7 Examples of a Manager Job Description Template [+ 1 free to copy/paste]

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manager job description template

700+ people search for some variation of “manager job description template” on Google every month. In this blog, you’ll find: the definition of “manager” 7 examples of manager job descriptions a free copy/paste template to help you write your own manager JD Note: I ran the job postings through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software to ensure… Read more »

6 Intern Job Description Samples [+ a free template]

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intern job description sample

I saw that 150 peopled Googled “intern job description sample” last month. This tells me you might need help writing an intern JD of your own. In this post, you’ll find: 6 intern job description samples a FREE intern job description template to copy/paste Note: I ran all 6 examples through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software… Read more »

15 Funny HR Quotes [to make you Laugh or Cry!]

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funny hr quotes

At Ongig, we like to mix the serious task of writing inclusive job descriptions with a little light-heartedness. So here are 15 funny human resources quotes to brighten your day. Enjoy! 15 Funny HR quotes (from actors, authors, presidents & more) “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group… Read more »

5 Companies Hiring People with ADHD

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hiring people with adhd

Top execs like Jenny Dearborn (Chief People Officer at Klaviyo) and Damien Hooper-Campbell (Chief Diversity Officer at Zoom) pictured below…and many others have found success despite their ADHD diagnosis. Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are 30% more likely to have issues with employment. But some brands are working to lower these statistics. Here… Read more »

What does “Individual Contributor” mean?

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what is a individual contributor 

The phrase, individual contributor (IC), shows up often in job descriptions. So, what does IC mean? Let’s define it, along with some examples of where (and why) you might use it in your JDs. Individual Contributor Meaning   We here at Ongig define individual contributor is…an employee who is only responsible for managing themselves. An… Read more »

Is “POC” friendly?

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is poc friendly

Is “POC” friendly language? It’s not a simple answer. In this blog, I answer the question what does POC mean?  And, help shed some light on the confusion around POC and IF you should use it (or not).  What does “POC” stand for?  In diversity, POC means “People/Person of Color” in North America and “People/Person… Read more »

200+ Famous Native Americans [Chiefs, Celebs, Models, Politicians, Actors, Musicians & More!]

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quannah chasinghorse native american female model

Ongig’s mission is to celebrate all people. So, I started a list of Native American celebrities who’ve found success. This list of 200+ famous Native American people includes: Native American actor famous Native American Chiefs Native American heroes & more! This list is dynamic. I’m not an expert on Native American famous people…so I welcome… Read more »

10 Examples of KSAs to use in Job Postings [+ a free template]

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ksa examples

600+ people a month search “KSA examples” on Google. So I felt compelled to share some examples and shed some light on what KSA means. In this post, you’ll find: A definition of a KSA – the acronym widely used for Knowledge, Skills, Abilities 10 KSA examples from different sectors The difference between “Knowledge, Skills, Abilities”… Read more »

What is a Job Family?

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what is a job family

What is a job family? Why is it important? And what separates it from a job function? Let’s dive in for some answers.  Job Family Definition A job family includes roles with similar education, skills, training, or experience. So, what is the difference between job function and job family? A job family is a group of… Read more »

Skills vs Competencies…are they the same?

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Skills vs Competencies

Skills vs competencies…what’s the difference? Are they the same? Which should you use in your job postings? In this blog, we’ll dig in for answers.   Skills vs Competencies Skills refer to an employee’s learned activities (through training or experience) related to a role.  Competencies are skills (combined with abilities and knowledge) that help an employee… Read more »