Job postings are essential to any company’s online recruitment strategy.

They are often the final page online candidates see before applying, so they need to look good and have great content.

Today I’ve put together a list of 10 attractive job posting examples that should give you some fresh and creative ideas.

Note: I’ve made this table of contents/shortcut below for you to get to specific job postings faster.

Job Posting Examples:


  • Media: A slideshow of authentic team images (no generic stock pics here!)
  • Content for Candidates: Right-hand rail links off to engaging content about Elastic (Life @ Elastic)
  • Talent Community Opt-In: If you don’t convert the candidate into an apply make sure you have an email opt-in so you can at least get them into your talent pipeline.
elastic job posting


  • Headline: The job title font size is giant! Catches your attention, right? Headlines like a newspaper/magazine article are usually effective.
  • Media in Right-Hand Column: The picture gives the candidate an eye-break from the text of the job description.
  • Location Info: The right-hand rail also offers up extra info about the location of the job (another reason for the candidate to engage).
t-roc job posting example

Dominion Energy

  • Employee Video: Dominion starts off their job posting with a “day in the life” employee video.
  • Top 3 Reasons to Work: Doesn’t go crazy in-depth but is at the top of the job posting and one of the first things you read.
  • Employer of Choice Awards: Dominion also showcases their employer awards, which we recommend doing if you have them.
dominion energy job posting


  • Feature Image: Parexel’s feature images have a cool timeline functionality and also scrolls through 6 different employees.
  • Job Search: The job search bar at the top of every job posting makes it very convenient for candidates to search for more jobs.  They don’t have to find or retrace their steps back to a job search page.
  • Recruiting Content: The right-hand rail consists of content including location info, employee stories, and values. Parexel does a great job including Diversity and Inclusion content as well.
parexel job posting


  • Awesome Branding: A Nice employee picture to start off. The simple white background makes elements with Walmart colors (blue and yellow) pop.
  • Job Description Format: Consistent all around. Headers are a distinct size and color (blue), regular text is readable with a nice mix of bullets, lists, and paragraphs to break up the text.
  • Candidate FAQ: A great idea for job postings. The dropdown answers make efficient use of the space.
walmart job posting

Whole Foods

  • Feature Image: Cool feature image of 3 different positions (in-store, corporate, warehouse).
  • Job Description Format: Great use of bulleted lists, it would look a lot more daunting if those lists were in paragraphs.
  • Benefits/Perks and Values: A creative bottom of the section has a list of benefits/perks with cool little visuals.
whole foods job posting


  • Branding: Hunkemoller’s unique brand colors make for an appealing job posting.
  • Big Apply Area: It’s not just a button it’s the whole upper right portion of the page. I like this method to apply,  just 4 quick fields, and resume upload.
  • “Become Our Next”: Cool headline with a unique font.
hunkemoller job posting


  • Branding/Theme: Notice Signify has a specific theme throughout the page. Nice and simple color scheme and also a very distinct font.
  • Auto-Scroll to Sections: Right below the feature image you see “Description, The deal, and Life at Signify”. Clicking on those words will send you to that specific part of the job posting.
  • Employee Testimonial: Candidates want to hear from employees so it’s always smart to feature these on your job postings.
signify job posting


  • Highlighted Words: A creative and unique way to emphasize keywords within job descriptions.
  • Second-Person Writing: “Your expertise…”, “You Are…”. You can tell the job description text is well thought out and reads great.
  • “Be part of the journey” Video: Cool animated video that is a little over a minute long. Adds a nice touch at the bottom of the job posting.
carmax job posting


  • Expandable Job Description: A creative feature that keeps the job page shorter and less imposing. A lot of candidates will just leave if they see a long-winded job description.
  • Job Posting Design: Different than your average job posting with a cool middle section about afni and job location.
  • Employee Testimonial and Perks: We can’t say it enough, testimonials and perks are some of the top things candidates want to see.
afni job posting


Why I Wrote This

Job postings play a big role in the recruitment of new online candidates. Ongig’s Career Site Builder helps employers create job postings that attract and engage candidates.

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