Your job postings are a key piece of your recruitment strategy. And if you’re a Taleo client there’s a good chance you’re considering enhancing your job postings.

The top-level goals of your job postings are to:

  1. Attract the candidate
  2. Engage the candidate
  3. Convert the candidate

With these goals in mind, you’ll want to look at your Taleo ATS job postings through a marketing scope.

  • Are your job postings modern (e.g. do they include hero media like an image or video?)?
  • Are you visually branding your job postings (logo, color scheme, header/footer, etc.)?
  • Are you utilizing recruiting content and information that candidates want to read about (i.e. salary, benefits, locations, maps) to increase candidate engagement?
  • Are you getting creative with your job postings and doing what other employers aren’t?

What is Job Page/CSS Overlay for Taleo?

A job page overlay is a custom design layer Taleo clients put over their default Taleo job pages to create new, more attractive pages for candidates to view.

taleo ats job page overlay

Let’s look a “before and after”.

The “Before” Taleo Job Page

taleo job page before overlay

Taleo Job Pages “After” Customization/Overlays (2020)

Waste Management

taleo ats job page overlay waste management


taleo ats job page overlay Gap

Citizens Bank

taleo ats job page overlay citizens bank


taleo ats job page overlay UPS


taleo ats job page overlay Nike

Taleo Job Pages “After” Customization/Overlays (2017)


 Kindercare Taleo ATS Job Page

Pitney Bowes

 Pitney Bowes Taleo ATS Job Page


 Conduent Taleo ATS Job Page

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Taleo ATS Job Page - Ongig

How To Enhance Your Taleo ATS Job Postings:

  • Use a recruitment marketing platform that focuses on job postings. Platforms like OngigPhenom PeopleSmashflyTalentBrew and others make it easy to design, edit, and optimize job postings regardless of applicant tracking system.
  • Hire a web design/developer agency. They often aren’t focused on job postings but have all of the capabilities to complete candidate experience to your exact specifications. Make sure to have a long-term plan for maintenance.
  • Use developers that are in-house. The biggest investment here will be the time of your tech team. You’ll need a one-time build of the Taleo overlay and maintenance over time.

For more tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.

Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s Career Site Builder transforms job pages so you don’t have to settle on Taleo- (or other ATS-) generated pages to attract talent. Request a demo if you want to learn more.

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