Every couple of months I search the web to find awesome, new career pages and to understand the types of content company’s use to attract candidates.

Specifically, I look for things like career page design, types of images and videos used, D&I content, employer and employee branding, and more.

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Now it’s time to share 10 of the best career pages I found this go-round. I also share my 3 favorite things about each career page. 

Appfolio Career Page

  • Fun Employee Feature Pic — Great action shot of employees to lead off the career page.
  • Up-To-Date Employer of Choice Awards — Employer of choice awards are important for social proof. What’s even more important is that they’re up to date. Many career pages feature out of date awards (I still see some with 2015, 2016 awards).
  • Rotating Employee Testimonials — These should be a career page best practice. Appfolio presents them in a cool way that allows candidates to scroll through multiple testimonials. 

appfolio career page

Gamesys Career Page

  • Prominent Job Search Field — The job search is the main element above-the-fold. This makes it clear what you want the candidate to do. 
  • Leverage Popular Brands — You never know what candidates are fans of. They could be a big fan of one of your brands which would make your company a more attractive prospect. 
  • D&I/Pride Section — Cool rainbow colored section that is hard to miss without taking a good look. It also link off to an awesome Pride Week blog post. 

gamesys career page

Paramount Career Page

  • Awesome Feature Pic — Fun employee pic (looks like they’re on the set of a movie) accompanied with a quick quote from the employee photographed.  
  • Internship Content — If recruiting interns is important to you, you should have a section dedicated to them. Paramount does this and also links to a page with a full breakdown of their Internship program. 
  • Programs/Initiatives — Initiatives are internal campaigns with the goal of improving an organization’s work environment and company culture. It’s important to share these with your candidates and could also help convert them. 

paramount company career page

SoFi Career Page

  • Nice Feature — A very colorful feature pic that catches your attention off the bat. 
  • Leadership Quote — Bring personality to your leadership and let candidates get a feel for them. It doesn’t have to be something long form, but does have to articulate views of leadership, mission, and culture. 
  • Employee Testimonials — This isn’t the last time you’ll see me highlight this. It brings personality and perspective of employees other than leadership. 

sofi career page

Splunk Career Page

  • Career-Specific Header Navigation — This helps get candidates to where they want to go faster. It also helps candidates find career content that might not have been found without taking an in-depth look. 
  • Quick Links to Specific Set of Jobs — When candidates enter your career site to apply they’re usually looking for a specific set of jobs (i.e. customer support, engineering, marketing, etc.). Giving them quick links to sets of jobs makes the candidate journey faster and easier. 
  • Careers Content — Companies that really value their employer brand usually invest into a career blog. Splunk does a great job highlighting 3 pieces of content with feature images that stand out. 

splunk career page

Nvidia Career Page

  • Intriguing Headline — “Like no place you’ve ever worked” catches my attention. It’s also very readable and sticks out in “Nvidia green” font color.
  • Company Culture Vid — One of the best produced culture vids I’ve seen. You hear from 5+ employees in different departments, it also looks like it’s in HD (I’ve seen some terribly grainy videos on other career pages).
  • “Life At” Content — This is another great way to present employee branding content. It brings the human side of the company to life.  

nvidia career page

Upwork Career Page

  • Prominent Headline — No huge feature image or video which puts more emphasis on this well-written headline. It allows candidates to focus on the primary call-to-action, “see open positions”.
  • D&I Section — I believe we’ll see a lot more companies include Diversity & Inclusion sections on their career page. It’s consistently one of the hottest topics and a big part of company programs and initiatives. 
  • Benefits Section — If you’ve got awesome benefits, they will likely help you in converting candidates. I also like they have a “see open positions” call-to-action in that section, in case benefits are that deciding factor. 

upwork career page

Hologram Career Page

  • Only One Call-to-Action — Love this idea of having only one call-to-action on the entire career page. Afterall, the purpose of your career page is to get candidates to your job openings and to apply. 
  • Collage of Smiling Employees — It’s a nice touch and brings life to text-based page. 
  • D&I Section — As I mentioned above, I believe D&I sections will be included in a lot more career pages and also should be a career page best practice. 

hologram career page


Fiverr Career Page

  • Prominent Headline — Inspiring headline with a cool call-to-action written in 2nd person “Find Your Team”.
  • Social Media  — A great way to leverage social media especially if you have a presence. Creating a “Life at” or “Working at” account can only help your recruiting efforts. Afterall, it’s where your future workforce hangs out. 
  • Quicks Links to Jobs By Location — Like I mentioned with quick links to specific teams, creating an experience where your candidate has to click or navigate less could help speed up the decision process. 

fiverr career page

Stripe Career Page

  • Leadership Vid — One of my favorite videos I’ve seen on a career page. It features leadership (cofounders and COO) but gives an outtake/behind the scenes look which really gives you an authentic, personal feel.
  • Text Highlights — This a cool feature. When hovering over highlighted text certain content and articles pop-up. 
  • Podcast Content — It’s good to see new types of content on career pages including podcasts.

Why I Wrote This

Career pages are important in the digital recruiting process. It’s one of the first impressions on a candidate and helps them figure out if they’re the right fit for your company. Ongig’s Career Site Builder gives you the ability to create an awesome career page that attracts and converts.

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