Below is a list of 15 recruitment marketing platforms used by 500 U.S.-based employers that Ongig tracks.

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Our list of 15 recruitment marketing tools includes only the software that Ongig can track and verify.

For example, the screenshot below is the HTML code of the career site for American Airlines. You’ll notice the highlighted terms like “csb”, “j2w” and “rmk” — those are all indications that the American Airlines career site is powered by a solution called CSB (formerly known as Recruiting Marketing (rmk) and Jobs2Web (j2w).

Recruitment Marketing Software HTML code example

We chose 500 companies because that’s the extent of the employers we currently track. Most of the 500 are Fortune 500-sized companies or high-growth companies we believe are on their way to the Fortune 500.

Disclaimer: There are many terrific recruitment marketing software solutions that do not know how to track via HTML code.  Those include Ongig competitors Textio, TapRecruit TalVista and Beamery. 

Below is the list of the 15 recruitment software tools we do track along with screenshots of sample clients.

15 Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Radancy (formerly TMP Worldwide)

Radancy’s Career Sites product (formerly Talent Brew) is a recruitment marketing platform that helps you build your career site.

Some Radancy clients include T-ROCUPS, Walgreens, DHL, and Target.

Radancy career page example

troc career page

Radancy job page example

talentbrew job page

CSB (aka J2W/RMK) (by SuccessFactors)

Recruiting Marketing is an SAP solution that allows you to better distribute and market your jobs in order to attract select the best talents.

Some CSB clients include American AirlinesKroger, TJXXPO Logistics, and Lear.

Note: We’ve only seen this platform used in combination with the SAP SuccessFactors applicant tracking system.

J2W/RMK career page example

successfactors j2w rmk career page

CSB/lJ2W/RMK job page example

successfactors rmk j2w job page

Symphony Talent (SmashflyX)

Symphony Talent is recruitment marketing and talent acquisition software to manage candidate relationship management, recruitment advertising and career site tech.

They acquired both Findly (in 2016) and Smashfly (in 2019).

Some Symphony Talent clients include Hilton Grand Vacations, CVS Health, PwC, QVC, and JPMorgan Chase.

Symphony Talent career page example

symphony talent career page example

Symphony Talent job page example


Phenom is a talent experience management platform.

Some Phenom People clients include General Motors, Hilton Worldwide, Microsoft, and Kohl’s.

Phenom career page example

phenom people career site

Phenom job page example

phenom people job page

Careerbuilder Recruiting Solutions (

Careerbuilder Recruiting Solutions (specifically Talent Network) optimizes career sites. They design them to build a candidate pipeline & automatically keep members engaged with open positions.

Some Careerbuilder Recruiting Solutions clients include Circor International, GameStop, and Volt.

Careerbuilder Sourcing Solutions career page example

careerbuilder sourcing solutions career page

Careerbuilder Sourcing Solutions job page example

careerbuilder sourcing solutions job page

iCIMS Talent Cloud (formerly Jibe)

iCIMS Talent Cloud helps you attract job seekers with compelling career sites and recruitment marketing solutions.

Some Talent Cloud clients include FedEX, Petsmart, Comcast, Marriott, Johnson & Johnson.

iCIMS Talent Cloud career page example

jibe career site

iCIMS Talent Cloud job page example

jibe job page

Select Minds (by Taleo)

There’s not much out there on Select Minds itself. The backstory is Oracle acquired them in 2012. While we haven’t seen a specific product name from Oracle/Taleo, we do see the select minds URL referenced in the source code of their clients’ career site.

Some Select Minds clients include Ernst & Young, Genesys, Western Digital, PPG Industries, and Experian.

Note: We’ve only seen Select Minds used in combination with Taleo applicant tracking system.

Select Minds career page example

taleo selectminds career page example

Select Minds job page example

taleo selectminds job page example


Ongig is a recruitment marketing platform that focuses on job descriptions. Create an awesome talent experience with Career Site Builder and enhance job description text with Text Analyzer.

Some Ongig clients include Yum! Brands, GoPro, Elastic and Anixter.

Ongig career page example

ongig career page example

Ongig job page example

ongig job page example

Talemetry (by Jobvite)

Talemetry helps optimize your talent operations with fully integrated CRM, job posting, career site, and apply solutions.

Some Talemetry clients include CDW, Exelon, Ascension, Ocwen Financial, and Anthem.

Talemetry career page example

talemetry career page example

Talemetry job page example

talemetry job page example

Recruit Rooster (by Direct Employers)

Recruit Rooster is a recruitment marketing solution tailored to give you the flexibility you need to tell your brand’s unique story.

Some Recruit Rooster clients include Dow Jones, HD Supply, Alaska Air Group, and Hertz.

Recruit Rooster career page example

direct employers career page

Recruit Rooster job page example

direct employers job page example


Avature’s Career Sites enhance your employer brand and create a personalized experience for candidates.

Some Avature clients include Tesla, Mondez International, Xerox, Nike, and KPMG.

Avature career page example

avature career page example

NAS Recruitment

Nas Recruitment hangs their hat on recruitment innovation. They specialize in employment branding, career site tech, and recruitment marketing strategies.

Some Nas Recruitment clients include Big Lots, Ross, Olive Garden, and Advisor Group.

NAS Recruitment career page example

nas recruitment career page example

NAS Recruitment job page example

nas recruitment job page example provides the tools you need to create a career site that gives you recruiting results you want.

Some clients include Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Carpenter Co, Pilot Flying, and ExtraSpace Storage. career page example

recruiting com career page example job page example

recruiting com job page example is (as they call it) a Talent Intelligence Platform. Their Talent Experience feature gives you the power to personalize your career site with job match, chatbot, and other recruitment content.

Some clients include Conagra Brands, Postmates, and NetApp. job page example

eightfold ai job page example

Clinch Talent

Clinch talent is recruitment marketing software that gives you the ability to put any type of content on your career site.

Some Clinch Talent clients include Eventbrite, Pinterest, and Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Clinch Talent career page example

clinch talent career page

Clinch Talent job page example

clinch talent job page

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