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All candidates are influenced by the core design concept of “contrast”. That’s why before-and-afters are so effective in advertising!

If you’re one of the many Workday ATS clients (see Ongig’s free Top 100 ATS Report you might be frustrated with the “before” look of your job description (without software/design customization).

The “Before” Workday Job Page

Here’s how an “out of the box” Workday client’s job page might look:

Workday ATS Job Page Default


5 Workday Job Pages “After” Customization/Overlays

You can instead add an “overlay” to your Workday ATS job pages with some custom software development and design.

Here are 5 examples of awesome job page overlays used by Workday ATS clients:

1) Phillips

Workday ATS Job Page Overlay - Phillips


2) McAfee

Workday ATS Job Page Overlays - McAfee


3) AstraZeneca

Workday ATS Job Page Overlay - AstraZeneca


4) Paypal

Workday ATS Job Page Overlay - Paypal


5) Booz Allen Hamilton

Workday ATS Job Page Overlay - Booz Allen Hamilton

3 Options for Adding Overlays to your Workday Job Pages

Workday customers need to do custom front-end software development (CSS-oriented) to get most of the “rich content” on your job pages.

If you don’t have internal developers and designers to customize Workday, another alternative is to use a job description marketing platform like Ongig. A third alternative is that you could hire a marketing/ad agency.

If you like the concept of “ATS Overlays for Job Pages’, we also wrote these 3 articles:

Request a demo of Ongig if you want help transforming your Workday job pages.

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