Catchy job postings are a great way to attract potential candidates. I found 10 companies using creative job titles, images, or catchy phrases for job postings that might make candidates take a second look.

Bud Light

In August, Bud Light Seltzer was hiring for a new marketing position, Chief Meme Officer. “Great Seltzer. Bad Memes,” talking about catchy headlines for job ads. This job ad is both colorful and creative.




Add Fiverr’s “Another Generic Recruitment Video” to the list of catchy job postings and hilarious hiring videos. This recruitment video pokes a bit of fun at generic recruiting videos and sparks potential candidates’ interest. The video ends with:

“If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re the best at what you do, come work at Fiverr.”

Catchy phrases for job postings often mention “doing what you are good at” or “being the best,” and this is no exception.




IBM used Visme to create catchy job descriptions for their talent acquisition and recruiting roles. Colorful infographics are mixed in with requirements, location, culture, & more, making very creative job postings.


ibm catchy job ad


Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods just launched a massive recruiting effort for “Impossible Investigators.” Along with using catchy job titles, the careers page uses catchy headlines like “All Science, No Bull” (pictured below) and “Scientists. Step Up. Save Our Planet. Join Impossible” to grab the attention of applicants.


impossible foods catchy job postings



Mailchimp used a Napoleon Dynamite-inspired job ad for a support team hiring event. According to Linkedin’s blog, 10 Creative Job Posts and Ads That Will Inspire Yours:

“the number of attendees nearly doubled compared to a previous event”

Using catchy headlines for job ads and creative images that candidates connect with yield successful recruiting efforts.





Catchy job ads with images are always a plus. Marriott posted a job ad on Instagram for hotel associates. The “office view” image and headline “Warm, out-going, authentic, passionate, and inspiring? Raise your hand if that’s you” are simple and engaging. Who wouldn’t want to go to work with this view every day?


Oscar Mayer

One of the top catchy job ads I found is for the position of Wienermobile driver. This is an evergreen position at Oscar Mayer, so they even have a full page devoted to it on their website. The example ad below, which is one of many of their job ads, uses bright colors and a simple, catchy callout.


OM_hotdogger_ catchy job ad



Twitter did a job posting last year that got a lot of press.  Twitter decided that using catchy job titles like “Tweeter in Chief” would bring more attention to the open position. The overall tone was creative, but the requirements were pretty standard…a good mix.


tweeter_in_chief catchy job titles


Wade & Wendy

Wade & Wendy’s AI Chatbot Copywriter role was listed as #5 in Indeed’s Hot Job Descriptions blog, highlighting some catchy phrases for job postings.  “Are you ready for your mind to be blown?…” would definitely make me read more about this job.


wade and wendy catchy phrases for job postings


Waste Creative

Waste Creative got (even more) creative during COVID lockdown by inviting potential internship candidates to their virtual office in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game. Once players reach the virtual office, they find a creative brief that says:

“Hey villager! Congratulations on finding Waste’s Animal Crossing office and making your way here. If you’re reading this brief, you’re definitely an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, and probably a creative person who’s interested in working in marketing. Sound like you? Read on.”


waste creative catchy job posting


Catchy Job Titles

Catchy job titles can really pull in potential candidates.  For example, Twitter’s “Tweeter in Chief” and Bud Light’s “Chief Meme Officer” might make them take a second look. Michelob Ultra’s “Chief Exploration Officer” or Top Ramen’s “Chief Noodle Officer” (mentioned in our Dream Jobs blog) are both catchy job titles that are sure to get some attention.

How about “Master Biscuitier”? Border Biscuits recently introduced this new role on their careers page:


master biscuitier catchy job titles


(Note: For a list of catchy and creative job titles, check out 100+ Creative & Funny Job Titles [by Department & Position])


Why I Wrote This

Catchy job ads are a big part of the digital candidate experience. They are key to influencing candidates and convincing them to apply. Check out Ongig’s solutions to see examples of how our software can further enhance your job ads.


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