Have you seen the new newsletters circulating on LinkedIn?

Since there isn’t a search function on Linkedin for these newsletters yet, I did some research and put together a list of the biggest LinkedIn newsletters that focus on Talent Acquisition topics. 

Note: Listed sorted by subscriber count (high to low). Subscriber counts and # of editions taken as of 1/26/22 and change frequently.

1. Talent Leadership Insights Newsletter

Author: Johnny Campbell johnny campbell author

Subscriber Count: 31,054

# of Editions: 12

Description: Insights from working with the world’s brightest talent leaders to help you drive a culture of hiring excellence.

2. LinkedIn’s Recruiting Insights Newsletter

Author: Greg Lewis greg lewis newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 24,628

# of Editions: 15

Description: The latest hiring data, trends, and analysis based on LinkedIn’s exclusive insights.

3. Recruiting Roundtable Newsletter

Author: Bruce M. Anderson bruce anderson newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 19,614

# of Editions: 19

Description: An exchange of best practices and strategic insights for talent acquisition professionals.

4. This Week In Recruiting Newsletter

Author: Hung Lee hung lee newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 18,676

# of Editions: 45

Description: Crowdsourced community news by Recruiting Brainfood.

5. Punk Rock HR Newsletter

Author: Laurie Ruettimann laurie ruettimann newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 14,263

# of Editions: 39

Description: Inside scoops from the work of HR.

6. Full Stack Recruiter

Author: Jan Tegze jan tegze author

Subscriber Count: 9,597

# of Editions: 3

Description: Recruitment secrets revealed.

7. Recruitment Isn’t Broken Newsletter

Author: Katrina Collier katrina collier newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 7,063

# of Editions: 7

Description: Helping recruiters be the best they can be in 2022.

8. Talent Acquisition Newsletter

Author: Simon Valentine

Subscriber Count: 4,891

# of Editions: 1

Description: The latest trends, solutions and opportunities in Talent Acquisition.

9. CA Human Resources Newsletter

Author: C.J. Westrick cj westrick newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 4,431

# of Editions: 36

Description: An easy-to-read, quick weekly newsletter about California human resources.

10. The No Sugar Added Recruiter Newsletter

Author: Darren Ledger darren ledger newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 3,910

# of Editions: 17

Description: Insight and opinion on the world of recruitment.

11. Crystalized Talent Attraction Newsletter

Author: Crystal Lay crystal lay newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 1,192

# of Editions: 2

Description: Thoughts on Talent Attraction, DEIB, Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing.

12. The Employee Engagement Edge Newsletter

Author: Lorna Borenstein lorna borenstein newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 937

# of Editions: 2

Description: Exploring trends, strategies, and tools to boost employee engagement and workplace well-being.

Not So Active Newsletters

Here are couple talent acquisition newsletters that have a lot of subscribers but haven’t published a new edition in more than a month.  

1. The Churn – HR Tech Newsletter

Author: Alan Walker alan walker newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 7569

# of Editions: 1

Description: The latest on HR tech, news, product releases, learning, real customer stories, investment updates, jobs and reviews.

2. CXR Recruiting Community Newsletter

Author: Chris Hoyt chris hoyt newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 5,225

# of Editions: 6

Description: What’s top of mind and trending for talent acquisition leaders and recruiting professionals everywhere.

3. X-Factor Leadership Newsletter

Author: David Reimer david reimer newsletter author

Subscriber Count: 4,825

# of Editions: 9

Description: Powerful conversations with heads of talent and learning at leading corporations.

Why I Wrote This

If you like these LinkedIn newsletters, you might be interested in subscribing to Ongig’s free monthly newsletter.  We give you a rundown of HR/recruiting content from the past month, new job openings, new hires in the TA world, and much more!


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