5 Things to Look for in a Gender Neutral Writing Tool (2024 Update)

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Gender Neutral Writing Tool dashboard ongig

Despite the hard work of activists and women in every industry, gender bias remains in the hiring process. Many hiring professionals are aware of more common forms of gender bias, like pregnancy-related discrimination. Less well-known is biased language in job descriptions. But biased language in job descriptions, like job descriptions that favor masculine-coded words and… Read more »

15 Examples of an Awesome “About Us” Statement

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An About Us statement is a critical piece in a job posting or website. Like any content on your job pages, it’s an opportunity to sell and attract the candidate! After reviewing thousands of About Us statements through our Text Analyzer job description software, I want to share a few things in this article: What… Read more »

The 6 Key Steps for Job Description Management Software (2024 Update)

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You need an automated system for job description management to post and fill jobs faster. Here are the key steps I recommend for your effective job description management: 1) Job Description Library If you’re reading this, I’ll assume your current job description management process is not cutting it. Let’s start from the beginning… You’re going… Read more »

The 1 Word that Most Often Gets Recruiters in Trouble [2022 Update]

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The word “lead” seems harmless enough, right? I use it all the time. But, lead is a “masculine-themed” word, according to a study of job ads by the University of Waterloo and Duke University (Danielle Gaucher, Justin Friesen, Aaron C. Kay). What do they mean by a “masculine” word? The study opens with this key finding: “When job advertisements… Read more »

12 Ways to Get a SaaS Discount [from me, a software CEO]

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saas discount

Do you need a discount on SaaS software? Some salespeople are going to hate me for what I’m about to share. But I don’t sell to them. I sell to (hopefully) you. Here it is: Almost every SaaS salesperson will give you some discount if you know how to ask. I’ve been selling enterprise SaaS for… Read more »

3 Recruiting Budget Templates [with Real Samples]

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How much do companies spend on recruiting? I found very few examples of a detailed recruiting budget template on the webosphere. So, I pinged my smart recruiting friends to help guide me. Below is what I found. 3 Recruiting Budget Template Approaches Let’s start with a recruiting goal in mind. How about 500 hires a… Read more »