10 Attractive Job Posting Examples

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Job postings are essential to any company’s online recruitment strategy. They are often the final page online candidates see before applying, so they need to look good and have great content. Today I’ve put together a list of 10 attractive job posting examples that should give you some fresh and creative ideas. Note: I’ve made this… Read more »

10 Best Career Page Examples [2020]

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Your career page is the front door for your online candidates. When candidates knock on your door, will they be greeted with something creative or something boring? If your answer is the latter, you might want to give your career page a makeover. Check out this list of 10 career page examples of employers we’ve… Read more »

5 Impressive Diversity Pages (and Why!)

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Looking to revamp your diversity recruiting strategy? A great place to start is with your diversity page. After combing through 200+ diversity pages I found 5 that caught my attention and stood out the most. But first let’s define a diversity page. What is a diversity page? A diversity page is a page on your… Read more »

5 Examples of Modern-Looking Job Descriptions

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Companies use a wide spectrum of job description designs and layouts. Looking for a more modern job description design template to implement? Check out these 5 modern-looking job descriptions that clean, sharp, and crisp.   ADP Feature Image: Smiling employees always work! 2 options for candidates up top: Apply Now: The only navy blue button… Read more »

10 Examples of the Best Career Sites (2020)

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On a mission to build one of the best career sites? I put together a list of 10 company career sites that do a great job with: Employer Branding — Pictures, videos, values, benefits, employee content, and employer of choice awards Career Page Design — Color scheme and page layout Content/Copy — Headline, Sub-headline, career… Read more »

5 Engaging “Work From Home” Microsites

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COVID has accelerated the shift from office to home. With workplaces closed, working from home has become the new norm. A look at Google Trends shows that the keyword “work from home jobs” is being searched more than it ever has in the past month:   To keep up with the fast-changing times it’s a… Read more »

5 Examples of Awesome Employee Testimonials & Content

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Employees are one of your biggest assets in recruiting. That’s why the best career sites feature an employee testimonials/branding section. Did you know: “Candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.” – Career Arc Employee reviews are social proof that helps persuade others… Read more »

10 Examples of Creative Job Ads (2020)

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Looking to improve your job ads? I put together a list of 10 examples of creative job ads for inspiration. And now, during this COVID crisis, it’s a great time to audit your job description text and turn it into a compelling job ad. You’re bound to find some great ideas from the job ad examples below:… Read more »

The 5 Best-Looking Job Posting Sites for Employers

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Job ads on job posting sites (aka job boards) are starting to look a lot better. Job posting sites are broadening the range of content you can add to job ads including: Images Video Branding Job Posting Design Here are 5 job posting sites that give you the best ability to create awesome looking job… Read more »

Top 6 Augmented Writing Tools for Job Descriptions

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Augmented writing has taken off and employers have taken notice. You could hire a copywriter to write your job descriptions but wouldn’t you rather give your ENTIRE hiring team (recruiters and hiring managers included) an augmented writing tool? One of the biggest challenges is writing job descriptions that are gender-neutral and free of other bias…. Read more »

10 Incredible Career Page Examples in 2020

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Your career page is your front door for digital recruiting. It’s where you catch the attention of candidates and engage them. The 2 top-level factors you want to consider are: Career page design Career page content These 2 factors are something all 10 career page examples (below) do a great job with. Let’s dive in:… Read more »

5 Creative Job Posting Ideas

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Job postings are getting competitive. Companies are investing more in them and it shows. Here are 5 creative job posting ideas to help attract and engage candidates. 1. A Day In The Life AT&T’s job pages are expansive. If we took a screenshot of the whole job page it would span this whole post. They… Read more »

10 of the Best Job Descriptions in 2020

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If you’re looking to revamp or create new job descriptions, check out this list of the best job descriptions we’ve seen in 2020. We also highlight things that we like including design, employer branding content, layout, and more! So let’s get to it:   Commvault Hero Image — Team picture collages give the page a… Read more »