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What are the top masculine-biased words used in job descriptions?

Knowing if you have masculine vs. feminine job descriptions is a hot topic these days. Most companies want to hire more women.

This week, I used Ongig’s Text Analyzer software (the tool for gender bias in job descriptions) to find out.

I had Text Analyzer review 48,246 random job descriptions from U.S.-based companies of all sizes.

Note: Text Analyzer has a proprietary masculine vocabulary library culled from social science and artificial intelligence research that flags masculine and feminine words like those shown below. 


text analyzer masculine words


Below is the list of the top 10 masculine words we found in the 48,246 job descriptions analyzed:

Top 10 Masculine Words Used in Job Descriptions

  1. strong
  2. lead — includes leader(s)
  3. analysis — includes analyze and analytical
  4. individual(s)
  5. decisions(s)
  6. driven
  7. competitive
  8. expert
  9. objectives
  10. principles

Gender-Neutral Alternatives for the Top 10 Masculine Words in Job Descriptions

Ongig’s Text Analyzer also includes gender-neutral synonym recommendations so I’ve included those in parentheses below.

  1. strong (able, proven, exceptional, sound, steady, excellent, solid)
  2. lead (head, top person, manager, run, head up, manage, steer, grow, pioneer)
  3. analysis (investigation, study, test, testing, research, data)
  4. individuals (people, team members, applicants)
  5. decisions (choices, conclusions, judgments, moves, outcomes, steps, actions)
  6. driven (passionate, inspired, energized, motivated, spirited, guided, fueled, oriented)
  7. competitive (attractive, fair, results-oriented, enthusiastic, comparative)
  8. expert (professional, pro, experienced, adept, skilled, trained)
  9. objectives (priorities, targets, goals, aims, intentions, purposes)
  10. principles (values, beliefs, rules, benefits, ideas, practices, morals, ideals, standards)

Try using the gender-neutral synonyms above for your job descriptions. That’ll go a long way towards eliminating masculine job descriptions/bias.


Why I wrote this?

Ongig is on a mission to transform job descriptions. If you want to remove gender bias in your job descriptions, and are hiring at least 100 people per year, please reach out to us about Text Analyzer. We’re happy to show you other masculine job description examples. Just click the demo request button on this page or email us at friends@ongig.com. Thanks!

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