What are the optimal social media job titles?

I asked my team to help me analyze which social media titles work best. In this mini-report (the latest chapter in Ongig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide, you’ll find guidance on:

  • Social Media Hierarchy — An org chart of where social media position titles fit.
  • The 20 Most Searched-For Social Media Titles — A pie chart of the top 20 social media positions that candidates search for on Google.
  • Social Media Job Titles and Descriptions — A list of the top 10 social media job titles and descriptions that employers request.

Social Media Job Titles Hierarchy

Here’s a typical org chart of Social Media position titles. Below that are longer lists of examples of job titles for the 6 major levels of Social Media positions:

social media job titles hierarchy
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Chief Communications Officer, Head of Social Media
  • VP of Social Media – Social Media Executive, VP of Social Media Marketing, Vice President of Social Media and Brand Strategy
  • Director of Social Media – Director of Community, Social Media Marketing Director, Director of PR and Social Media
  • Social Media Manager – Community Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Content Manager, Manager Digital & Social Media
  • Individual Contributors – Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Social Media Influencer, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Analyst, Social Media Trainer
  • Entry Level – Social Media Assistant, Social Media Intern, Social Media Marketing Intern, Social Media Trainee

Job Titles for Social Media Leaders

Social Media usually reports into the marketing or communications team run by the Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Communications Officer. You won’t typically find a social media job title at the C-Level though sometimes there is a Head of Social Media title reporting into the CMO or CCO.

Examples of job titles for Social Media leaders include:

  1. Chief Marketing Officer
  2. Chief Communications Officer
  3. Head of Social Media
  4. Global Social Media Leader (Google Cloud uses)
  5. Head of Social Interactions

VP of Social Media Titles

Examples of Vice President Social Media titles commonly used include:

  1. VP of Social Media
  2. Vice President Social Media and Brand Strategy (MGM uses)
  3. VP Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Executive

Director of Social Media Titles

Here are some of the top most used director titles for Social Media:

  1. Social Media Director (this is by far the most popular director level social media title (though Lyft uses “Director Social Media)
  2. Director of Community
  3. Social Media Marketing Leader
  4. Director of Marketing and Social Media
  5. Director of Communications and Social Media
  6. Director of Social Media Communications

 Social Media Manager Job Titles

Examples of social media manager titles include:

  1. Social Media Manager (the #1 most popular social media title requested by both candidates and employers)
  2. Community Manager (Salesforce uses “Community Program Manager”
  3. Social Media Community Manager
  4. Social Media Marketing Manager
  5. Social Media Project Manager (Wells Fargo uses)
  6. Social Media Supervisor
  7. Manager Digital & Social Media (NYSE uses)
  8. PR and Social Media Manager

Individual Contributor Social Media Titles

When you get to the individual contributor level of social media positions, there is more granularity. You find more words like “InfluencerExamples of individual contributor Social Media titles include:

  1. Social Media Coordinator
  2. Social Media Specialist
  3. Social Media Analyst (Facebook uses)
  4. Instagram Brand Ambassador
  5. Social Media Influencer (or “Social Influencer” or just “Influencer”)
  6. Social Media Planner
  7. Social Marketing Strategist (Facebook uses)
  8. Social Media Content Creator
  9. Social Ambassador (or “Instagram Ambassador)
  10. Social Media Trainer
  11. Social Media Ambassador
  12. Architect of Executive Social Media Strategy (Bliss Point Consulting uses)

Entry-Level Social Media Job Titles

Examples of entry-level Social Media titles include:

  1. Social Media Assistant
  2. Social Media Intern
  3. Social Media Marketing Assistant
  4. Social Media Trainee
  5. Social Media Marketing Intern

Top 20 Social Media Job Titles (Candidates)

social media job titles pie chart

Top 10 Social Media Job Titles and Descriptions (Employers)

Below are the top 10 Social Media position titles employers request job descriptions for on Google, according to ahrefs.

I’ve included a brief description for each as well as the # of job title searches per month.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for growing a business through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The role of a Social Media Manager is to create social media content that is in line with a brand and lead social media marketing campaigns. Other tasks of the Social Media Manager include:

  • Engaging and responding to the audience
  • Establishing a social media conversion strategy
  • Monitoring all social media traffic and channels
  • Assisting with brand-focused design processes

# of job title searches per month: 2,700; Social Media Marketing Manager: 100; Social Media Marketer: 150

Social Media Coordinator

A Social Media Coordinator works with the social media team in an organization to write content for various social media channels. A Social Media Coordinator also frequently interacts with fans or followers and measures social media engagement. Other duties of a Social Media Coordinator are staying up to date on the latest social media platforms and trends, share social media data with senior management, and building a social community that elevates the brand.

# of job title searches per month: 1,100

Community Manager

A Community Manager, sometimes called a Social Media Community Manager, is a link between loyal brand followers and an organization. A Community Manager is responsible for interacting with a company’s social media audience on various platforms to build a strong following. A Community Manager researches the latest trends and uses them to actively promote a brand which can increase popularity and the bottom line.

# of job title searches per month: 1,000; Social Media Community Manager: 60

Social Media Intern

A Social Media Intern, also known as a Social Media Marketing Intern, works with the social media team of an organization in a support role to carry out social media and marketing plans. A Social Media Intern is responsible for learning about the brand and interacting with its social media audience as directed by a Social Media Manager. Other tasks of a Social Media Intern may include:

  • Researching new social media platforms and trends
  • Creating new social media accounts (i.e. Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram)
  • Create reports based on social media traffic

# of job title searches per month: 600; Social Media Marketing Intern: 150

Social Media Specialist

A Social Media Specialist is responsible for planning and implementing a company’s social media strategy. A Social Media Specialist, also known as a Social Media Strategist, manages content creation and monitors social media interaction with a goal of increasing brand awareness and potential sales. A Social Media Specialist researches new social media trends and makes suggestions for content optimization.

# of job title searches per month: 350; Social Media Strategist: 250

Social Media Director

A Social Media Director leads the efforts of a social media team. Also called a Director of Social Media, the Social Media Director is responsible for =

  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of social networks
  • Promoting the brand
  • Monitoring content and responses on social networks

# of job title searches per month: 250; Director of Social Media: 50

Social Media Assistant

A Social Media Assistant works with social media and marketing leaders to effectively manage an organization’s social media presence. A Social Media Assistant may be tasked with various different projects to help promote the brand socially. Some of these tasks include:

  • Setup and organize social media accounts
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Research content
  • Create a content calendar
  • Write social media copy
  • Monitor and reply to comments (including Facebook Ads comments)
  • Generate social media reports

# of job title searches per month: 150

Social Media Consultant

A Social Media Consultant in generally a self-employed contractor that works with businesses to promote their brand on social media. A Social Media Consultant analyzes existing social media engagement and recommends new ideas, social media platforms, or content. Other tasks of a Social Media Consultant are account creation, social media training, and social media strategy planning.  A Social Media Consultant either offers social media services to any type of client or may specialize in a specific industry or niche.

# of job title searches per month: 90

Social Media Analyst

A Social Media Analyst looks at the data behind social media campaigns. Typical tasks of a Social Media Analyst include creating SEO strategies and reports, monitoring traffic on social media platforms, and analyzing user engagement. A Social Media Analyst looks at click-through rates, bounce rates, numbers of followers, and the amount of interaction on a business’s posts to create reports and make recommendations for improving social media growth.

# of job title searches per month: 70

Social Media Content Manager

A Social Media Manager manages and develops content for an organization’s social media channels. A Social Media Manager works directly with copywriters and graphic designers to create social media content for a brand or business. A Social Media Content Manager leads the creation of content for different social media platforms and monitors audience activity to look for ways to improve content for future social media campaigns.

# of job title searches per month: 50

Creative & Funny Social Media Titles

We found these other funny/creative titles for social media managers after scouring the web:

  • Social Media Sith Lord
  • Social Solutionist
  • Social Mediaholic
  • Social Talent Optimization Strategist
  • Social Solutionist
  • Dynamic Social Integrator
  • Social Media Rockstar
  • Community Wizard
  • Executive Social Media Architect
  • Social Media Engager
  • Social Inventor
  • Community Management Pro
  • Superior Social Tactition
  • Social Visionary
  • Community Operator
  • Social Media Composer
  • Social Performer
  • Social Marketing Guru
  • Conversation Manager
  • Tweeter
  • Social Marketing Originator

Check out 100+ Creative & Funny Job Titles [by Department & Position] for creative titles for departments outside social media.

Thank you, Social Media Title Experts!

In addition to the sources cited above, special thanks to these experts on social media titles:

  1. Sprout Social for their article called Social Media Manager
  2. Andrew Grojean’s article on What is a Social Media Coordinator?
  3. Corrine McGinley for her article on Community Managers: What They Do & How to Be a Great One
  4. Jessica Palmeri for her article on The Good, Bad, & Ugly Approaches to Working With a Social Media Intern
  5. Connor Gillivan for his article on 19 Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For

Why I wrote this?

My Ongig team and I share this research on Social Media job titles to help you optimize your own titles. This supports our mission to transform job descriptions. Check out Ongig.com to learn more.

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