HR Tech Conference Top Tweets From Day 3

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Back at for Day 3 of the HR Tech Conference! Here were some top tweets and insights:   How has employer value prop changed? 1) We know now how employees feel about the company (social). – @TrishMcFarlane @Madtarquin #HRTechConf — Brian Halligan (@brianhalligan) October 6, 2016   Employer value prop used to be about benefits…. Read more »

HR Tech Conference Top Tweets From Day 1

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The HR Technology Conference kicked off yesterday, covering all of the latest trends – SaaS, The Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, and Big Data in the Human Resources industry. Here are some of the top tweets from Day 1:   The new world of People Analytics #HRTechConf #HRTech @Josh_Bersin — Vishal Saha (@vishalsaha)… Read more »

Debate Runs Wild Over Use Of Klout Score As Job Requirement

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Over the last few weeks we’ve had a front row seat to the global debate over’s use of the Klout score as a “desired skill” for the position of Community Manager. Salesforce Posts Job On Ongig Listing Klout Score As “Desired Skill” On July 27th, posted a Community Manager job through Ongig with… Read more »

In Silicon Valley, Innovators Choose Power And Persuasion Over Privacy

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We at Ongig found it very interesting that in the same week Fast Company listed Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple as the four most innovative companies, two of those listed made front page headlines relating to privacy concerns.  There is no doubt that these four companies have literally changed the way people live their lives… Read more »

The Problem With Your YouTube Strategy

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Over the last few weeks I have been asked multiple times, why can’t I just put my job videos on YouTube? I suppose no one is stopping you from posting to YouTube. However, simply posting a job video on YouTube doesn’t mean it will be effective. You might simply be “checking a box” for your… Read more »

A Simple Way To Keep Your Email Inbox Clean?

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Keeping up to date with your email inbox can be one of the most challenging aspects in your work. Think of how much time you spend to keep your inbox clean, or the messages that get shuffled or missed. A clean inbox takes consistency, time, and effort. In late September, we noticed an email application… Read more »

Is IE Dead On Hacker News?…Android Beats It 5 To 1

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We were stunned when we looked at Ongig’s analytics over the weekend — 8,000+ people had visited from Hacker News and yet only 1.1% of them used Internet Explorer (IE) (see graph and chart below). IE usually loses out to Chrome on Ongig’s regular traffic (23.4% to 33.4%), but