Content has become a proven channel for lead generation and can easily be applied to your recruiting efforts.

If your company is thinking about starting a career blog or just creating recruiting content in general, here are some tips you might find helpful:


1. Stay Consistent

A key characteristic of any successful blog is to publish content consistently, whether it’s weekly or monthly. Keep pushing out new content.

The more content you put out the better your chances are of creating something that converts your next candidate.

Staying consistent will also build up your content library and audience.


2. Diversify Your Topics

There are many fish in the sea, but they are caught with different techniques.

Create recruiting content based on a variety of topics.

If you have 10 posts on a day in the life, those posts will seem less special.

Compare that to if you had 10 posts spread across 4-5 different topics.

These posts will seem more genuine and appeal to a larger group of candidates.

Here are examples of topics

  • Early Career Advice — Transition from College to Career, Career Tips, Skills
  • Day in the Life — Departments, Positions
  • Employee Spotlights — Candid Chats, Interviews, Experience w/ company
  • Programs and Initiative — Diversity, Women in Tech, Internships
  • Recruitment Process — Recruiter Q&A, Interview process
  • Employer Branding — Employer of Choice Awards


3. Be Specific

Create career content that is specific. You could make it about a certain role, skillset, technology, program, initiative, etc.

For example, maybe you have glaring need for software engineers.

Then you might create a blog post based on an innovative technology your team is using.

Try getting input from your software engineering team and use specific keywords and language that engineers use to increase engagement.

Here are a couple examples of specific career blog post headlines:


4. Put Content in the Right Places

Your content must be put in the right places in order for the right eyes to see them. Make sure your content is on at least one of these pages.

  • Company career site landing page
  • Job descriptions/Job Pages

If you have day in the life content about software engineers, put them on software engineer job postings.

Your early career advice content should be on your entry level job pages.

More specific/targeted content should increase the stickiness and conversion of your job pages.


5. Utilize Your Employees

Who has a better perspective of the company than your employees? Here are couple of eye-opening stats:

  • Employees rank as the most trusted influencers when communicating about their company’s engagement and integrity. (Edelman 2015 Trust Barometer, January 2015)
  • 90% of job seekers find the employee perspective useful when learning about jobs and companies. (Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, January 2015)

It’s also easy to get creative with your employee-generated content. Check out this cool employee photo contest CDM Smith did.

They also used those photos on their company career site landing page.


Here are a couple companies that have a great company career blog and recruiting content:


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