25+ Funny Recruiter Memes [2023 Update]

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What’s life without a good laugh? I put together this list of 25 recruiter memes too funny, and true, not to share. I hope you enjoy it! Linkedin Recruiter Memes Let’s kick off this list with a hot topic for most recruiters: LinkedIn! Funny recruiter memes about candidates These funny recruiting memes are all about… Read more »

The Power of “Pay Transparency” in Job Postings

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salary transparency

In the past, most co.s were not clear about salary transparency. Now, it’s more common to discuss pay openly…instead of hiding it under a rock. This has helped narrow the pay gap, changing co.s for the better. They’re gaining more trust from employees and getting 30% more apply starts. Make Pay Transparency a Common Practice… Read more »

5+ Examples of a Diversity Committee [including the NFL] (2023 Update)

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diversity committee

The NFL is in the news this week after announcing their first-ever diversity committee, following a lawsuit by former Miami Dolphin Head Coach Brian Flores. Flores is suing the NFL, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and New York Giants for “alleged discrimination and racism in hiring practices.” This is the NFL’s first diversity committee. But, I… Read more »

10+ Catchy Job Postings (2023 Update)

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Catchy job postings are a great way to attract potential candidates. I found 10+ companies using creative job titles, images, catchy phrases, or “unusual” perks for job postings that might make candidates take a second look. I created this compilation of help wanted ad examples with catchy hiring slogans and catchy recruiting phrases for you… Read more »

Ongig’s 25 Most-Read Articles of 2022

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Ongig’s 25 Most-Read Articles of 2022

Here are the 25 most-read articles on Ongig’s blog in 2022 (we wrote 133 articles total). 879,524 people viewed just these 25 articles (2,272,744 people read all of our articles). Thank you for reading them! 1. Job Titles: The Definitive Guide – 140,714 Views 2. 25 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements – 110,386 Views 3. 100+ Creative &… Read more »

7 Steps to Achieve a D&I Strategy [2023 Update]

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Top companies are talking about Diversity & Inclusion in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. But how do you implement a diversity and inclusion strategy? Developing an effective strategy for managing diversity starts with a conversation and is followed by action. Here are 7 steps we found for implementing a diversity strategy for… Read more »

How to Make the Right Choice Between HCM, HRIS, and HRMS

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To survive in the fast-paced modern marketplace, businesses must continuously look for ways to evolve.  This often means learning new tricks like using automated functional testing tools to improve your service delivery and bottom line. It’s possible your regular processes are old and no longer serve your company’s demands.  One example is businesses turning their… Read more »

How Long Should a Job Description Be?

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how long should a job description be

You’ve probably heard how important it is to make JDs engaging and inclusive. It’s a proven way to attract top talent without restricting your search and harming your reputation. But did you know the length of your JD matters too?  The best-performing job descriptions are usually between 300-700 words. In most cases, “less is more.”… Read more »