The head of talent acquisition at a cloud software enterprise asked me the other day:

“Who’s better at recruiting: the introvert or the extrovert?”

Traditionally, most people have considered extroverts to be the best salespeople. And since recruiting is often just sales by a different name (especially in a candidate’s market), conventional wisdom is that extroverts make better salespeople.

A strong case is made that extroverts make excellent recruiters:

  • Extroverts are more comfortable cold-calling
  • Extroverts are great story-tellers
  • Extroverts are usually fun and can be the life of the party

But a strong case is also as to why introverts make the best recruiters.

Candidates are now empowered with so much information than in the past. Examples:

  • Candidates can now see what other employees say about you the employer (through Glassdoor, Comparably, etc.).
  • Candidates can look at the LinkedIn profile of the hiring manager or you the recruiter.
  • Candidates can now go to PayScale or Glassdoor or to see how much they can make

Recruiters now have to be more of a curator of information or trusted advisor for candidates.

A strong case is made that the modern-age recruiter is better off being introverted:

  • Introverts are often better listeners to all the information that the candidate already has
  • Introverts are often better at asking questions
  • Introverts are usually better at listening to what the candidate or hiring manager wants

So, is an introvert a better recruiter than an extrovert.


But I’d like to suggest a third alternative.

The Best Recruiters are “Ambiverts”

What you want is what Doctor Adam Grant (Professor of Management at The Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania) calls an “ambivert”.

Dr. Grant told the Wall Street Journal that ”

“Ambiverts are like Goldilocks — they offer neither too much nor too little (introversion or extroversion).”

Ambiverts are a blend of introversion and extroversion. You can see if you’re an Ambivert by taking this 5 minute introvert versus extrovert quiz (note: it is optional to give your name and email at the end of it).

Basically, you want a nice blend of introversion and extroversion.

If you have a recruiter who’s too extroverted, they will likely come across as too salesy.

If you have a recruiter who’s too introverted, they might be too timid.

But an ambivert (a blend) has the best of both worlds.

I recommend you hire ambiverts as recruiters and steer clear of extreme introverts or extroverts.

Why I wrote this?

I love these types of questions (Introvert versus Extrovert) because I have a passion for talent. I also pride myself as a street-smart psychologist (I once launched a personality types (( website just for fun. Yes, I am a nerd.

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