Recruiting on a Budget: 6 Free and Paid Tips in 2024

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Attracting qualified candidates and building an effective hiring process – while keeping your recruitment costs under control – can seem like a difficult task. The reality is, however, that there are many ways you can attract qualified candidates that won’t make you break the bank. Let’s talk about recruiting on a budget. In fact, there’s… Read more »

What is “Diverse Slate” Hiring? (2024 Update)

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If you want to boost diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, a “diverse slate” hiring strategy is a great way to achieve this goal. Here’s a quick “diverse slate” definition: Diverse slate hiring is a talent acquisition strategy where you start with a diverse pool of qualified candidates. And, you’ll intentionally search for (and interview)… Read more »

What is Talent Intelligence? How Does It Remove Bias in Hiring?

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Talent within an organization is its greatest asset. The vision may be clear, and there might be adequate resources and a well-thought-out plan, but you need the right people to bring it all together. That’s where talent intelligence comes into play. However, finding the ‘right people’ these days is easier said than done. More than ever,… Read more »

6 Ways to Use AI in Recruitment Marketing

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“We’re falling behind in terms of employer branding. We need to do more.” Sounds familiar? Then, you might not understand how to use AI in recruitment. Or… “Our candidates express dissatisfaction with their candidate experience. Something has to change.” “The conversion rate from our job postings is much lower than we expected. What can we… Read more »

The Guide to Gender Neutral Adjectives [a list of 190]

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Why should you use gender neutral adjectives? Did you know they affect people’s behavior (e.g., in everyday language, interview questions, job ads, etc.)? Therefore, using them helps you avoid words that might be interpreted as biased, discriminating, or degrading.  So, here’s a comprehensive list of gender neutral adjectives to help you create more balanced job… Read more »

Hiring Gig Workers: 7 Useful Tips to Build Your Team

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The gig workforce continues to boom as organizations cope with the post-pandemic economy in recent years. There’s a skill and labor market shortage worldwide as some members of the workforce experience shifting career priorities. And that’s where it might be useful to start hiring gig workers. Many workers have embraced gig and contractual positions for greater… Read more »

10 KSA Examples to use in Job Postings [+ a free template]

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600+ people a month search “KSA examples” on Google. So I felt compelled to share some examples and shed some light on what KSA means. As your organization grows, it becomes a challenge to know what you’re looking for as you hire to expand your teams. So this leads to hiring unqualified talent. And recruiting… Read more »

Who Should Write Job Descriptions? (5 best examples)

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Who should write job descriptions in your biz? Some enterprise co.s have 17,000+ people writing JDs. Others have only a few who crank out 1,000s per week. There are also what I call editors and approvers. These people on your team might not write full JDs, but they are part of the process — or… Read more »

13 Best Strategies for Sourcing Underrepresented Talent

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Diversity is a key tenet for companies in a world that demands it. There are many benefits of a diverse workforce, from improving team relationships to encouraging innovation and improving decision-making. But despite the benefits of a diverse workforce, companies still struggle to source and retain diverse talent. For example, in the U.S. tech industry,… Read more »

Workplace Conflict: 3 Top HR Do’s and Don’ts

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Workplace conflict is an ever-present challenge when diverse teams collaborate. So, as a hiring manager or organizational leader, you will likely encounter clashes in personality and work styles. However, ignoring these conflicts can severely affect your company’s productivity and hiring efforts.   Industry reports from 2022 revealed that 73,485 workplace discrimination charges were filed in… Read more »

Top 30 Engineering Job Titles [with Descriptions]

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What are the best Engineering job titles for you and your team? I reviewed 265 Engineering titles searched for by candidates (and employers!) to find the best titles for you to choose from. This is the latest chapter in Ongig’s series called Job Titles: The Definitive Guide. In this article, you’ll find: Types of Engineering — 15… Read more »

Data-Driven Recruitment: How to Use Analytics to Improve Hiring

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Tired of spending time on long hiring processes that don’t even result in quality hires? Data-driven recruitment is the solution you’ve been looking for.  In this article, we’re sharing what data-driven recruitment is, five ways it can help hiring teams, and best practices for implementing it. Let’s get started. What is data-driven recruitment?  Data-driven recruitment… Read more »

7 Signs You Need Better Software for Job Descriptions

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Do you struggle to speed up your job description writing process? Do you find it hard to keep track of all your job descriptions? And do you end up writing biased, unreadable, and inconsistent JDs? This is where software for job descriptions comes in. Job description tools make creating, editing, modifying, organizing, approving, and publishing… Read more »

How to Create Gender Neutral Job Descriptions: 9 Helpful Tools

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Companies with gender diversity outperform companies that aren’t by 15%. So, if you want a gender-diverse workforce (and the benefits that come with it), a great first step is creating gender neutral job descriptions.    The benefits of gender diversity extend far beyond the financial advantages. Did you know that a mix of different perspectives… Read more »

7 Free Job Description Template for Word Examples

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Job description templates are a huge time saver. That’s why we built the Template Builder feature of Ongig — large employers came to us asking for software to quickly create 100’s or 1,000’s of well-written job postings per month! Without templates, they’d be slow to get the job ads out the door and many would… Read more »