If you need a better way to control your job descriptions, a new market is emerging for job description management software.

We expect Gartner Group, Forrester, IDC  and other top tech research houses to soon categorize this as “the job description software” or “job description management” market.

Here are the 10 main job description management software solutions we’ve run across in talking to HR leaders:

1. Ongig Job Description Software

What Is It?

Ongig job description software helps you eliminate boring and biased job descriptions at scale…and fast! Ongig’s focus is more on attracting talent. If you’re strictly looking for compliance/grade level/pay scales type of data, the other solutions down below might be a better fit.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Centralized repository for job descriptions
  • Template Builder — Utilize easy 4-step templates to speed up job description writing.
  • Section Finder — Ability to have fixed or flex fields for Requirements, Responsibilities, About Us, EEO Statement, Salary & Benefits, etc.
  • User Management — Have unlimited users with different user privileges (such as Editor, Editor+, Administrator and Auditor).
  • Bias Detector — Our Text Analyzer gives recommendations on words to use to eliminate bias and tighten up your job ad copy (including gender bias, racial bias, ethnicity, disability, neurodiversity, age, elitism, mental health and more)

Ongig Job Description Software Pricing

Ongig pricing ranges from  $11,900 to $219,00 per year depending on job volume. Please request a demo to get an exact quote.

managing_job_description_writing___Ongig job description software library | Ongig

2. JDXpert by HRTMS

What Is It?

Job description software that allows you (employers) to create, manage and store their job descriptions.

JDXpert also acts as a central hub and source for all job data.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Allows you to assign roles and admins throughout process of creating job descriptions.
  • Stores all of your job descriptions and gives you access to the history of all changes to your job descriptions over time.
  • Allows you to create consistent looking job descriptions.
  • Lets you easily compare any two job descriptions, or any two versions of a job description. It highlights the differences between them and what info has been added or deleted and identifies who made each change.
  • Job Title Recommender

Check out JDXpert versus Ongig for a comparison of the two job description management tools.

JDXpert Job Description Software Pricing

We’ve heard from some folks around the industry the investment is around $8,000 per year.

For more JDXpert pricing details visit their website.

JDXpert job description management software

3. JDMS by Hrizons

What Is It?

JDMS is focused on making the process of job description management simple and easy.

They help you create a job description library and integrate that job description library and content within HCM systems.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Synchronize job content with HCM technologies (applicant tracking systems, etc.)
  • Easily maintain job description library without administrative burden.
  • Develop & standardize job descriptions.
  • Job description comparison allows employers to see differences.
  • Utilize job description workflows, version control and role-based permissions

Hrizons JDMS Pricing

We talked to someone who demo’d Hrizons JDMS and they said the investment was $30,000 per year.

Visit their website for more in-depth pricing details.

Hrizons job description management software

4. CompetencyCore by HRSG

What Is It?

HRSG is job description software that makes the process of creating job descriptions easier and painless.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Allows you to use content from an ever-growing bank of job descriptions and competencies.
    • CompetencyCore’s extensive library allows you to pick and then customize the description to fit the organization.
  • Manage feedback and input from colleagues and stakeholders with purpose-built job description validation tools.
    • Solves the confusion of having multiple job description drafts.

HRSG Job Description Software Pricing

As with JDMS we talked to someone that demo’d HRSG and they said they were quoted $6,000 per year with $2,000 setup fee.

For more HRSG pricing details visit their website.

HRSG job description management software

5. Descriptions Now by Insperity

What Is It?

Descriptions Now is an easy-to-use job description generator.

You use the job description generator for formatting and structure, then customize/adjust those job descriptions for their company.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • The job description wizard gives step-by-step guidance that automatically populates job details.
  • Employment ad writer designs a performance review workflow and experience that best fits your organization.
  • Have a place to save and organize job descriptions
    • No need to worry about the infrastructure upgrades and lengthy deployment timelines

Insperity Descriptions Now Pricing

Investment for the software is $258. They are more affordable than the others listed, but more focused on creating job descriptions than managing them. Visit Insperity Job Descriptions for more details

insperity job description management software

6. Job Description Manager by SHRM

What Is It?

Job Description Manager lets you create, maintain and organize job descriptions online without any software downloads.

They also provide a library of more than 2,400 customizable job descriptions.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Quickly and easily create your job descriptions library, accessible 24/7 from any computer, anywhere.
  • Add, edit, delete or reorganize your job descriptions online without any software downloads.
  • Easily share job descriptions and get reviewers and approvers’ feedback online.
  • Download and print or even e-mail your job descriptions”the choice is completely yours!

SHRM Job Description Manager Pricing

Investment is $360/month per user. They also have a yearly subscription but you’ll have to visit their website and contact them for a quote.

SHRM job description manager software

7. Job Description Manager by PayFactors

What Is It?

Payfactors is a cloud-based compensation management software, but they also a Job Description Manager tool within the software.

Their Job Description Manager is a central location for writing, approving, publishing, and storing all job descriptions.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Load in existing descriptions, or access their library of over 5,000 jobs to build a new job description.
  • Bulk editing lets employers seamlessly make changes across associated descriptions.
  • Routing quickly gets content to the right person, and workflow history shows every edit made.

PayFactors Job Description Manager Pricing

Visit their website and request a demo for pricing details.

We’re not sure if you can purchase the Job Description Manager separately.

8. Job Description Manager by HR Hero (BLR)

What Is It?

HRBLR’s job description manager provides an easy process to select from over 2,000 customization job descriptions, complete with salary data.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Create a professional job description in under 5 minutes, customizable to your needs
  • Create your own personal job description library.
  • Define your team, including multiple reviewers and approvers
  • Ensure efficient communication, and a smooth running process through email notifications
  • Streamline changes with the ability to edit with your team directly in the Job Description Manager
  • Gain quick status updates with date/time stamp updates

HR Hero Job Description Manager Pricing

Visit their website and request a demo for pricing details.

They also have a free trial for employers to try out.

HR Hero job description manager

9. CompAnalyst Job Description Management

What Is It?

CompAnalyst’s job description software helps you source, hire, evaluate, and promote the right talent by empowering stakeholders to take an active role in job description creation and management.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Centralize storage of job descriptions so they are accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Build customized templates to reflect the structure and content of your organization’s job descriptions.
  • Enable line managers and others in the organization to participate in the process of building and reviewing job descriptions.
  • Access the CompAnalyst library of more than 4,000 job descriptions and key competencies*
  • Maintain a complete history of changes to each job description.
  • Export job descriptions to print-ready PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

CompAnalyst Job Description Management Pricing

Visit their site.

10. SkyHive Job Description Management Software

What Is it?

SkyHive’s job description software uses machine learning and statistical analysis of job-related data to automate job description creation.

Key Job Description Management Features

  • Create job descriptions that are accurate to real-time labor market conditions
  • Use skill-centric intelligence to build out job profiles
  • Removes inherent bias that exists in traditional job profiles

SkyHive Job Description Management Pricing

Visit their site for a demo and pricing.

Note: This article excludes job description software such as Textio, Talvista and TapRecruit that specializes in augmented writing and not solely in job description software.

Why I wrote this?

Job description management software is an important process within Talent Acquisition and a lot of employers are looking for a solution.

We hope this list helps you find the right job description software for your organization!

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