The Inclusive Language List for Job Ads

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Inclusive Language Examples List

Exclusionary words creep into job ads. And, some are more obvious than others. Finding them (plus more inclusive words to replace them) is a time suck. Here are 75 examples of biased language I often find in job ads, with more inclusive replacements. I divided them into categories for easier reading. Note: If you’re writing… Read more »

The 10 Main Sections of a Job Description

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Job Description Sections

What are the main sections of a job description? Here are 10 of the most common ones I find in JDs. You don’t have to follow this order strictly, but the flow works well. Note: Each section below includes tips that are built into Ongig. Ongig’s AI-based “Section Finder” scans your JDs for missing sections… Read more »

5 Examples of a Diversity Committee [including the NFL]

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diversity committee

The NFL is in the news this week after announcing their first-ever diversity committee, following a lawsuit by former Miami Dolphin Head Coach Brian Flores. Flores is suing the NFL, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and New York Giants for “alleged discrimination and racism in hiring practices.” This is the NFL’s first diversity committee. But, I… Read more »

5 Examples of Neurodiversity Hiring Programs

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neurodiversity hiring program

20% of the adult population is neurodiverse, and 80% are unemployed. Here are 5 companies using a neurodiversity hiring program to find (and employ) more neurodivergent talent. 1. Chevron Name of neurodiversity hiring program: Chevron’s Neurodiversity Program The Gist: A 12 week paid internship program to match neurodiverse talent to appropriate job roles. This internship… Read more »

5 Great Employer Branding Tools

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employer branding tools

95% percent of job seekers say an employer’s reputation impacts their decision to apply (or not). Employer branding tools help you create an impactful image. And keep track of your success. I found 5 tools you might want to try. Before we dive in, here’s why “employer branding” is so important. The value of employer… Read more »

25 of the Most-Used Exclusionary Words [in Job Ads]

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Exclusionary Words

Exclusionary words (aka biased language) creep their way into job descriptions more than you think. To find the most used, I reviewed 10,000 real JDs analyzed by Ongig from February 19, 2021, to February 19, 2022. The most-used exclusionary words fall into these bias categories: race age elitism sexual orientation (LGBTQ+) disability former felons mental… Read more »

7 Examples of a Manager Job Description Template [+ 1 free to copy/paste]

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manager job description template

700+ people search for some variation of “manager job description template” on Google every month. In this blog, you’ll find: the definition of “manager” 7 examples of manager job descriptions a free copy/paste template to help you write your own manager JD Note: I ran the job postings through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software to ensure… Read more »