Make Sure They’re Not A Bozo

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He who asks the most questions, wins! When the superstar (aka “A-Player”) professionals we know interview for a job, they don’t just sit back and answer the hiring manager’s questions. They turn the tables and ask the hiring manager a bunch of key questions. And if the manager doesn’t have good answers, they’re likely a bozo… Read more »

4 Ways Recruiters Learn More About You Online

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Does a resume tell the whole story of you and your capabilities as a candidate? If the answer is no, then the next question becomes: what does tell your full story as a candidate? I asked three Bay Area employers how they research potential candidates. Here are four means they use, and how they use… Read more »

Can Hackathons Automate Parts Of San Francisco’s City Government?

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I went to a Google Technology User Group meeting on Tuesday night at pariSOMA, and a town hall meeting broke out. To my surprise, there were 3 Mayoral and 4 DA candidates for San Francisco present. While a bit surprised, I quickly found myself riveted by the conversation. Hard not to when the first data points… Read more »

The 3 Reasons This Rising Star Jumped To A New Biz (For Less Pay)

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I was reaching out to some San Francisco “A-Players” last week for the “The 5 C’s Of Why An A-Player Takes A New Job” article and one rising star, Mackenzie Mee-Lee, responded right after deadline about why she joined a new business (The Lions) recently. Here are Mackenzie’s own words

A Cool, Free Way To Show Your LinkedIn Profile As An Infographic

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I found a cool tool called that lets you turn your LinkedIn profile into an infographic.

The “5 C’s” Of Why An “A-Player” Takes A New Job

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I first heard the term “A-Player” when I studied under Topgrading author Brad Smart. I took detailed notes during my workshop – after all, the legendary GE CEO Jack Welch had been one of Brad’s pupils.