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An Introduction to Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring is a transformative approach for modern businesses seeking sustainable success. It involves embedding inclusivity in all hiring processes and fostering a workplace environment that embraces diversity in its many forms.

So, this means including everyone from ethnic and cultural backgrounds to gender, age, education, and life experiences. The essence of diversity hiring lies in leveraging these diverse perspectives to create a more dynamic, innovative, and profitable business environment​​.

The Importance of Diversity Hiring in Recruitment

Adding diversity to your team isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s also great for business! According to reports from the International Labour Organization and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, having a diverse workforce can boost efficiency, spark innovation, and make a positive impact on society. McKinsey & Co.’s studies also back this up. These studies show that companies with diverse executive teams tend to be more profitable.

In other words, embracing diversity is a win for morality and business success.

Strategies for Implementing Diversity Hiring

Setting Clear Diversity Hiring Goals

Making real change in your workplace starts with setting clear and measurable diversity goals. Take a cue from top companies like Hilton and Restaurant Brands—they’ve set a goal of having at least 50% of their applicants come from diverse backgrounds. This not only shows they’re serious about diversifying their teams but also gives them a solid foundation to make it happen.

This not only demonstrates their dedication to building diverse teams but also provides a clear roadmap for achieving meaningful change. So, by setting these goals, companies can actively work towards creating a workforce that truly reflects our society. Thus, fostering innovation and ensuring everyone has an equal chance to thrive in the workplace.

Building a Diverse Hiring Team

Building a team for hiring that’s diverse, with folks from various backgrounds and positions in the company, is super important. This way, you make sure the hiring process is fair and includes everyone.

Those employee resource groups? They’re like the secret sauce—they bring in all sorts of viewpoints and give really helpful insights. So, having a mix of voices not only makes hiring better but also creates a workplace where everyone feels seen and heard.

Crafting Inclusive Job Descriptions for Diversity Hiring

When it comes to job listings, how you write them can make a big difference in who applies. You want to use language that’s fair and includes everyone.

Imagine this: a candidate is excited to apply for your job. But the description feels like it’s written for a specific group. Not cool, right? That’s why it’s crucial to keep things bias-free and inclusive.

That’s where tools like Ongig’s Text Analyzer come in handy. They help you make sure your job posts are friendly and open to all; giving you a better shot at getting a diverse group of applicants.

So, it’s not just about being fair. It’s also about creating a workplace where different voices bring in fresh ideas and perspectives. So, the next time you’re creating a job description, think of it as an invitation for a diverse bunch of talent to join your team!

Educating your Team on Diversity Hiring Strategy

Let’s dive a bit deeper into creating an awesome workplace where everyone feels like they belong. Start by educating your team about diversity and inclusion. This gives them the inside scoop on how to make it happen.

Think of it as providing them with the training and resources they need to bring in a diverse bunch of talent. So, it’s not just about ticking boxes. You must also make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

So, when your team is clued in on diversity and inclusion, it’s not just good for the company. It’s also a win for each person on the team. They learn how to create a friendly, open, and diverse space, making work a place where everyone’s unique skills and perspectives shine.

More Methods to Enhance Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring

Conducting a Diversity Audit

Checking out your workplace diversity is like taking a closer look at your team picture. It’s also the first step to understand who’s in your crew and figure out where things could get even better. So, this audit helps you see the big picture and spot areas where a little tweak here and there could make your team even more awesome!

And the cool part? It’s not about placing blame; it’s about making your team the best it can be. So, a diversity audit helps you understand the mix of folks in your workplace. Think of it as giving your team a boost toward becoming a place where everyone thrives.

Using Social Media and Job Fairs for Diversity Hiring

Using social media and joining diversity job fairs is like spreading the word in a big, friendly way. It helps connect with all sorts of awesome candidates.

Think about it: social media is where everyone hangs out, right? So, when you share your job openings there, you’re reaching people from all over. And diversity job fairs help you meet amazing talent with different backgrounds.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a team that’s as unique as it is awesome, these moves are your secret weapons. And casting a wide net means you’re not just finding candidates; you’re discovering a whole world of talent.

Partnering with Diversity-Focused Organizations

Teaming up with groups all about workplace diversity opens the door to a big pool of amazing talent. It helps you find great people from all sorts of backgrounds. Think of it as making friends with organizations that share your goal of having a diverse and awesome team. So, if you want to step up your recruitment game, forming these partnerships is the way to go.

Using Data to Track Your Diversity Hiring Progress

Alright, let’s dig a bit deeper into the world of numbers and diversity. Tracking data helps you map your diversity journey. It helps you understand if your strategies are hitting the bullseye or need a little tweak.

Imagine it as your team’s health check. You gather info on who’s joining and how they’re feeling. Also, you must check if there’s room for improvement. Data tracking is more than simply looking at graphs; it’s also about using that info to make your team even more fantastic.

So, data tracking is your compass, pointing you toward creating a workplace where everyone feels at home. It’s your key to a diverse and thriving team!

Case Studies and Success Stories in Diversity Hiring


Accenture Logo

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Accenture’s team so awesome. First off, they’ve got a diverse group leading the ship with directors from six different countries spread across four continents. And guess what? 42% of them are amazing women.

But it doesn’t stop there! Accenture is all about fighting against racism and making sure everyone gets a fair shot. And they’re not just talking the talk; they’re showing action by creating equal hiring opportunities. Accenture is on a mission to balance the gender scales in its workforce, aiming for a perfect mix by 2025.

And here’s the real deal: almost half of the new folks joining the Accenture family are women. How do they do it? Well, they’re rocking flexible working hours and have awesome programs to help their employees grow.

So, in a nutshell, Accenture isn’t just a company; it’s also a community where everyone’s voice matters. And they’re taking big steps to make sure their team is as diverse as possible.


AirBnB Logo

Wondering how Airbnb rocked the boat to get more women into their data science team?

First off, they changed up how they pick their team members. So, think of it like having a special scorecard. Every candidate gets a fair and equal shot. They also made sure that when they’re picking new team members, at least half of the interview panel is made up of women.

Guess what happened? They doubled the number of women in their data science squad. It’s like turning on a spotlight to make sure everyone’s talents get noticed.

So, Airbnb didn’t just talk about diversity; they made moves to bring in more incredible women. They turned a good idea into action and are seeing awesome results.


Apple Logo

Apple is another company ensuring everyone gets a fair shot.

First off, Apple’s on a mission to hire more awesome folks from communities that aren’t always in the spotlight. And they’re not just looking for diversity in regular jobs. They also want leaders with different backgrounds to steer the ship.

But hold on, it’s not just about job listings. Apple is also diving into big projects to take on issues like racial injustice. Ever heard of the Propel Center and the Apple Developer Academy? They’re creating opportunities for young people of color to shine.

So, Apple’s not just in it for the recruitment game. They are also changing the whole playing field.


Asana Logo

Here’s how Asana is doing recruitment in a cool and smart way. They’re using tools like Asana2sq to make sure they’re bringing in a diverse bunch of talented folks. So, it’s about more than just numbers. They’re also getting awesome people on board who bring in fresh ideas.

Picture this: Asana is all about making sure everyone feels at home. So, they’ve built a place where everyone, no matter who they are, can do their best work and shine.

So, Asana has built a community where diversity and innovation go hand in hand.


Atlassian Logo

Atlassian wanted more fantastic women on their tech team. And, they made it happen! More women joined, especially in the entry-level crew.

And here’s how they did it. Atlassian didn’t just change who they hired; they changed how they did things. It’s like they built a welcoming clubhouse where everyone’s talents shine. So, they made sure they were looking at what folks could bring to the table, not just what they’ve done before.

Atlassian is making moves to create a tech world where everyone has a fair shot.


Coca-Cola Logo

Here’s how Coca-Cola is doing some cool things to bring in a more diverse group of leaders.

So, they rolled out a University Talent Program. And it worked like magic, especially for bringing in more women and people of color into leadership roles.

Picture this: senior-year college students getting a VIP ticket to become leadership associates in different parts of the business. It’s not just a job; it’s also a golden opportunity to learn and lead.


IBM Logo

This is how IBM, led by CEO Lou Gerstner, did some cool things to make their team more diverse and inclusive.

First, they created special groups called employee task forces. This, in effect, formed special squads to find out what diversity challenges the team was facing. And it led to the birth of diversity councils and special initiatives.

So, imagine this: more awesome women and folks from different ethnic backgrounds got a place at the table. This is more than just about talking diversity; it’s also about making sure everyone’s voice is heard and their talents recognized.


Intel Logo

Intel has a plan to make sure more awesome folks, especially from underrepresented groups, get a chance to shine.

To start, they threw some support behind HBCUs. Then, they did a deep dive into pay to make sure everyone was getting a fair slice of the pie. And they also provided special training for managers to take biases head-on.

As a result, more fantastic people from underrepresented groups got top jobs. And they also made sure everyone, no matter their gender, got paid equally around the globe.


L'Oréal Logo

L’Oréal has a cool way of hiring diverse talent for their research and development team. They didn’t just want people with great skills; they wanted a mix of folks who understand different cultures.

So, they went on a mission to bring in managers from diverse backgrounds. And guess what? It worked like magic!

Now, they’ve got this awesome blend of skills and cultural understanding. For L’Oréal, it’s more than just about making products; it’s also about recognizing what different cultures want and creating products that everyone will love.


Mastercard Logo

Mastercard is shaking things up to support businesses owned by awesome folks, especially underrepresented groups and women.

To start, they reached out to these businesses, kind of like making new friends. Then, they helped them grow and even created chances for them to get contracts.

And through their Supplier Diversity Program, Mastercard started spending a lot more with these businesses every year, supporting diverse businesses and giving them a chance to shine.


Myos Logo

Here’s how Myos handled some speedy team growth challenges. Instead of going the usual route, they mixed things up.

So, they started looking at candidates based on their skills, keeping things fair and square. The result? A team that’s not just diverse in backgrounds but also super talented. And get this—they brought in 10 new faces within just five months.


Pinterest Logo

Pinterest wanted to make its engineering team more diverse. So, they shook up their interview process to make sure it was fair for everyone. Then, they gave their managers special training to take biases head-on. And they also created groups where employees could come together and share ideas.

So, what happened next? They more than doubled the number of folks from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds on their team. And they made sure more awesome women got a place at the engineering table.


SAP Logo

SAP made their team more diverse by gathering data to see where they had gaps in their team. Then, instead of just knowing about the gaps, they took action.

So, using their special analytics dashboard, SAP keeps a pulse on how well they’re doing. With this information, they can monitor whether they’re moving in the right direction. And they’ve been making some real progress, bringing in more fantastic folks from all walks of life.


Starbucks Logo

Starbucks took steps to make their team more inclusive, especially for people with disabilities.

First things first, they set up special hiring events. Then, they did some checks to make sure everything was easy to use for everyone.

They also had special training for everyone to learn how to be cool and respectful to each other.

Guess what happened next? They hired over 40,000 people with disabilities.


Verizon Logo

Verizon made their workplace more awesome for women.

To start, they set up a program called ‘Women at Work: Being an Advocate for Your Own Success™.’ There, women get to learn and grow together. Think of it as a training ground for success!

The program, then, became famous in the industry, and it really pumped up the power of women working at Verizon.

Why I Wrote This:

Embracing diversity hiring is not just about being socially responsible; it’s a strategic business decision with far-reaching benefits. As businesses continue to navigate a rapidly changing global landscape, incorporating diverse hiring practices will be key to fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and achieving sustainable growth. Ongig’s mission is to support diversity hiring through our Text Analyzer software. If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo.


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