Wow, are you are seeing how fast job descriptions are changing these days? Fasten your seat belts as we look at 10 that are awesome — and the reasons why!

You can create job descriptions like the ones below through Ongig’s Candidate Experience Software and Text Analyzer. For tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.


If you’re interested in how cutting edge companies’ job descriptions look these days, look no further than Uber’s job description landing pages to attract drivers (after all, they are doing the largest talent rollout in history).

This is an evergreen job (they need tons of people for one role), so Uber invests a ton in such landing pages as the one below for drivers —  and there are plenty of lessons to learn. Some highlights of the Driver job description/landing page are listed below (which they do new versions of all the time):

  • Headline — They are treating the driver role as a “partner”. This reminds me of how Sam Walton referred to all Wal-Mart employees as “associates”. They emphasize in the sub-headline (note: sub-headlines are effective in advertising) that you get to “be your own boss”.
  • Hero Media — Showing an attract millennial with a nice hybrid car.
  • Benefits are Clear — They name 4 clear benefits (money, flexibility, no boss and financing on a new car).
Best Job Descriptions Uber Sample of Driver On Demand Ongig Blog


Deluxe’s job descriptions stand out for a few reasons:

  • Recruiter Contact Info — They show the name, picture, and social media links of the recruiter for each job. There is even a YouTube video of each recruiter. Millennials and other passive candidates value this level of transparency. If you have a recruiter owning your job reqs why not show them?
  • Social Proof Badge — They include a Top 100 Employer of choice award badge on every job description. Social proof is effective advertising for you every time.
  • Nearby Restaurants, etc. — They have a nifty link to let candidates see nearby restaurants, gyms, schools and airports.
Best Job Descriptions Sample Deluxe - Ongig Best Job Descriptions Sample Deluxe Ongig Blog


Glassdoor is focused on employer branding and it shows in their job descriptions:

  • Video — A corporate video is on every job description at the top.
  • Branding — They emphasize their company name, logo, and color scheme (see the green Apply button).
  • Talent Community — They include a talent community call-to-action (this is the next best thing to a candidate clicking apply).

Sampe Job Description with Video | Glassdoor | Ongig

Sample Job Description with Video Glassdoor | Ongig

Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe’s “Lead UX Instructor or Digital Designer” job descriptions could be the world’s first NFT job ad. It is attention-grabbing because:

  • Clever opener — They make a joke about “sucking at design” and tell the candidate they are short on UX designers.
  • Colorful design — The NFT job posting on Rarible uses different colors, font types and sizes, and images to grab the attention of candidates.
  • Unique job posting — They use a new and interesting way to stand out among other similar job descriptions by posting the job as an NFT that can be bid on.
top job descriptions growth tribe

J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson is an ad agency and it shows in their job descriptions:

  • Attention-Grabbing — Their job description is so different from any other job description that it will certainly stop the candidate in their tracks. If you like mental models (I do), this is leveraging the “Law of Contrast” that all of our brains react to. Show something very different and you’re bound to get a little extra look.
  • Office Pics — They include a pic of the office along with a brief description of it.
  • Bonus Content — They include a right-hand rail with some extra tiles linking off to pieces about working at JWT.

Best Job Descriptions Sample J Walter Thompson Ongig Blog

Best Job Descriptions Sample J Walter Thompson 2 Ongig Blog

We include Orange for a few reasons.

  • 3-Column Format — You don’t see that often. It’s more similar to the layout of a story in a magazine (and doing that in an ad (and a job description is an ad!) is a proven advertising technique. The candidate sub-consciously thinks they are reading an article (not an ad) — that’s good for you.
  • Video — They include a corporate video on every job description.
  • Social Proof — They include employer of choice awards.
  • Branding — The use the orange color of their logo/brand in the section headings and “Apply” button.
  • Responsive Design — Notice the second image of the job description below. That’s how it looks when you look at the job description on a tablet (it goes to single column).
Best Job Descriptions Sample Orange Ongig Blog

Here is how the job description looks on a tablet:

Best Job Descriptions Sample - Ongig

Pizza Hut

It pays to watch what big-time brands do with their job descriptions:

  • Attention-Grabbing — They use a black background while most JDs use a white background. This leverages the law of contrast in which the candidate will pause a bit longer just because the whole layout is different (note: a drawback to this approach is that light text on dark background is harder to read than dark text on light background).
  • Hero Media — They use a pic of a Pizza Hut worker (or actress). Again, folks, a job description SHOULD be a commercial — it’s an ad!
  • Color Theory — You see a log of red jumping out, don’t you. They use the Pizza Hut red in their key calls-to-action such as the job search button and the Apply Now button. If you are wondering if you’re call-to-action buttons are effective, do the “squint test” — squint your eyes and see which page elements jump out at you. Pizza Hut nails it.

Best Job Descriptions Sample Pizza Hut Ongig Blog

Best Job Descriptions Pizza Hut Sample Retail 2 Ongig Blog

Texas Childrens Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital treats its job descriptions like ads — nursing is one of the most competitive roles in the world:

  • Job Title — The job title looks more like a headline via large type and white text on red background.
  • Hero Media — Smiling people is always effective in advertising. It leverages the mental models of likability and social proof — proven winning techniques in advertising.
  • Color Scheme — They use the brand’s red consistently throughout the JD.
Best Job Descriptions Texas Children_s Hospital Nurse Job Sample Ongig Blog Best Job Descriptions Texas Childrens Hospital Nurse Sample Ongig Blog

Red Bull

Always watch what good marketers do with their job descriptions. We last wrote about Red Bull in Look What Red Bull Did with their Taleo Job Postings to Make them Awesome — it’s great to see them still innovating!

  • Hero Media — It’s stunning. And they leverage all the brand equity put into Red Bull itself which is a cool logo and color scheme.
  • Job Title Headline — They treat the job title like a headline in terms of size and color.
  • Section Headings are Creative — Otherwise dull JD sections like location, experience, skills, etc. are highlighted more like you’d expect in an editorial piece (making ads look like editorial is effective!).
  • Strong Use of “You Statements” — It’s always better to refer to the candidate as “you”(e.g. “Your Experience Includes” below) than it is to write “we”-type statements (e.g. “We are looking for experience in …”).

Best Job Descriptions Red Bull Sample Ongig Blog 1Best Job Descriptions Red Bull Sales Job Sample 2 Ongig BlogBest Job Descriptions Red Bull Sales Job Sample 3 Ongig Blog

Snack Nation

Snack Nation takes a simple but effective approach to their job descriptions:

  • Hero Video — A corporate video is the first thing you notice. They look like they’re having fun, right — that’s a key Snack Nation value.
  • Strong “You Statements” — They use a lot of you-statements (“You” have the unique opportunity, “You” love to code, “You” have a firm grasp of…, etc.).
  • Reporting To — They include who the position reports to. Do you do that? Why not? What’s more important to quality candidates than who their boss/leader will be (yet few do it)?
Best Job Descriptions Sample Snack Nation VP of Engineering Ongig Blog


Essential Elements of Standout Job Descriptions (2024 Update)

When it comes to crafting a good job description, it’s crucial to include all the essential details to paint a clear picture of the role. So, this means outlining the specific duties and responsibilities of the position, along with any required qualifications or experience. A good job description serves as a useful tool for both prospective employees and current staff. Thus, providing them with a clear idea of what’s expected in today’s world.

In addition, to ensure your job description stands out and attracts top talent, consider incorporating keywords and phrases that align with the job title and industry standards. For example, if you’re hiring an administrative assistant, be sure to include terms like “office support,” “organizational skills,” and “time management” to accurately reflect the role. Also, providing contact information and details about the company culture can help candidates determine if they’re the right fit for the position.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to tailor your job descriptions to appeal to qualified candidates. So, by including specific terms related to the job duties, minimum qualifications, and desired skills, you can attract the right person for the role. Remember, a well-crafted job description not only helps streamline the recruitment process. But it also sets the stage for a successful hire who can contribute positively to your team.

Impactful Recruitment Strategies

Crafting impactful recruitment strategies begins with creating compelling job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates. A good job description serves as a beacon, guiding top talent to your open positions by clearly outlining the essential functions of the role and the qualifications required. Therefore, by conducting a thorough job analysis and considering environmental factors, such as industry trends and company culture, you can tailor your job descriptions to attract the right candidates.

Today, it’s not just about listing job duties. You also need to paint a picture of why your company is the best fit for prospective employees. So, highlighting your organization’s values, support services, and unique selling points can set your job descriptions apart and attract top talent. Additionally, incorporating specific terms and keywords related to the job duties and qualifications can optimize your job postings for search engines and job boards. Thus, increasing visibility to qualified candidates.

So, as you navigate the recruitment process, remember that a well-crafted job description serves as more than just a list of duties—it’s an invitation for prospective employees to join your team. Start by investing time and effort into creating compelling job descriptions. In this way, you can enhance your recruitment efforts and attract the best candidates for your open roles.

Innovation in Job Description Writing

Innovation in job description writing requires thinking outside the box and finding new ways to capture the attention of potential candidates. Therefore, instead of sticking to the same old template, some companies are getting creative with their job postings, using humor, and storytelling. Some are even using interactive elements to stand out from the crowd. 

For example, rather than listing boring bullet points, an open position for an administrative assistant might be described as the “office superhero”. They’re responsible for keeping chaos at bay and saving the day with impeccable organizational skills. Does that sound more interesting?

Nowadays, job seekers are bombarded with countless job postings, and breaking traditional norms can be the key to getting noticed. Some companies are even turning to unconventional mediums, such as social media platforms or video job descriptions, to showcase their company culture and attract top talent. So, by thinking outside the box and embracing innovation in job description writing, you too can create postings that attract the right candidates. So, to do this, your JDs must reflect the unique personality and values of your organization.

Ultimately, the goal of innovation in job description writing is to spark curiosity, engage potential candidates, and inspire them to apply. So, whether it’s through clever wordplay, eye-catching visuals, or out-of-the-box thinking, breaking traditional norms can help companies stand out in a crowded job market and find the best fit for their open roles.

Diversity and Inclusion in Job Descriptions

In today’s diverse and inclusive workplace landscape, it’s essential for job descriptions to reflect these values. So start by using inclusive language and showcasing diverse representation. Addressing the importance of diversity and inclusion in job descriptions, help companies attract a wider range of candidates and foster a more inclusive environment. For example, don’t use gender-specific pronouns or terms like “manpower.” Instead, job descriptions can use neutral language like “team members” or “personnel” to ensure inclusivity.

In addition, when job descriptions embrace diversity and inclusion they attract a more diverse pool of candidates. Also, they signal to current employees that the company values and respects all individuals. So, incorporating diverse representation in job descriptions can also help combat unconscious bias and promote fairness in the recruitment process. By creating job descriptions that are inclusive and welcoming to all, you can strengthen your employer brand. This can also help you to position yourself as a leader in diversity and inclusion.

Optimizing Job Descriptions for Today’s Workforce

The workplace landscape is rapidly evolving. As such, optimizing job descriptions is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Tailoring job descriptions to remote positions is essential in accommodating the growing trend of remote work, offering flexibility and accessibility to potential candidates. Also, including search engine optimization (SEO) techniques into job descriptions can increase visibility and ensure they reach a wider audience in today’s digital age.

Moreover, reflecting company culture within job descriptions provides candidates with insight into the values, environment, and expectations of the organization. For example, highlighting remote collaboration tools or mentioning virtual team-building activities can signal to candidates that the company values connectivity and teamwork, even in a remote setting. So, by optimizing job descriptions for today’s workforce, candidates will start seeing you as forward-thinking employers. And this will also attract top talent who are the right fit for the role and the company culture.

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