What’s life without a good laugh? I put together this list of 25 recruiter memes too funny, and true, not to share. I hope you enjoy it!

Linkedin Recruiter Memes

Let’s kick off this list with a hot topic for most recruiters: LinkedIn!

recruiter memes tech

recruiter memes willfindyou

Funny recruiter memes about candidates

These funny recruiting memes are all about candidates:

recruiting memes flamingo

funny recruiter memes koala

How many candidates have you helped cross the finish line?

funny recruiting memes-scored
Have you ever found the perfect candidate? aka the Purple Squirrel Unicorn…

recruiter memes resumes

Funny recruiting memes about job offers

This list is not complete without a funny recruiting meme (or 2) about accepting/rejecting offers:

recruiter memes crazyeyes

Funny recruiter memes about hiring managers

These recruiting memes about hiring managers gave me a chuckle:

funny recruiting memes seal
Is this your face after sending candidates to a hiring manager?

recruiter meme jd
You, recruiters, know this — you often have to chase the hiring manager to get your job description out the door. It’s unclear who bit off the hiring manager’s legs!

recruiter memes about jds
It’s frustrating when hiring managers change the requirements last minute!

recruiting memes lionel
Is this the recruiter asking the hiring manager for leads?

Recruiting memes about interviews

Do you love candidate interviews? These funny recruiter memes about interviewing might change your mind:

recruiting memes denzel

Funny recruiting memes with Adele

What’s a recruiter meme without Adele? Are these your theme songs? Cheesy…I know.

recruiter meme-adele

recruiter memes-adele2

Military recruiter memes

These 3 are the funniest army recruiter memes and marine recruiter memes I could find:

marine recruiter memes red lobster

army recruiting meme
Funny Military Memes

Bonus funny recruiting memes

These recruiter memes didn’t quite fit the categories above. Bonus memes!:

Calling All Recruiting Meme Creators!

Do you know who originally created any of these funny recruiting memes? The memes are so hilarious they’ve been shared hundreds of times and I couldn’t find the original source for even one of them. But if they reach out to us with proof that they created the meme, we’d like tothem a shout-out!

Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s mission is to help you attract top-tier and diverse talent. And we like to have fun too! Click the request demo button to learn more about Ongig’s software.


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