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A recent look at a job description for Uber (Counsel, Regulatory LATAM in Mexico City) happened to mention a new milestone: that Uber is now in 350+ cities.

A closer look at data from all of Uber’s open job descriptions (there are more than 1,300 these days), courtesy of the Silk data visualization tool, reveals that Uber is likely the largest talent rollout in the history of business (as measured by a business’s first 5 years).

Uber is now in 364 cities in 67 countries — that’s certainly more geographically diverse than Google (in its first 5 years) and I’m hard-pressed to think of any business that built such a large geographic footprint in its first 5 years.

Note: These Uber hiring #s exclude the 160,000+ drivers (“driver partners”) Uber works with as contractors.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the breadth of the geography of Uber’s open job descriptions including some department data: