80+ Famous Non-Binary Celebrities [Models, TikTok’ers, Actors, Athletes, Musicians & More!]

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ruby rose non binary model

Ongig’s mission is to celebrate all people. So, I started a list of famous non binary celebrities who’ve found success. Not only have the 80+ folx on this list achieved greatness, but many have done it in a world where some people (wrongly) judge them by their gender identity. 80+ Non Binary Celebrities Now, onto… Read more »

40+ Famous People with Tourette Syndrome

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actor dash mihok -- actors with tourettes

I found 40+ famous people with Tourette Syndrome as part of our research for Ongig’s series on neurodiversity. And, I felt inspired to list them all in one place! Disclaimer: This list includes famous celebrities with Tourette Syndrome who have been diagnosed and those who have been reported to be affected. I do my best to… Read more »

5 Examples of a Social Media Influencer Job Description [+ Popular Job Titles]

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Social Media Influencer Job Description

If you’re searching for an influencer marketing job description or (top influencer titles), I can help. In this post, you’ll find: 1 FREE social media influencer job description template (just copy & paste!) 4 examples of other influencer-related job descriptions (managers, VPs, & more) 30 of the most-searched influencer job titles (by candidates & employers)… Read more »

25 Famous People with Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, or Dyspraxia

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dysgraphia famous people

When I researched Ongig’s articles on famous people with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, I found these 25 famous people with 3 things I’d never heard of: dyscalculia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia. They are actors, writers, scientists, musicians, and more. I felt inspired to list these famous people with dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia in one place! Disclaimers:… Read more »

200+ Famous Deaf People [A List of Famous Inventors, Actors, Musicians, Models & More!]

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famous deaf actress halle berry

This list of famous deaf people is part of our series on famous people with disabilities. These 200+ successful deaf people include inventors, authors, entrepreneurs, models, musicians & more. Note: This is a dynamic list, and I will keep adding to it! If I missed a famous deaf person, you’d like us to add, email… Read more »

100+ Famous Blind People [A List of Actors, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Musicians, & More!]

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This list of famous blind people is the newest addition to Ongig’s series of famous people with disabilities. These 100+ folks include successful blind entrepreneurs, leaders, actors, musicians & more. Note: This is a dynamic list and I will keep adding to it! If I missed any famous blind people, email heather@ongig.com to get them… Read more »

A List of 325+ Job Title Abbreviations & Acronyms

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job title abbreviations list

Do you use job title abbreviations in your job ads? Since there are SO many title abbreviations, here’s a list of 325+ we find often in job ads. I divided the job title abbreviations into mini lists by industry or department (with a table of contents), so it’s easier to navigate. Now on to the… Read more »

5 Great HR Mission Statements

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human resources mission statements

Human Resource mission statements used to be little more than brochure-ware. Now, they address more critical issues. They are vulnerable. They are conversational. They mention specifics. Here are five organizations with well-written HR mission statements (along with Ongig’s take). 1. Adobe “At Adobe, we believe that when people feel respected and included they can be… Read more »

25 Leadership Memes [Some Might Make you Giggle]

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Do you have a favorite leadership meme? For fun, I found this list of leadership memes…some good and some bad. I hope you enjoy it! Note: There are thousands of memes about leadership, managers, bosses, & more. For this list, I focus on memes with the word “leadership” in them. Leadership Memes about Training or… Read more »

What is a Position Description? [+ templates]

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Position Description

Position description and job description are often interchangeable, but they are not technically the same. So what’s the difference? In this post, I cover: What is a position description? — a simple definition. Position description vs job description — how they are different? How to create a position description — steps for writing your own…. Read more »

P&G and Others Add COVID Vaccine Requirement to Job Ads

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coronavirus vaccine required

Brands big (and small) are adding “coronavirus vaccine required” language to their job postings. A new analysis by Indeed Hiring Labs shows “job postings per million that require vaccinations” are up 90% in August compared to July. McDonald’s lists their vaccine requirements in 2 places (at the top of the requirements section and at the… Read more »

The 10 Most Popular Payroll Job Titles [+ descriptions]

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What are the most popular payroll job titles? I reviewed 30 of the most searched-for by candidates (and employers!) to find out. This is the latest chapter in Ongig’s series called Job Titles: The Definitive Guide. In this article, you’ll find: The top 10 most-searched-for payroll related job titles — A column chart of the top… Read more »

10+ Examples of Companies with Autistic Hiring Programs [2023 Update]

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companies hiring autism

50-75% of autistic adults in the U.S. are “unemployed or underemployed.” Some brands are trying to lower these statistics. Here are 10+ examples of companies hiring people with autism: Auticon Name of hiring autistic program: Become a destination for neurodivergent talent. The gist: Auticon is a majority-autistic company and one of the world’s largest employers of… Read more »

20+ Examples of VP of Talent Acquisition Titles [with DEI in them] [2023 Update]

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talent acquisition dei vp titles

Vice President of Talent Acquisition titles with “DEI” in them are trending up. Here are 20+ examples I found on LinkedIn: Bank of America Merrill Lynch Pam Preston Vice President – Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity Strategy Citi Desmond Whitney VP – Sr Global Manager, Talent Acquisition Diversity Effectiveness Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Karil… Read more »